donderdag 26 juli 2012

Cute arts

Hey guys~

I wanted to update on this before I went to Japan but my family claimed me for some activities before I left so I'll do it now. To be clear, now is our second day in Japan, we arrived yesterday :)

So anyway~ I wanted to show you come cute arts of me that my friends have made~ They made me look cuter than I really am XD

This is the one Rox made for me ♥
I love how it stays cute while still being recognisable as me :D

Rox also made this picture of alll HYPER gals :D

Can you find me? You can go to the HYPER page and match the members with their drawing :)

This one collects different Dutch gyaru:

Irina made these and they're really cute ♥ Did you find me in the picture?

I'm really honoured that people took time to make a drawing of me and they came out so lovely. Thank you so much ♥

Now I'm gonna take a shower and start another day in Japan so expect the next update about our stay here :)

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