donderdag 31 mei 2012

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012: Thank you and Q&A

Guys please check out the winners in this year's Gaijin Gyaru awards in this video :D It's a long video but you'll enjoy every part of it~!!! It's pretty and funny and it's nice to see SO MANY people collaborate on one project~~ I actually felt kind of touched halfway through the video (with touched I mean a little tear peaked out in the corner of my eye), when I realized that so many people have directed their efforts into making this. And I wanna thank Lhouraii Li again for organizing this great event that brings so many people together. She went through so much trouble for this, we should really be thankful~

Congrats to all the winners! And thanx SO MUCH for voting for me again in the gaijin gyaru awards this year :D I'm also super proud that our cir HYPER got an award. This can help us become a more confident and active circle ♥
I was totally surprised to see my name pop up in the nomination videos~ And when I found out I actually won in 2 categories I was so happy, I feel very supported and proud. Especially winning in the category 'sweetest' gyaru means a lot to me! I didn't see that one coming at all and like I said in the video, I feel like I lack many qualities that the sweetest gyaru should posess but I hope to improve those points this year.

Because of this anouncement I felt it might be appropriate to open a Q&A post for once.
I think many of you ask me questions through here or on FB already :) and I'm really happy about that~! I've also got a Formspring where you can always come to ask me questions anonymously too I guess~ :)
But I can imagine some of you are just like me, in the case of asking questions: I feel like I'm bothering someone..and just give up.
Well I hope those of you who feel that way, will feel encouraged to ask the questions you wanted me to answer anyway, I hope you will try :).

You can basicly ask any kind of question you think I could give a useful answer to: you can ask all kinds of practical questions, ask for tips, advice and personal opinions. Questions that are not directly related to gal style are also welcome, like questions regarding my lifestyle and studies, etc~

You can submit the questions through this form, you can fill out your online nickname or real name, but please be aware that I will post your name in the answer post~ If you're not comfortable with that you can ask anonymously.
I intend to close this form in a week and then post the answers :)

Happy asking~!!!

maandag 28 mei 2012

3rd place in Kawaii International's U Kimura judge contest!

Hey guys! I think a lot of you have seen this announced in other places like on Kawaii International broadcast itself, or on FB or tumblr, but it turns out I won 3rd place in Kawaii International's U Kimura, handmade item contest :D

I really never expected to rank high at all :O I even feel a little guilty to all the people whose style is more creative than mine u_u but thenagain I'm mostly very proud and happy :D
The outfit I used to take part in the contest was this:

My theme was to use the silhouette that I think is trending at the moment and spice it up a little with bright colors and prints~
(Let me make clear that I'm not trying to still look gyaru with this, I just wanted to experiment in a creative way~)
I used my embellished handmade collar as the handmade point, along with a necklace I made out of a cassette tape :)
In fact I want to make many more necklaces out of cassette tapes in different styles too~ it's not very hard and it's a really funny touch to an outfit~

I'm so proud to have won and when I watched the show online I was so excited that U Kimura was actually evaluating my look. I feel very motivated to be more creative with my style again~
But first finish my study for this semester (;;`A`)

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Lucky hairs are growing on my forehead :D

This is going to be a really silly post but I just had to share it with you.
Even though now is a bit of a stressful time and I'm more likely to lose a lot of hair than to grow new ones, since last week a few baby hairs have caught my attention as they were making their way down my forehead :D

This makes my hairline a bit pointy and that shape is apparently known as "widow's peak".
Upon some research online I found out it has a rather negative connotation, it's associated with evil people because it looks...mean, and the title widow's peak isn't that positive either~
But I think I read somewhere that it can also be considered a sign of good luck~ Or maybe I just made that up...but to me it means good luck :D Because if you believe in good luck, you'll experience good luck anyway~

(Threw a fancy filter over it to make it a little more festive and make me look a little bit less tired :P)
I wanted to share this with you because I'm really really happy about it! My face is more symmetrical this way~ In fact, I've always drawn on a bit of a point in my hairline using an eyebrow pencil because I think it's pretty that way, but now my hair is actually growing into a point by itself~!

Just 3 more weeks and I'll be practically free from college to enjoy my new good luck :D

maandag 14 mei 2012

Going to Tokyo: July 25th~August 25th.

Heyyy guys sorry for not updating for so long D:
This is really the time that everything, thesis- and minor-wise, is supposed to come together so you can imagine how busy I've been. Luckilly I think many of you are busy too so you might not have noticed my absense ;D

I come to bring great news :D my baby Rox and I have booked our tickets so it's for real: we'll be in Japan from July 25th to August 25th~~

Yesss and this time I hope to keep steady blogging instead of flooding you with posts after my return~ At least to keep track of my battle with the heat and humidity, to see how my hair works out under those conditions.

We'll be staying in Tokyo this time, because we're on a budget we can't travel around as much but I think there's still a LOT to do in and around Tokyo alone, so like Rox already mentioned in her post here, we're open to suggestions. Especially things that are not in the guidebooks like a tiny but gorgeous shrine in a residential area, a nice beach that isn't too far out of the city by train or your favourite gay bar etc. etc~
I'd love to see things off the beaten track :D

Also, since we have a month in Tokyo this time, please let me know if you'll be there in the same time, we'd love to meet many people separately and we hope to organize a meeting to bring everyone together at some point, quite like last time we went to Tokyo(winter 2011).

So, I'd better get back to my stuff now but thank you for reading and please look forward to this summer ♥