vrijdag 6 april 2012

Syrup nails: substitutes for fake nails

Woo! 1000 followers on GFC today guys :D thank you so much ♥
I'm sure I'll lose 1 or 2 again but it means a LOT to me that so many people follow the blog and I hope to celebrate this properly when I have some more time on my hands :)

I have a ton of outfit shots lined up but I don't like posting outfits too much consecutively and recently I've been thinking about the one thing I've never put a lot of effort into regarding my gal style: my nails.

I guess for me that's just a little over the line regarding my comfort. When I've got all kinds of things limiting my comfort and freedom of movement on my body, at least I'll want my hands free to fix my eyes or hair when it gets tangled and stuff.

I've sometimes used stick-on nails on special occasions but they never lasted long and I usually tore them off 2 hours in~
Nonetheless I really love ott nails, they're gorgeous and I do believe that false nails will get easyer on you over time. I bet salon-nails are a lot more easy to get around with than the stick-on type, you can learn to live with them but I simply don't feel like taking the time.

Then for some or another reason I was reminded of this thing called "syrup nails" which basically means gradient nails. The term is usually used in reference to nailpolish but this gradient effect is also popular in gel-nails.

The most common way to reach this gradient effect is by applying layers of nail polish concentrating on the tip of the nail.
Looking for pointers on how that was supposed to work out I found this fabulous video online.

That really motivated me to grow my nails longer and attempt a similar look.
I haven't got the hexagon glitters yet but I'm still pleased with the result and I've successfully tricked some people into believing they were false nails when they grew longer :)

I really like using glittery nail polish for the syrup nails because the solid colored version doesn't emulate the gel-nail feel.So I started playing with this lovely nailpolish Rox brought me back from Japan :)

This is how it is with a more solid color. You might have seen it on the lavender spring look I showed you before, I used a mint nailpolish to represent the stem of a lavender plant :D

I also got these for 2 euros each at the Etos drugstore in here, they work nicely too and in the past 3 weeks my nails grew to a nice length :)

Indoor false light:

The longest I've ever had my nails:

I sadly broke a nail during my part-time and now I cut them all rather short again.
I've also noticed it's completely impossible for me to grow my left hand thumb nail..every week I cut it while slicing vegetables :/

And I'm also interested in trying other easy designs using nailpolish oneday.
But for now I really like syrup nails because the way it shows up also visually lengthens the nails I think.

It's not that hard and I really recommend you give it a try if you wanna do something fancy with your nail without the fuss of false ones~
If you do try it, make sure you apply very thin layers and give the layers time to dry and harden out. Especially when using glitter nail-polish the chance it turns into a tough and stretchy goo on your nail is rather high so it's better to put a lot of thin layers and maybe stretch the process over the whole day or even several days (add 1 or 2 layers in the morning, go to work and add one more in the afternoon or the evening and the next day~).
My experience is that putting many layers of nailpolish also protects the nail from tearing or breaking a bit so you can apply this while you're trying to grow your nails :)

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