zondag 29 juli 2012

Ikebukuro, Takadanobaba and a glimpse of Shin-okubo

Waaaah guys sorry I didn't post earlyer~ I'll try to summarize the first 2,5 days of our visit for you, accompanied by pictures Rox took and a few I took (I'm being lazy with pictures~)
You'll have seen these pictures on FB already if you're friends with Rox or me but I still think it's nice to know the story~

So on wednessday we arrived on Narita in the morning and went to our accomodation~
We're staying in a sharehouse with many friendly house mates and a very shy roomie :)
Most girls here are Japanese but one is from China and one from Taiwan.
This is my bed and my stuff piled up at the end of it~

That day we decided to try walk to Ikebukuro station. As we're staying in Takadanobaba it's only 20 minutes away walking~
It's totally fine to walk the distance and it could come in handy if we'd get stuck in Ikebukuro after the last train~

In Ikebukuro we got distracted by Parco. I want to refer to Rox' blog for pictures of cute items in the stores~~ All I can say about it is this

not all pretzels were created equal~

This is how we looked

and we took funny puris

But we were really tired as it was the day we arrived and we hadn't really slept on the plane so after eating this delicious okonomiyaki

we went home to sleep u_u

The next day we decided to take it easy and explore our own neighbourhood. There is actually a lot to see in Takadanobaba, but it's not too crowded~
Takadanobaba is an area with different universities but the best known one must be Waseda university. Because many students come here the place is full of affordable restaurants and cafes. Students are young people but not kids, so we don't see tooo many high school girls here, the mood is different from places like Harajuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro etc~

We did some minor shopping at Donki and the 100 yen store and went to a park to eat~
but first purikura:

and us in the park

On friday we tried to walk to Shinjuku, as it's only supposed to take 30 minutes but to be honest we didn't stick to the direct road and we ended up in Shin-okubo, also known as Korea town.
I think Shin-okubo has always been Korea town but it seems to benefit from the boom in K-pop~ Lots of shops displayed posters, magazines and merchandise from different K-pop groups and we saw some cute cosmetics shops and lots of Korean restaurants.

When we stopped to take these pictures a goodlooking guy approached me with a spoon full of icecream OoO I was so surprised as he moved the spoon to my face, I knew he was going to try to sell me something and I didn't know what to do, should I refuse, or grab the spoon and eat the icecream? But before I knew it the man was actually feeding me icecream (this was very a very welcome treat after walking in the heat for 30 minutes, and I am not insensitive to goodlooking men). It tasted like yoghurt and it was really creamy and he explained about the different flavours of icecream and I didn't buy the icecream in the end, but we do intend to come back to Shin-okubo and discover all Korea town has to offer, and I'll buy some of that icecream~ SO PLEASE EXPECT A DETILED REPORT :D on Shin-okubo

From Shin-okubo we took the train to Shinjuku, and that's where my next post will continue so please look forward to a report on our activities in Shinjuku and what we did (and who we met) in Shibuya yesterday :D I might write this post tonight or tomorrow. I really don't want to forget posting D:

donderdag 26 juli 2012

Cute arts

Hey guys~

I wanted to update on this before I went to Japan but my family claimed me for some activities before I left so I'll do it now. To be clear, now is our second day in Japan, we arrived yesterday :)

So anyway~ I wanted to show you come cute arts of me that my friends have made~ They made me look cuter than I really am XD

This is the one Rox made for me ♥
I love how it stays cute while still being recognisable as me :D

Rox also made this picture of alll HYPER gals :D

Can you find me? You can go to the HYPER page and match the members with their drawing :)

This one collects different Dutch gyaru:

Irina made these and they're really cute ♥ Did you find me in the picture?

I'm really honoured that people took time to make a drawing of me and they came out so lovely. Thank you so much ♥

Now I'm gonna take a shower and start another day in Japan so expect the next update about our stay here :)

woensdag 18 juli 2012

Recent outfits, DIY results

Before I say anything else, could you all PLEASE check your mail, I've mailed the second winner of the giveaway because the first couldn't reply to me within a week and I'm getting a little nervous about it, I wanted to have this stuff over with so please, check your mail~

Now some casual outfits:

Hat: gift from my mom
top: Primark
coat: ebay (imugirls)
belt: gift from Juu
pants: Primark
shoes: Dior
bag: Jesus Diamante

skirt: Delyle
tights: Primark
shoes: van Haren
bag: Golds Infinity

top: h&m
necklace: action
coat: ebay
pants: Primark
this picture was really to check out my new camera :) it's got a soft skin setting to make the picture all soft and stuff without editing ♥

I got a new wig recently, it looks shiny in the picture because I used flash (because it was so cloudy out) but in reality is pretty alright, but I should find a better way to use this wig because brown hair makes me look a little dull~

top: TKMaxx
pants: market
shoes: gift from my mom

I'm so surprised, I really don't look like myself anymore~~

Some results of DIY projects I did recently:

Galaxy shoes to go with rock inspired coords and..walk comfortably *_*

Gradient shorts and a mint colored sweater (I know it shows white in the picture but it's not XD I dyed it)
and my cat! but I didn't make that one myself :P she stepped into the picture~

I'll start packing today we're leaving in less than a weeeek :D I'm so excited~~~

please don't forget the gal meet in Shibuya on August 14th. Please try to come ♥

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Last week's gyaru picknick~!!

Soooo I haven't even updated about last week's meet :X That's really bad of me~ Some required things came in between and then I was busy with life for a couple days..but here it is!
It's really a compilation of the pics I was tagged in on FB :') but I hope you like it :)
If I credited incorrectly or you want your picture (a picture you took or a picture you're in) removed, send me a message on FB~ I'll change it/take it down at once~

The idea of this meetup was a picknick that welcomed anyone who was interested, or who had friends interested, in gyaru style. Which means that in our group a lot of people weren't confident about themselves as gyaru, and some were not even trying to be gyaru at all :) but I'm glad everyone came and had fun because the mood was great in my opinion and we would never have been able to gather this many people if we would have made a picknick exclusive to gyaru~

We met up in the station but some people came later, by bus by themselves~
I was suprised when I saw our group in the station~! So many cute girls in sweet, LizLisa-ish style~ Sweet style really is for spring and this picknick had a spring concept so it kind of makes sense :)

This is Rox and me in our twinnish getup :)

When we twin it usually doesn't get noticed but with these wigs you can't go wrong XD
Pic by Rox, in fact from now on, consider all pics Rox' unless stated otherwize~ (or selfcams...I did those myself XD)

When we sat down we got a chance to eat all the delicious stuff :D

Picture from Kathleen (In the purple), who came all the way from Belgium where she lives right now :D
Our HYPER member Marije is also in the picture with her pretty pose (I don't think this was on purpose but it looks pretty and romantic) on the left, in the front.

It was a little cold sometimes (I get cold easily and I think I have a virus slumbering...) so I put on my coat but ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WEAR A COAT WITH ARMHOLES

I was assaulted -_-;;

On this meet I got to see some people from university :D
My friend and dear question asker Terry:

Along with Irina on the right, and Rox' friend and Kawaii.i contest winner Tanya, next to me tere~

and fellow master applicant Nadine :)

(Picture by Leilanie ♥)

Now some group/subgroup shots and general derping:

Derping with all these cute girls around~
Pic stolen from Naoki

Juul, Josephine, Rox and me...

There is no way to take a serious picture of us...at least not one where all of us are serious at the same time~

And a biiiig groupshot~~

Josephine, Rox and I weren't aware most people were making cute poses, so I'm the seal on the ground, Josephine is riding said seal and Rox is pondering the meaning of all this~

I had so much fun, to be honest I haven't been in this fun a meeting for quite a while and SOOOO many people came, I didn't have the chance to talk to half of them and I'm quite shy so I stayed on my own side XD.
For a bit more of an impression of that day's meet, check out HYPER's page

You saw my hair and makeup stuff in the lens review already~ But for the sake of a rundown:

Hat: Jokeshop
Accessories on hat: Various (big pink flower was from Pieces)
Necklace: I forgot but they're all over the place in Japan nowadays and afforable too~
Jacket: LizLisa
Jumpsuit: Vintage
Belt: Gift from Juu ( from Bijoux Brigitte)
Shoes: my mom's
The cape jacket (not in this picture) was from ebay and the label is called Imugirls.

Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry to bore you if you've seen these pictures everywhere already~
I hope that The meeting in Tokyo on August 14th Will be just as much fun!!!!

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Introducing GAL VIP

Hey all, I was asked to announce that I'm taking part in the making of the first forreign gal magazine GAL VIP. The message below is a centrally distributed one to introduce the magazine to you :)

To my fellow Gyaru...

Ever since the Gyaru style has floated into our lives, we often come across many barriers in order to perfect our look.

Being foreign, has always been our downfall in gaining the respect, admiration, and resources, we deserve.

To those of you who are tired of just looking at pictures...

To the countless Gals that sit there in ridicule, with Gyaru Secrets at your back, and pictographs at your front...

To those of you that want something made just for us...

We hear you.

Today I am proud to officially announce the first ever Gaijin Gyaru Magazine, GAL VIP. Because every Gyaru is Important.

First let me introduce you to VIP's exclusive Gyaru Models:

Each Gyaru was selected for their overall credibility, popularity in the community, and their unique and personal style.

If you would like to get to know them a little better, stay tuned for their fully in-depth bios on VIP's website.
Are you a fan of the AV Gyaru? Don't you wish that they had their own magazine?

We are proud to debut the first ever AV-Kei column, where our writer Rinnie P. will show you how to rock the sexy style, that is AV-Kei.
Next, if you would like to join in on the fun, you can submit a photo of your coord/outfit or makeup to our official email address. Your picture will be posted on our GAL VIP website for all to see, and the best ones will be in our premier issue, due for sale in September 2012!

Please Excuse the dust for the VIP website. We are still setting up lots of goodies for you all to enjoy. So check back often!

I would like to refer you to Chaudie with our questions about the magazine, unless it's got something to do with my personal participation of course, then you can ask me~
But I'd rather not give you the wrong answer to questions that Chaudie can answer so yeah~

Please look forward to this magazine and to the website getting a little more active :)

zondag 8 juli 2012

Sponsored review: Fynale J14 from Shoppingholics.com

This week I received Fynale Cloud Nine lenses in grey from Shoppingholics to review.

The stuff came really fast and it was wrapped in this cute package :)

The contents were a thank you card, thingies to keep your fringe away from your face while doing makeup, a cute fish lenscase and the lenses in a cute box ♥

These are the lenses by themselves

I chose these lenses because they looked light, natural and a bit more suitable with natural makeup than the lenses I had before.

So let's see how they look~!

One in, one out:

These lenses are pretty natural, the enlargement isn't that much and the color is close to my own but I think it's still an essential difference when wearing gyaru makeup, the eyes feel less empty~

both in, no makeup:

you can see that they would be OK with natural looking makeup too, they don't look to awkward or off center as bigger lenses would

With makeup, natural light:

I never had lenses that match my own eyes this well~ The outer ring is fluffy and gentle but it's still stronger and more dolly than without lenses.


I feel inspired to experiment with my makeup more around these lenses.

And to be honest, because they're less big than most lenses I have, they're super super comfortable~ They're easy to put in and I can wear them all day without getting dry eyes. I thought my lenses were comfortable before but this is really the nicest ever~

Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

Check out the coupon code in the sidebar for a discount~!!

Also, don't forget about the giveaway sponsored by Shoppingholics you have one and a half day left to enter~!!!

vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Cat-ear hair tutorial~!!!

Yay :D after losing the video twice I was finally able to make a somewhat decent version for youtube :)

This video shows the cat-ear hairstyle I recently used in some outfits.
It's not very hard and you don't need rollers to do it~ You can make endless variations as long as you keep the same technique for making the ears and it fits many different styles~

Most of the video was speeded up but I slowed down the difficult parts :3
I hope it's kind of clear D: I think this hairstyle takes some feeling with your hands and your head and it's not so technical like suji and siderolls or the more difficult styles..

If you can hear the cars in the background and the sound of hairspray (and the cry of burning hair ._.), that means we're still waiting for the uncopyrighted music I added on youtube~ It'll be better with a bit of music~

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, I know it's not as clear as it should be D: but I want many people to be able to enjoy this hairstyle ♥

woensdag 4 juli 2012

Hanging out wih Rox: 2 outfits and some shoppings~

Hey guys, thank you for clicking to this post :D

Yesterday Rox and I had to take care of some business~ We didn't have accomodation in Tokyo yet and we wanted to plan the Gyaru meet in Shibuya (the previous post is the result of that). So I went over to Rox' home and I wanted to dress up because I had a reason...I started out well but in reality I really didn't feel like wearing accessories and a lot of hair so I toned it down a LOT before going to the station...but I suppose the pictures are nice nonetheless~

Hat: Zeeman
Shawl around hat: Gift from Juul :D
Collar: Handmade
Top: Albert Cuijp market, a shop named Angel or something~
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Gift from Jerney (Primark)

We had such a good time hanging out again after such a long time, we needed another day to have fun so today we went shopping at Zaandam together:D. We mainly went to Primark and ate some bread at the side of the cute canal they made there~

I'm currently staying in my aunt's house so I don't have a full length mirror D: This was the best I could do -_-;;

Collar detail:

Hair bow: Gift from Rox (Primark)
Top: Albert Cuijp market, the same shop as the other top~
Shirt: Hema
Chain belt: Gift from Juul

Hair and makeup for today

I tried to catch the process of making this hairstyle on webcam and I'll see if the material is any good to make a tutorial out of :) Then you can witness my lifetime supply of dark circles :D

Le shopping haul from Primark (Gifts and toothbrushes excluded :'D)

I don't usually go to the fitting room when I shop at primark but when I came home I found out that, making these purchases I did...a little wishfull thinking on top (bras are always a bet if you don't try them first and I'm really between sizes~) and was a little pessimistic on my lower half :') I think the top problem might resolve when I lose my recently gained holiday pounds, and the shorts I can alter~~ No regrets :D

I look forward to combining the ribbon print top, Rox gave me some nice ideas and I really wanna try it out when I get home in the end of the week :)

dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Gyaru Meeting 2K12 @ Shibuya 109

Hello everyone!

After the big succes of our last meet-up in Shibuya, Tokyo, we, Charlotte and Rox are organizing another meeting during our stay in Japan!

We want to once again gather as many western gals as we can and strut around town! The plan is to meet up in front of Shibuya 109 at 13:00!

We will first do some shoppings in 109, and afterwards we will go take some Purikura (eggnam is closed so we will have to look for another spot but there are many around) and when we're done with taking purikura we will visit 10sion, the new gyaru café! We will have some drinks and something to eat, and after that we can always see who wants to actually go to dinner, and who wants to head home

We hope to see you all there, we surely can't wait!

Lots of Love,

Charlotte (Agejoperfect.blogspot.com) and Rox (woxje.blogspot.com)

For more information please check this Facebook Page! Be sure to put yourself on attending!

A quick summary of my trip to Cologne

Hey guys :D I just came back from my little weekend in Cologne with my mom.
It was nice, I did some nice shopping and sightseeing and the weather wasn't so bad~

We started shopping in the main areas on saturday but I didn't really buy anything on that day~ We just walked around and had dinner out in a nice square~ On sunday we did a LOT of walking, starting with the dom.

We went in but at first there was a mas I think. When we came back later, we had the chance to see this pixel window~ I like more traditional stained glass but this pixel one is very creative :)

We also went all the way up the tower, but to be honest the pics I took from up there didn't come out so nice, because it was cloudy anyway and I'm not good at taking pictures of things to begin with~

Then we went across town to this park to relax~ I reeeallly liked this park~

After relaxing in the park we walked all the way back to the hotel to hunt our dinner :D

Monday was just shopping. We mainly went to TK Maxx. TK Maxx is a place you either hate or love. But as it is, I hardly ever get to go to one because there are none in Holland, so I love it a lot :D I just love nosing through all the stuff, these miniatures are some cute things I found but didn't buy:

And then these are my purchases from the weekend :) I suppose the black stuff doesn't show up well with this lightling, but too bad~:P I want to post it now and I'll wear it soon so you can see how it works out

Black tunic: Feminine (the details are just invisible XD)
Hoody: Pelle Pelle
Babydoll: NewYorker (this really needs a big ribbon~)
Bones tights: House of Holland.
And a magazine which had an Ayu poster and a Big Bang poster in it :)...and other posters..and articles or whatever but well..I just bought it for the pictures and the posters~

Here's the back of the magazine and the hoody. This is the reason I bought the hoody, the cute golden embroidery ♥
Now it's about time I stop shopping and start wearing all the stuff I bought~

I had such a lovely time with my mom this weekend. And tomorrow I'm gonna visit Rox and hang out ♥ I'm really enjoying my vacation :D