vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Same blouse, different wedding. And a heart-shaped mole on my leg~

Yesterday I had another wedding party to attend. This party was completely different from the previous one.
This time the weather was lovely and most of the party was outside~
The guests were nearly all artists and the mood was really relaxed, I got to talk to many interesting people and I ate a lot of the cake and cupcakes that were sitting around (I was the only one there that really ate at all XD). I had a lot of fun and we stayed there untill well into the night, until I started wondering whether the ferry would still sail us back to the center~

This is what I wore to this party~

Cat-ear hairstyle: I do intend on making a quick tutorial as (I was requested, and) this is a style that you simply can't miss out on this season and it's incredibly easy~

Top: Primark
Skirt (+belt): River Island
Shoes: River Island
Hairaccessory: Gift from Rox

And the thing you've all been waiting for (not :P)
I discovered a mole on my leg shaped like a heart~!!

it's tiny but it's most definitely a heart ♥

Tomorrow my mom and I will be going to Cologne and I'm not sure yet whether I will carry on posting while I'm there. That's why, for the sake of consistency, I figured I'd better make this post today, instead of scheduling it for tomorrow when in reality I'm not around to see wether it shows up right etc~

So, if you're trying to contact me during the weekend, I may or may not find time to reply, please keep that in mind when waiting for my replies and such :)
Thank you ♥

donderdag 28 juni 2012

Magazine inspo and going to Cologne :D

Because I'm a little style confused lately I've spent some time pasting my favourite looks from my favourite mags into little paint files :'D I'd like to share them with you but to be honest, what I really want is YOUR inspiration >:D
Please show me pictures or link me to your blogposts that can offer me some insight on what inspires you guys this season..because I'm just really style confused and I want to feel inspired too D:

Also. For the weekend my mom and I are going to Cologne(Germany) for some sighseeing and shopping..kind of like a citytrip~ We won a coupon for one stay, dinner and breakfast in a business hotel and we picked Cologne out of all possible locations.
So, could someone who's been there before please recommend us some places for sightseeing, shopping and cuisine? And anything Japan related is always a nice suggestion so please let me know ♥

I'll share my mag picks now but don't forget to hit me up with your inspirations for this season in the comment box~~~

Ageha 5/'12

Egg 5/'12

Egg 6/'12

Scawaii 5/'12 and Vivi 6/'12 (I think :X)

Popteen 6/'12

maandag 25 juni 2012

Sponsored Lens Giveaway from Shoppingholics.com

Hey guys :D
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So if you want to win a new pair of lenses, a lenscase and a bunch of lashes for free, please enter :D

zondag 24 juni 2012

Wedding outfit and more shoppings

I wouldn't normally post 2 days consecutively, because I don't like it if there's a cluttering of posts at some point when a week later I have nothing to write about~ but I have a feeling I need to kickstart this blog a little so...by way of kickstart..~

Do you remember the items I showed you before that I intended to wear to my friend's wedding? It's a shame I didn't bring my camera that day.
Even though the weather was really the WORST and I had to plough through the mud on my leather sole shoes, to get to the venue from the parking lot, the venue was lovely nonetheless~ It was on the spot where the forest meets the city, it was a really nice place with a huge window with view over a pond with pretty trees on one side. The interior and the decorations were lovely too. My friend looked so happy and pretty, she married young but we always kind of saw it coming, she was really the type for a family and that's what she's putting her efforts into now. I wish her all the best and I hope we can find some time to meet up more and see how things unfold.
I went to the wedding with my other friend, she was wearing a dress in the same mint color as my blouse, it's a bit sad I don't have pictures of the two of us~
This is how I wore it that day~

Necklace: Swarovski (Gift from my boyfriend)
Top: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Coat: Ebay (Label says 'imugirls')
Shoes: Karen Millen
Clutch: Studio Samira Boon

It was a modest wedding but there was cake and it was nice to see my friend on her weddingday, I suppose the sun didn't shine that day but she shone much, much brighter anyway~

But this weekend the sun did shine and I could finally enjoy some freedom. So I went straight to the shops and I was on a mission~~
I actually went out to find me pastel colored platform oxfords~ I saw some nice pairs online but my feet are usually one size too big for shoes from China, or Japan for that matter, so I was condemned to finding them in stores here~
I started on saturday, my mom and I started in the south of Amsterdam and the Albert Cuijp market. I saw different nice platform oxfords, prices varied from 10 to 80 euros but none of them were in pastel colors, I did find a nude pair but the sole was red and that was just not what I was looking for~
What I did get however, was all of this stuff:

A black blouse, a cute pink shirt with a bear shape on it, a brown skirt, golden clips that I suppose can be used to hold up a garter or..stockings or sleeves for all I care~ And I got golden shoelaces to go with a DIY project I'm hoping to complete this week. The skirt was from Hema, the rest is from the market.

Then today I went looking for a specific DVD my mom wanted (I found it in the end) but I figured, as I was on my own anyway, I might as well check all the shoe stores and other stores that sell shoes to find the oxfords I was looking for and in the end I did. But as the weather got a bit better, my mom and aunt called to tell that they were coming to town for drinks. And when my aunt saw the shoes I liked, she said she wanted to buy them for me as a present for my hard work and the good results I got lately. I find it difficult to accept gifts when they come unexpected, I even find it difficult to accept gifts from my own mom nowadays. But they both really insisted and I'm really really happy with these shoes~

My mom added the tattoo tights because they go with those shoes so nicely. Both items were from River Island.
Then we went out for drinks with the three of us and I had such a lovely day. I haven't been able to spend time with my family like this for a while. I feel so different now that I'm free, everything feels better~ I just have to make sure I stay busy because when I have a lot of free time and no plans, I get really numb and unhappy but as it is, I have a lot of projects and social errands for the coming period and in the end of next month Rox and I will be going to Tokyo already and by the time I get back I'll start the master programme so I don't think I need to worry about getting bored :)

Have your holidays started yet? Do you have any nice plans for summer?

Gal eyebrows in 2012

Are gal eyebrows becoming more and more friendly?

When I started gal I didn't really care about my eyebrows, but I remember that it was often said gals are supposed to have archy brows.
I know Japanese gals used to shave half or even all of their brows off but that was a bit much for me, and I suppose since 2010 or even 2009 this isn't as common anymore.

I feel like the brows I've been exposed to lately are often more soft, sweet, straight and probably more natural looking. Gal makeup in general seems to be getting more natural and sweet, it's stuff that I used to think was found exclusively in Popteen, but it's all over the place now~
I checked some old mags but it's not always easy to see models' eyebrows as many of them have bangs or something in the way but Sakurina often wears her eyebrows exposed so I made a mini backwards timeline of her brows

I think what is more shocking in this timeline is the way her makeup changed (watching this I suddenly felt really outdated :/). But.. let's stay focused on the eyebrows.
Don't you feel like the brows, even though perfectly groomed, became more and more..sympathy arousing? Of course the whole makeup look is kind of involved in this, the shape of the eye is also kind of in a flow with her eyebrows and conveys a certain emotion, like assertiveness, friendliness or melancholy.

I also made a mini timeline of Kanako's brows

Her brows are still thin but they became a lot more straight, especially in the most recent picture.

Even though I feel like in general I see more and more straight brows in the mags, there's always been a big part of the gals that had more straight, friendly looking eyebrows~ Simply because many Japanese girls don't have archy brows from themselves and they might be hard to create without shaving parts off.
I made a mini timeline of Popteen's Marimo to show how relative this trend is, as you can see her eyebrows haven't really changed that much and were always relatively straight and thick.

I do want to stress how much eyebrow grooming can mean for your gal make, but I don't think we need to focus on super archy and thin brows anymore~
It's not a major change in gal style but I felt inspired and I'm working on the best way to make my eyebrows fit with this trend :)

How do you feel about gal eyebrows in 2012? Do you like the 'friendly' eyebrow look? Do you feel like I'm overreacting and not that much changed at all?

maandag 18 juni 2012

Q&A Answers, sorry for the delay D:

Sorry for the long absence, again *_* I've still got my priorities in school stuff so I'm not quite ready yet to pick up blogging again D: I disappointed myself a lot :(
My absence is probably also the reason for the small amount of questions in the Q&A (Yet I still don't manage to answer in time :') yeahh~~) but here are the answers, I had fun answering these~~

1. Carrol:
Hi! I don't have a question, but I was watching the awards and saw you and thought "Wow she looks so much like this actress from the sherlock holmes movie!!" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_Reilly
Absolutely beautiful!!
Aw thank you~~ :D She looks gorgeous and I can actually see the resemblance :D
Thank you so much ♥

2. Vieze Ed (Dirty Ed):
Wil je met me knikkeren? ;D (Wanna play marbles?)
You know I do ♥

3. Terry (Terry is actually a friend of mine from university :D I'm very glad she came to ask me questions XD)
Hi Charlotte! I think you may remember me, I'm also in your studies programme, although I'm still in 3rd year next year! ;)
Anyway I have some questions, although it's kind of embarrassing, I think? Hope it's okay!
Of course I remember you! And I don't think this is embarassing :D of course it's ok!!!

How would you describe your own gyaru style? What made you come to that particular style?
Well at the moment I'm completely at loss of where I'm going with my style. I've always identified with agejo style, which is basically a mix of sexy and cute in a sauce of gyaru and it can take various forms. That always worked out for me because even though it provided room to the elaborate and creative, it was still more casual than Hime style and generally wearable too. But at the moment I can't say that it's quite like that anymore. What seems to be left of that original agejo style, is only the elaborate and sweet, and the mature and casual aspect has been abolished and this is why it doesn't work out for me anymore. Agejo has been driven to the margin, while the casual components in gyaru became part of the mainstream. I don't regret calling myself agejo nonetheless, simply because even today most of my inspiration comes from ageha and in terms of definition, this would be enough to call me agejo :P
I think people shouldn't overclassify, we wear what we like and we might hang out with people in the same category, or not, it's not a matter of life and death, I hope?

If someone would want to 'become' gyaru, what would you say? Is there a strict boundary between gyaru and non-gyaru?
I'm afraid to confuse a lot of people by saying this but no. There is no boundary in the sense that modern day gyaru flows over into casual wear. There's a blurry region in the middle of which I can't distinguish anymore, who is part of a system in which they identify gyaru, and who is using the word gyaru to define any stylish young woman.
I think for an individual, becoming gyaru isn't changing yourself or your physical appearance, it's more like adding a layer to yourself or your visual representation. I'm gyaru and at the same time non-gyaru. I'm typing on this computer saying I'm gyaru while in reality, seeing me at this moment, noone would call me gyaru. However if I'd dress up to go out this weekend, some people might say I look unmistakably gyaru.
I do think for japanese gyaru this isn't actually that different anymore. For some gyaru, gyaru is a subcultural label which they can't escape, but for many gyaru it might also be a recreational activity. When you look at the popularity of wigs and hairpieces, these things enable girls to be gyaru temporarily, with not a single trace of their interest in gyaru style present the next moment, when they take off the makeup and wig etc~.
Devotion and identification with a shared system doesn't seem to be quite neccessary anymore~ This is also part of my thesis in case you wanna know :)

How do circles come into being, and how do you join?
Well I don't know how circles come or came into being in the case of Japan but I can imagine that in the days when circles were still major in Japan, they were really established for people to have a sense of belonging or mutual understanding and a larger base to organize events and take responsibility with. Now we have internet and in the case of Japan, gyaru is a relatively widespread fashion culture and events are organised through commercial instances so the need for circles is less.
In the case of HYPER, it was really just friends starting out and I can't imagine it being much different in the case of Japan. We wanted to create a united base to organise events and take responsibility with. I think at the moment we've grown a bit out of our own expectation and Rox and I aren't quite sure of how to manage our group yet, but we will be, and I think after we bond some more, maybe responsibility will be shared over more people than just Rox, who is without a doubt the most responsible member~
I think in the case of the west, circles can still be useful for that: Organising events and taking responsibility, so even though cir-culture isn't as strong anymore among Japanese gyaru, I would encourage devoted western gals to create circles for that purpose.
I don't know about joining circles in Japan but in the case of HYPER, we just like to meet many new people at the public meetings and when we've grown fond of our new friends and we open membership again, they can apply and will be admitted based on popular vote among the members~
We've been getting questions about membership from different sides lately but we just need some time to organise our internal structure before we open membership again. In the meantime, please get to know us and join in on the fun!

Speaking of fun, there's a gyaru/j-fashion picknick coming up in Utrecht. Please check out the FB page here.
People of different J-styles or people that are interested in gyaru style but don't dress as gyaru (or not yet, or are trying but are not sure) can join in too~~ We just wanna have fun and meet as many new people as possible so give the FB page a click!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, although I know they are major questions and are pretty hard to answer... Ah, also, once your thesis is done, please let me read it? 楽しみにしています! (^ー^)

Thank you for asking me these questions :D They were great fun to answer and after judgement I'll see if I can send the thesis to the people that might be interested~ :)

Thanx to all of you for reading and thank you for being patient while I study!
I won't make any promises anymore but as it is I'm supposed to really be done with school by this weekend~

maandag 4 juni 2012

Recent shoppings.

Hi all, thank you so much for your replies to my last entry :3 I feel so proud when I read that you've been so supportive of me in the GGA. It's a great motivation for me as a gal and you make me wanna blog more~
So this post is to catch up a little. To be honest there's not much to catch up on after a month of studying and..well just that really~ But I have done some shopping recently because I had to get out for a bit.

So first, the shoppings~

This shirt is one you may have seen on FB already. It's from a shop called Brandy Melville, my friend introduced me to this shop and if you've seen this shop around in your area and never went in, then go in now, because they have the nicest shorts for summer~

And then this was my Primark haul:

I'm especially fond of the Beatles shirt there. In fact I was checking out black shirts with the exact same print (from the st. Pepper album cover) online and they were 20 euros..and when I saw a Stones shirt in Primark I told my mom I'd much rather buy a Beatles shirt and then I found it, for 8 euros :D
The shoes are for customizing (not bad at 3 euros a pair right?) they might only last one season but that's enough~

This is also from Primark, I intend to wear this as a set at my friend's wedding, I hope it's not too sexy for the occasion :s

These were gifts from my mom actually~

We had some credits left over at the art gallery we used to rent at and the credits were due last weekend so we had to pick something to buy. But most of the art they had there at that moment was either over the budget or not our taste so we only got one little woodblock print but beside art they also had some unique accessories and things. My mom got a very cool bag and I got these 2 clutch kinda things. This is how it works:

you put your stuff in and just fold them and you end up with a clutch~ You don't need to unfold the whole thing though, the top part alone will do~

the pink one is transparent but in the case of the white one you can't really tell what's inside, especially from the front with so many layers of the material in the way.
I'm super content with these, they're really cool <3

And to close this post, a bunny bread in my tomato soup.

You could look at it in a very gore-y way but I prefer to think the bunny is enjoying some kind of hot, red bath~