maandag 14 mei 2012

Going to Tokyo: July 25th~August 25th.

Heyyy guys sorry for not updating for so long D:
This is really the time that everything, thesis- and minor-wise, is supposed to come together so you can imagine how busy I've been. Luckilly I think many of you are busy too so you might not have noticed my absense ;D

I come to bring great news :D my baby Rox and I have booked our tickets so it's for real: we'll be in Japan from July 25th to August 25th~~

Yesss and this time I hope to keep steady blogging instead of flooding you with posts after my return~ At least to keep track of my battle with the heat and humidity, to see how my hair works out under those conditions.

We'll be staying in Tokyo this time, because we're on a budget we can't travel around as much but I think there's still a LOT to do in and around Tokyo alone, so like Rox already mentioned in her post here, we're open to suggestions. Especially things that are not in the guidebooks like a tiny but gorgeous shrine in a residential area, a nice beach that isn't too far out of the city by train or your favourite gay bar etc. etc~
I'd love to see things off the beaten track :D

Also, since we have a month in Tokyo this time, please let me know if you'll be there in the same time, we'd love to meet many people separately and we hope to organize a meeting to bring everyone together at some point, quite like last time we went to Tokyo(winter 2011).

So, I'd better get back to my stuff now but thank you for reading and please look forward to this summer ♥

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