woensdag 4 juli 2012

Hanging out wih Rox: 2 outfits and some shoppings~

Hey guys, thank you for clicking to this post :D

Yesterday Rox and I had to take care of some business~ We didn't have accomodation in Tokyo yet and we wanted to plan the Gyaru meet in Shibuya (the previous post is the result of that). So I went over to Rox' home and I wanted to dress up because I had a reason...I started out well but in reality I really didn't feel like wearing accessories and a lot of hair so I toned it down a LOT before going to the station...but I suppose the pictures are nice nonetheless~

Hat: Zeeman
Shawl around hat: Gift from Juul :D
Collar: Handmade
Top: Albert Cuijp market, a shop named Angel or something~
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Gift from Jerney (Primark)

We had such a good time hanging out again after such a long time, we needed another day to have fun so today we went shopping at Zaandam together:D. We mainly went to Primark and ate some bread at the side of the cute canal they made there~

I'm currently staying in my aunt's house so I don't have a full length mirror D: This was the best I could do -_-;;

Collar detail:

Hair bow: Gift from Rox (Primark)
Top: Albert Cuijp market, the same shop as the other top~
Shirt: Hema
Chain belt: Gift from Juul

Hair and makeup for today

I tried to catch the process of making this hairstyle on webcam and I'll see if the material is any good to make a tutorial out of :) Then you can witness my lifetime supply of dark circles :D

Le shopping haul from Primark (Gifts and toothbrushes excluded :'D)

I don't usually go to the fitting room when I shop at primark but when I came home I found out that, making these purchases I did...a little wishfull thinking on top (bras are always a bet if you don't try them first and I'm really between sizes~) and was a little pessimistic on my lower half :') I think the top problem might resolve when I lose my recently gained holiday pounds, and the shorts I can alter~~ No regrets :D

I look forward to combining the ribbon print top, Rox gave me some nice ideas and I really wanna try it out when I get home in the end of the week :)

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