zondag 29 juli 2012

Ikebukuro, Takadanobaba and a glimpse of Shin-okubo

Waaaah guys sorry I didn't post earlyer~ I'll try to summarize the first 2,5 days of our visit for you, accompanied by pictures Rox took and a few I took (I'm being lazy with pictures~)
You'll have seen these pictures on FB already if you're friends with Rox or me but I still think it's nice to know the story~

So on wednessday we arrived on Narita in the morning and went to our accomodation~
We're staying in a sharehouse with many friendly house mates and a very shy roomie :)
Most girls here are Japanese but one is from China and one from Taiwan.
This is my bed and my stuff piled up at the end of it~

That day we decided to try walk to Ikebukuro station. As we're staying in Takadanobaba it's only 20 minutes away walking~
It's totally fine to walk the distance and it could come in handy if we'd get stuck in Ikebukuro after the last train~

In Ikebukuro we got distracted by Parco. I want to refer to Rox' blog for pictures of cute items in the stores~~ All I can say about it is this

not all pretzels were created equal~

This is how we looked

and we took funny puris

But we were really tired as it was the day we arrived and we hadn't really slept on the plane so after eating this delicious okonomiyaki

we went home to sleep u_u

The next day we decided to take it easy and explore our own neighbourhood. There is actually a lot to see in Takadanobaba, but it's not too crowded~
Takadanobaba is an area with different universities but the best known one must be Waseda university. Because many students come here the place is full of affordable restaurants and cafes. Students are young people but not kids, so we don't see tooo many high school girls here, the mood is different from places like Harajuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro etc~

We did some minor shopping at Donki and the 100 yen store and went to a park to eat~
but first purikura:

and us in the park

On friday we tried to walk to Shinjuku, as it's only supposed to take 30 minutes but to be honest we didn't stick to the direct road and we ended up in Shin-okubo, also known as Korea town.
I think Shin-okubo has always been Korea town but it seems to benefit from the boom in K-pop~ Lots of shops displayed posters, magazines and merchandise from different K-pop groups and we saw some cute cosmetics shops and lots of Korean restaurants.

When we stopped to take these pictures a goodlooking guy approached me with a spoon full of icecream OoO I was so surprised as he moved the spoon to my face, I knew he was going to try to sell me something and I didn't know what to do, should I refuse, or grab the spoon and eat the icecream? But before I knew it the man was actually feeding me icecream (this was very a very welcome treat after walking in the heat for 30 minutes, and I am not insensitive to goodlooking men). It tasted like yoghurt and it was really creamy and he explained about the different flavours of icecream and I didn't buy the icecream in the end, but we do intend to come back to Shin-okubo and discover all Korea town has to offer, and I'll buy some of that icecream~ SO PLEASE EXPECT A DETILED REPORT :D on Shin-okubo

From Shin-okubo we took the train to Shinjuku, and that's where my next post will continue so please look forward to a report on our activities in Shinjuku and what we did (and who we met) in Shibuya yesterday :D I might write this post tonight or tomorrow. I really don't want to forget posting D:

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