maandag 28 mei 2012

3rd place in Kawaii International's U Kimura judge contest!

Hey guys! I think a lot of you have seen this announced in other places like on Kawaii International broadcast itself, or on FB or tumblr, but it turns out I won 3rd place in Kawaii International's U Kimura, handmade item contest :D

I really never expected to rank high at all :O I even feel a little guilty to all the people whose style is more creative than mine u_u but thenagain I'm mostly very proud and happy :D
The outfit I used to take part in the contest was this:

My theme was to use the silhouette that I think is trending at the moment and spice it up a little with bright colors and prints~
(Let me make clear that I'm not trying to still look gyaru with this, I just wanted to experiment in a creative way~)
I used my embellished handmade collar as the handmade point, along with a necklace I made out of a cassette tape :)
In fact I want to make many more necklaces out of cassette tapes in different styles too~ it's not very hard and it's a really funny touch to an outfit~

I'm so proud to have won and when I watched the show online I was so excited that U Kimura was actually evaluating my look. I feel very motivated to be more creative with my style again~
But first finish my study for this semester (;;`A`)

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