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Tokyo Girls Collection S/S 2012

Before I start my small evaluation of this year's TGC, I want to remind you (and myself) of the great disaster that hit Japan one year ago today. Many people suffered great hardships and many still do. Even though Japan has recovered a great deal, many things and lives can't be recovered and Japan will never be the same as it was before the disaster on March 11th 2011.

Now to get back to a brighter subject. This year's Tokyo girls collection!

I'll share with you my favourites and strange developments I've observed.
Don't expect a full fledged trend-report, this is just a little, semi-structured pic spam.

In my opinion this year's TGC wasn't very coherent. In fact what I know of s/s trends so far..is not very coherent either.
The only recurring factor I've been able to discover is the continuing loli-fying of gyaru- and mainstream fashion.
The trend of pastel colors, flowy fabrics and this peter-pan collar (I always type peter-pan complex at first :/ can't help but be reminded~) that keeps holding on, constitutes an even more childish and lolita-like image in fashion.

These examples support that observation strongly:

These are all from LizLisa

Rola in Phebely

Haruna Ai in Cecil McBee

More of Haruna Ai in a pile of flowers

Nina Mew also uses cutesy pastel colors and flowy fabrics but it's a little more mature:

(Look at this, I love this TT^TT)

Boots and purse with a Hello Kitty print on it! I think that's very cute..I'm just not sure who'd wear it~

But honestly it wasn't all that pastelly and youthfull. There's a lot of rather mature looks too :)

TGC special collection. I suppose they could've made it look more classy but I like it anyway~

Actus worked out this very cute formula with props to make all the models look like stewardesses~

A dress just like this can be bought at H&M atm for about 20 euros~ The print and cut are very very similar~

Props are a great way to create an illusion that the collection is coherent. Even though it's not ._.

To see some farmilliar faces we should move to the Palty stage where Tsubasa performed

And in the Prisila show there's some more gal models, like Maya Mori :)

Haruna Ai nearly photobombing in the Aoyama Suit collection.

(But god knows I want to wear that kind of outfit too *_*)

Check out The TGC homepage to see more detailed reports and many more pictures. Do you have a favourite collection or theme for this season? Is there stuff you'd wish to see more of?

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