vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Last week's gyaru picknick~!!

Soooo I haven't even updated about last week's meet :X That's really bad of me~ Some required things came in between and then I was busy with life for a couple days..but here it is!
It's really a compilation of the pics I was tagged in on FB :') but I hope you like it :)
If I credited incorrectly or you want your picture (a picture you took or a picture you're in) removed, send me a message on FB~ I'll change it/take it down at once~

The idea of this meetup was a picknick that welcomed anyone who was interested, or who had friends interested, in gyaru style. Which means that in our group a lot of people weren't confident about themselves as gyaru, and some were not even trying to be gyaru at all :) but I'm glad everyone came and had fun because the mood was great in my opinion and we would never have been able to gather this many people if we would have made a picknick exclusive to gyaru~

We met up in the station but some people came later, by bus by themselves~
I was suprised when I saw our group in the station~! So many cute girls in sweet, LizLisa-ish style~ Sweet style really is for spring and this picknick had a spring concept so it kind of makes sense :)

This is Rox and me in our twinnish getup :)

When we twin it usually doesn't get noticed but with these wigs you can't go wrong XD
Pic by Rox, in fact from now on, consider all pics Rox' unless stated otherwize~ (or selfcams...I did those myself XD)

When we sat down we got a chance to eat all the delicious stuff :D

Picture from Kathleen (In the purple), who came all the way from Belgium where she lives right now :D
Our HYPER member Marije is also in the picture with her pretty pose (I don't think this was on purpose but it looks pretty and romantic) on the left, in the front.

It was a little cold sometimes (I get cold easily and I think I have a virus slumbering...) so I put on my coat but ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WEAR A COAT WITH ARMHOLES

I was assaulted -_-;;

On this meet I got to see some people from university :D
My friend and dear question asker Terry:

Along with Irina on the right, and Rox' friend and Kawaii.i contest winner Tanya, next to me tere~

and fellow master applicant Nadine :)

(Picture by Leilanie ♥)

Now some group/subgroup shots and general derping:

Derping with all these cute girls around~
Pic stolen from Naoki

Juul, Josephine, Rox and me...

There is no way to take a serious picture of us...at least not one where all of us are serious at the same time~

And a biiiig groupshot~~

Josephine, Rox and I weren't aware most people were making cute poses, so I'm the seal on the ground, Josephine is riding said seal and Rox is pondering the meaning of all this~

I had so much fun, to be honest I haven't been in this fun a meeting for quite a while and SOOOO many people came, I didn't have the chance to talk to half of them and I'm quite shy so I stayed on my own side XD.
For a bit more of an impression of that day's meet, check out HYPER's page

You saw my hair and makeup stuff in the lens review already~ But for the sake of a rundown:

Hat: Jokeshop
Accessories on hat: Various (big pink flower was from Pieces)
Necklace: I forgot but they're all over the place in Japan nowadays and afforable too~
Jacket: LizLisa
Jumpsuit: Vintage
Belt: Gift from Juu ( from Bijoux Brigitte)
Shoes: my mom's
The cape jacket (not in this picture) was from ebay and the label is called Imugirls.

Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry to bore you if you've seen these pictures everywhere already~
I hope that The meeting in Tokyo on August 14th Will be just as much fun!!!!

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