zondag 24 juni 2012

Wedding outfit and more shoppings

I wouldn't normally post 2 days consecutively, because I don't like it if there's a cluttering of posts at some point when a week later I have nothing to write about~ but I have a feeling I need to kickstart this blog a little so...by way of kickstart..~

Do you remember the items I showed you before that I intended to wear to my friend's wedding? It's a shame I didn't bring my camera that day.
Even though the weather was really the WORST and I had to plough through the mud on my leather sole shoes, to get to the venue from the parking lot, the venue was lovely nonetheless~ It was on the spot where the forest meets the city, it was a really nice place with a huge window with view over a pond with pretty trees on one side. The interior and the decorations were lovely too. My friend looked so happy and pretty, she married young but we always kind of saw it coming, she was really the type for a family and that's what she's putting her efforts into now. I wish her all the best and I hope we can find some time to meet up more and see how things unfold.
I went to the wedding with my other friend, she was wearing a dress in the same mint color as my blouse, it's a bit sad I don't have pictures of the two of us~
This is how I wore it that day~

Necklace: Swarovski (Gift from my boyfriend)
Top: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Coat: Ebay (Label says 'imugirls')
Shoes: Karen Millen
Clutch: Studio Samira Boon

It was a modest wedding but there was cake and it was nice to see my friend on her weddingday, I suppose the sun didn't shine that day but she shone much, much brighter anyway~

But this weekend the sun did shine and I could finally enjoy some freedom. So I went straight to the shops and I was on a mission~~
I actually went out to find me pastel colored platform oxfords~ I saw some nice pairs online but my feet are usually one size too big for shoes from China, or Japan for that matter, so I was condemned to finding them in stores here~
I started on saturday, my mom and I started in the south of Amsterdam and the Albert Cuijp market. I saw different nice platform oxfords, prices varied from 10 to 80 euros but none of them were in pastel colors, I did find a nude pair but the sole was red and that was just not what I was looking for~
What I did get however, was all of this stuff:

A black blouse, a cute pink shirt with a bear shape on it, a brown skirt, golden clips that I suppose can be used to hold up a garter or..stockings or sleeves for all I care~ And I got golden shoelaces to go with a DIY project I'm hoping to complete this week. The skirt was from Hema, the rest is from the market.

Then today I went looking for a specific DVD my mom wanted (I found it in the end) but I figured, as I was on my own anyway, I might as well check all the shoe stores and other stores that sell shoes to find the oxfords I was looking for and in the end I did. But as the weather got a bit better, my mom and aunt called to tell that they were coming to town for drinks. And when my aunt saw the shoes I liked, she said she wanted to buy them for me as a present for my hard work and the good results I got lately. I find it difficult to accept gifts when they come unexpected, I even find it difficult to accept gifts from my own mom nowadays. But they both really insisted and I'm really really happy with these shoes~

My mom added the tattoo tights because they go with those shoes so nicely. Both items were from River Island.
Then we went out for drinks with the three of us and I had such a lovely day. I haven't been able to spend time with my family like this for a while. I feel so different now that I'm free, everything feels better~ I just have to make sure I stay busy because when I have a lot of free time and no plans, I get really numb and unhappy but as it is, I have a lot of projects and social errands for the coming period and in the end of next month Rox and I will be going to Tokyo already and by the time I get back I'll start the master programme so I don't think I need to worry about getting bored :)

Have your holidays started yet? Do you have any nice plans for summer?

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