zondag 24 juni 2012

Gal eyebrows in 2012

Are gal eyebrows becoming more and more friendly?

When I started gal I didn't really care about my eyebrows, but I remember that it was often said gals are supposed to have archy brows.
I know Japanese gals used to shave half or even all of their brows off but that was a bit much for me, and I suppose since 2010 or even 2009 this isn't as common anymore.

I feel like the brows I've been exposed to lately are often more soft, sweet, straight and probably more natural looking. Gal makeup in general seems to be getting more natural and sweet, it's stuff that I used to think was found exclusively in Popteen, but it's all over the place now~
I checked some old mags but it's not always easy to see models' eyebrows as many of them have bangs or something in the way but Sakurina often wears her eyebrows exposed so I made a mini backwards timeline of her brows

I think what is more shocking in this timeline is the way her makeup changed (watching this I suddenly felt really outdated :/). But.. let's stay focused on the eyebrows.
Don't you feel like the brows, even though perfectly groomed, became more and more..sympathy arousing? Of course the whole makeup look is kind of involved in this, the shape of the eye is also kind of in a flow with her eyebrows and conveys a certain emotion, like assertiveness, friendliness or melancholy.

I also made a mini timeline of Kanako's brows

Her brows are still thin but they became a lot more straight, especially in the most recent picture.

Even though I feel like in general I see more and more straight brows in the mags, there's always been a big part of the gals that had more straight, friendly looking eyebrows~ Simply because many Japanese girls don't have archy brows from themselves and they might be hard to create without shaving parts off.
I made a mini timeline of Popteen's Marimo to show how relative this trend is, as you can see her eyebrows haven't really changed that much and were always relatively straight and thick.

I do want to stress how much eyebrow grooming can mean for your gal make, but I don't think we need to focus on super archy and thin brows anymore~
It's not a major change in gal style but I felt inspired and I'm working on the best way to make my eyebrows fit with this trend :)

How do you feel about gal eyebrows in 2012? Do you like the 'friendly' eyebrow look? Do you feel like I'm overreacting and not that much changed at all?

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