woensdag 11 april 2012

About easter and some looks I haven't showed you yet~

This year I was looking forward to easter a LOT
It's partly because I'm so busy and easter leaves such a relaxy impression :)
And a national holiday is a great excuse to eat ridiculously much u_u which I did~

These bunny breads were something that also made me want easter to come quickly. My mom bought these long breads with ears on them, first I thought they were more like cats but I was really looking forward to giving them faces anyway :3 which worked out well I think, I'm proud of my work on the faces u_u

This one was my favourite, but I love all my babies <3
his nose is melting off a bit though TT^TT

On easter monday was my grandma's birthday so my family was actually super busy making everything ready: Easter wasn't as relaxy as I hoped.

This is what I was wearing at the party:

Ribbon:Gift from Rox
Top: Aiko
Necklace: Bodyline
Leggings: Yes or No (V&D)
Belt: Gift from Juu
Shoes: Zara
I lost some weight recently so I can feel comfortable wearing leggings as pants again..I've let myself gain a lot of weight last year :X I don't want to let that happen again~

And other recent coords I've been slacking to post.

I'm not putting a rundown on these cuz it's all stuff you've seen before but you can ask if you want to know where I got an item from :)

I still have a LOT of stuff to blog but I really have no time atm :s I hope I can find time to blog cuz I've got great stuff I wouln't want you guys to miss out on :O

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