zondag 15 april 2012

Morigami bible 2012: Hair trend breakdown.

As I've recently felt very uninspired regarding my hair I decided to be less stingy for once and just fly in this Morigami set-salon bible.

I want to feel confident about fluffing up my hair without feeling like it's dated or tacky (well..it'll always feel tacky) and I want to see how I can combine elaborate hairstyles with today's trends.

This magazine was supposed to help me with that, and now I hope I can let it help you a bit. I'll share some (rather crappy :/) scans of the magazine and explain the underlaying trends. In the end I'll just show you my favourites :3

Based on the cover I made one conclusion: Whatever you do, add braids and it'll feel less dated.
After seeing the content I actually think this is somewhat right. You can easily turn last year's hairstyles trendy by adding a loose braid somewhere in the process.

One thing I should've seen coming was the use of wave-irons. A whole section of the mag is dedicated to the use of wave-irons~ I'm not a big fan of wave-irons personally but it's a great alternative for girls without or with minimal layers in their hair to still fluff it up a lot, especially around the face. I don't own a wave-iron but I think using a thin curling iron or small roller can give you a similar effect if you like. I'll report back to you after trying~

I've fallen slightly in love with this year's pastelly retro looks but I couldn't see any way to do that without a hat. A simple solution I can't believe I missed is making an updo look like a bob. I think in this case use of a wave-iron or similar techniques keeps the hair from looking too hostess-ish, which would make the whole outfit look granny-like.

The section-preview-pages give a great overview of how to make certain hairstyles work with certain styles in fashion:

Another category that caught my eye in different magazines and catalogues recently is basicaly 'fringe arrangement'. It's about what you do with the hair directly around your face, like bangs and stuff~ I think what you do with the hair around your face is of great inluence on one's look but it's usually the most simple part of hair arrangement that we can easily do by ourselves~

Another 'trend' displayed in the mag, of which I don't know if it'll really hit in is this wet-look hair. It's basically more traditional suji-hairstyles but...wet-looking? It looks too erotic to me but that might mainly be the styling...I wish they'd represented it with a bit more class :/

Now for my random favourites:

Sexy 'couple' looks I like ♥

The most elaborate hairstyles nowadays seem to be seen mainly in combination with kimono or yukata~ I like the shiny ribbons here

I hope you guys feel inspired to use these trends to your advantage like I will too :)

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