vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Same blouse, different wedding. And a heart-shaped mole on my leg~

Yesterday I had another wedding party to attend. This party was completely different from the previous one.
This time the weather was lovely and most of the party was outside~
The guests were nearly all artists and the mood was really relaxed, I got to talk to many interesting people and I ate a lot of the cake and cupcakes that were sitting around (I was the only one there that really ate at all XD). I had a lot of fun and we stayed there untill well into the night, until I started wondering whether the ferry would still sail us back to the center~

This is what I wore to this party~

Cat-ear hairstyle: I do intend on making a quick tutorial as (I was requested, and) this is a style that you simply can't miss out on this season and it's incredibly easy~

Top: Primark
Skirt (+belt): River Island
Shoes: River Island
Hairaccessory: Gift from Rox

And the thing you've all been waiting for (not :P)
I discovered a mole on my leg shaped like a heart~!!

it's tiny but it's most definitely a heart ♥

Tomorrow my mom and I will be going to Cologne and I'm not sure yet whether I will carry on posting while I'm there. That's why, for the sake of consistency, I figured I'd better make this post today, instead of scheduling it for tomorrow when in reality I'm not around to see wether it shows up right etc~

So, if you're trying to contact me during the weekend, I may or may not find time to reply, please keep that in mind when waiting for my replies and such :)
Thank you ♥

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