zaterdag 28 april 2012

Recent outfit dump (5 looks)

Hey guys sorry so much to leave you hanging for so long D: I've been terribly busy with university and I still am but I have a LOT of outit shots sitting around waiting to be posted so I figured I'd just dump them here for the moment without too much text since they're from long back and my direct thoughts about them are kind of gone..
Most of them are very casual and I wouldn't classify most of them gyaru at all but I liked them myself..I'm kind of looking for a direction in my style lately and I've been experimenting a little, so let me show you :)

To start out with the look I wore on HYPER's photoshoot meet that was like a month ago *_*. I'm sorry I haven't reported on it U_U I wanted to but other stuff was in my way and then a month passed...
But I think most of you have seen the pics on my FB or HYPER's FB..

Last picture by Rox.
Shirt: Only
Necklace: River Island
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Gift from Juu
Shoes: van Haren

This was a look I wore to my friend Jerney's birthday.
It's a lot of PRINTONPRINTONPRINT but I'm into that lately XD
I put on super exagerated makeup to make my eyes stand out in the club~

Jacket: Ambika
Shirt: Only
Neclace: Bodyline
Pants: CoolCat
Shoes: Steve Madden

Here I was just really showing off my hair, what can I say..I love how the layers show up here XD

Jacket: Ambika
Top: gift from my mom
Necklace: Bodyline
Pants: Only
Shoes: Dune

Me and my cat ♥

Shirt: Only
Sweater: Gift from my friends in Uni (Only)
Necklace: Starlight Bijoux
Pants: CoolCat

This is today :)

Jacket: Benetton
Necklace: Bodyline
Pants: Bershka
Shoes: Steve Madden
Thank you for watching :D I'll be busy for another month but after that I'm prolly gonna be more free than I've been in a long time XD

zondag 15 april 2012

Morigami bible 2012: Hair trend breakdown.

As I've recently felt very uninspired regarding my hair I decided to be less stingy for once and just fly in this Morigami set-salon bible.

I want to feel confident about fluffing up my hair without feeling like it's dated or tacky ('ll always feel tacky) and I want to see how I can combine elaborate hairstyles with today's trends.

This magazine was supposed to help me with that, and now I hope I can let it help you a bit. I'll share some (rather crappy :/) scans of the magazine and explain the underlaying trends. In the end I'll just show you my favourites :3

Based on the cover I made one conclusion: Whatever you do, add braids and it'll feel less dated.
After seeing the content I actually think this is somewhat right. You can easily turn last year's hairstyles trendy by adding a loose braid somewhere in the process.

One thing I should've seen coming was the use of wave-irons. A whole section of the mag is dedicated to the use of wave-irons~ I'm not a big fan of wave-irons personally but it's a great alternative for girls without or with minimal layers in their hair to still fluff it up a lot, especially around the face. I don't own a wave-iron but I think using a thin curling iron or small roller can give you a similar effect if you like. I'll report back to you after trying~

I've fallen slightly in love with this year's pastelly retro looks but I couldn't see any way to do that without a hat. A simple solution I can't believe I missed is making an updo look like a bob. I think in this case use of a wave-iron or similar techniques keeps the hair from looking too hostess-ish, which would make the whole outfit look granny-like.

The section-preview-pages give a great overview of how to make certain hairstyles work with certain styles in fashion:

Another category that caught my eye in different magazines and catalogues recently is basicaly 'fringe arrangement'. It's about what you do with the hair directly around your face, like bangs and stuff~ I think what you do with the hair around your face is of great inluence on one's look but it's usually the most simple part of hair arrangement that we can easily do by ourselves~

Another 'trend' displayed in the mag, of which I don't know if it'll really hit in is this wet-look hair. It's basically more traditional suji-hairstyles but...wet-looking? It looks too erotic to me but that might mainly be the styling...I wish they'd represented it with a bit more class :/

Now for my random favourites:

Sexy 'couple' looks I like ♥

The most elaborate hairstyles nowadays seem to be seen mainly in combination with kimono or yukata~ I like the shiny ribbons here

I hope you guys feel inspired to use these trends to your advantage like I will too :)

woensdag 11 april 2012

About easter and some looks I haven't showed you yet~

This year I was looking forward to easter a LOT
It's partly because I'm so busy and easter leaves such a relaxy impression :)
And a national holiday is a great excuse to eat ridiculously much u_u which I did~

These bunny breads were something that also made me want easter to come quickly. My mom bought these long breads with ears on them, first I thought they were more like cats but I was really looking forward to giving them faces anyway :3 which worked out well I think, I'm proud of my work on the faces u_u

This one was my favourite, but I love all my babies <3
his nose is melting off a bit though TT^TT

On easter monday was my grandma's birthday so my family was actually super busy making everything ready: Easter wasn't as relaxy as I hoped.

This is what I was wearing at the party:

Ribbon:Gift from Rox
Top: Aiko
Necklace: Bodyline
Leggings: Yes or No (V&D)
Belt: Gift from Juu
Shoes: Zara
I lost some weight recently so I can feel comfortable wearing leggings as pants again..I've let myself gain a lot of weight last year :X I don't want to let that happen again~

And other recent coords I've been slacking to post.

I'm not putting a rundown on these cuz it's all stuff you've seen before but you can ask if you want to know where I got an item from :)

I still have a LOT of stuff to blog but I really have no time atm :s I hope I can find time to blog cuz I've got great stuff I wouln't want you guys to miss out on :O

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Syrup nails: substitutes for fake nails

Woo! 1000 followers on GFC today guys :D thank you so much ♥
I'm sure I'll lose 1 or 2 again but it means a LOT to me that so many people follow the blog and I hope to celebrate this properly when I have some more time on my hands :)

I have a ton of outfit shots lined up but I don't like posting outfits too much consecutively and recently I've been thinking about the one thing I've never put a lot of effort into regarding my gal style: my nails.

I guess for me that's just a little over the line regarding my comfort. When I've got all kinds of things limiting my comfort and freedom of movement on my body, at least I'll want my hands free to fix my eyes or hair when it gets tangled and stuff.

I've sometimes used stick-on nails on special occasions but they never lasted long and I usually tore them off 2 hours in~
Nonetheless I really love ott nails, they're gorgeous and I do believe that false nails will get easyer on you over time. I bet salon-nails are a lot more easy to get around with than the stick-on type, you can learn to live with them but I simply don't feel like taking the time.

Then for some or another reason I was reminded of this thing called "syrup nails" which basically means gradient nails. The term is usually used in reference to nailpolish but this gradient effect is also popular in gel-nails.

The most common way to reach this gradient effect is by applying layers of nail polish concentrating on the tip of the nail.
Looking for pointers on how that was supposed to work out I found this fabulous video online.

That really motivated me to grow my nails longer and attempt a similar look.
I haven't got the hexagon glitters yet but I'm still pleased with the result and I've successfully tricked some people into believing they were false nails when they grew longer :)

I really like using glittery nail polish for the syrup nails because the solid colored version doesn't emulate the gel-nail feel.So I started playing with this lovely nailpolish Rox brought me back from Japan :)

This is how it is with a more solid color. You might have seen it on the lavender spring look I showed you before, I used a mint nailpolish to represent the stem of a lavender plant :D

I also got these for 2 euros each at the Etos drugstore in here, they work nicely too and in the past 3 weeks my nails grew to a nice length :)

Indoor false light:

The longest I've ever had my nails:

I sadly broke a nail during my part-time and now I cut them all rather short again.
I've also noticed it's completely impossible for me to grow my left hand thumb nail..every week I cut it while slicing vegetables :/

And I'm also interested in trying other easy designs using nailpolish oneday.
But for now I really like syrup nails because the way it shows up also visually lengthens the nails I think.

It's not that hard and I really recommend you give it a try if you wanna do something fancy with your nail without the fuss of false ones~
If you do try it, make sure you apply very thin layers and give the layers time to dry and harden out. Especially when using glitter nail-polish the chance it turns into a tough and stretchy goo on your nail is rather high so it's better to put a lot of thin layers and maybe stretch the process over the whole day or even several days (add 1 or 2 layers in the morning, go to work and add one more in the afternoon or the evening and the next day~).
My experience is that putting many layers of nailpolish also protects the nail from tearing or breaking a bit so you can apply this while you're trying to grow your nails :)

zondag 1 april 2012

HYPER's favourites giveaway @

Hey all :3 Some of you might have seen me link this on FB but I decided to dedicate a post to it here too :)

HYPER's favourites giveaway
HYPER cir has come together to collect this cute giveaway for you :D
All the members selected their favourite items or stuff that was just so cute they couldn't resist X3

There's different types of nailpolish and make-up products but also some of our members' favourite lashes and that adorable hat ♥

If you want to check out our favourites and if you wanna enter and try to win, please go here.

(I'm aware of the inconsistency in the spelling of favourite/favorite. That's because Rox and I use different spellings, but for the sake of consistency on this blog I'm still sticking with favourite)