zondag 1 april 2012

HYPER's favourites giveaway @ hyper-gals.blogspot.com

Hey all :3 Some of you might have seen me link this on FB but I decided to dedicate a post to it here too :)

HYPER's favourites giveaway
HYPER cir has come together to collect this cute giveaway for you :D
All the members selected their favourite items or stuff that was just so cute they couldn't resist X3

There's different types of nailpolish and make-up products but also some of our members' favourite lashes and that adorable hat ♥

If you want to check out our favourites and if you wanna enter and try to win, please go here.

(I'm aware of the inconsistency in the spelling of favourite/favorite. That's because Rox and I use different spellings, but for the sake of consistency on this blog I'm still sticking with favourite)

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