maandag 4 juni 2012

Recent shoppings.

Hi all, thank you so much for your replies to my last entry :3 I feel so proud when I read that you've been so supportive of me in the GGA. It's a great motivation for me as a gal and you make me wanna blog more~
So this post is to catch up a little. To be honest there's not much to catch up on after a month of studying and..well just that really~ But I have done some shopping recently because I had to get out for a bit.

So first, the shoppings~

This shirt is one you may have seen on FB already. It's from a shop called Brandy Melville, my friend introduced me to this shop and if you've seen this shop around in your area and never went in, then go in now, because they have the nicest shorts for summer~

And then this was my Primark haul:

I'm especially fond of the Beatles shirt there. In fact I was checking out black shirts with the exact same print (from the st. Pepper album cover) online and they were 20 euros..and when I saw a Stones shirt in Primark I told my mom I'd much rather buy a Beatles shirt and then I found it, for 8 euros :D
The shoes are for customizing (not bad at 3 euros a pair right?) they might only last one season but that's enough~

This is also from Primark, I intend to wear this as a set at my friend's wedding, I hope it's not too sexy for the occasion :s

These were gifts from my mom actually~

We had some credits left over at the art gallery we used to rent at and the credits were due last weekend so we had to pick something to buy. But most of the art they had there at that moment was either over the budget or not our taste so we only got one little woodblock print but beside art they also had some unique accessories and things. My mom got a very cool bag and I got these 2 clutch kinda things. This is how it works:

you put your stuff in and just fold them and you end up with a clutch~ You don't need to unfold the whole thing though, the top part alone will do~

the pink one is transparent but in the case of the white one you can't really tell what's inside, especially from the front with so many layers of the material in the way.
I'm super content with these, they're really cool <3

And to close this post, a bunny bread in my tomato soup.

You could look at it in a very gore-y way but I prefer to think the bunny is enjoying some kind of hot, red bath~

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