donderdag 28 juni 2012

Magazine inspo and going to Cologne :D

Because I'm a little style confused lately I've spent some time pasting my favourite looks from my favourite mags into little paint files :'D I'd like to share them with you but to be honest, what I really want is YOUR inspiration >:D
Please show me pictures or link me to your blogposts that can offer me some insight on what inspires you guys this season..because I'm just really style confused and I want to feel inspired too D:

Also. For the weekend my mom and I are going to Cologne(Germany) for some sighseeing and shopping..kind of like a citytrip~ We won a coupon for one stay, dinner and breakfast in a business hotel and we picked Cologne out of all possible locations.
So, could someone who's been there before please recommend us some places for sightseeing, shopping and cuisine? And anything Japan related is always a nice suggestion so please let me know ♥

I'll share my mag picks now but don't forget to hit me up with your inspirations for this season in the comment box~~~

Ageha 5/'12

Egg 5/'12

Egg 6/'12

Scawaii 5/'12 and Vivi 6/'12 (I think :X)

Popteen 6/'12

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