dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Outfits and shoppings

Today I want to share some recent outfits, they're all rather casual.
And some stuff I bought recently, and really want to show off :)

An outfit from a while ago..I really don't remember where I wore it to but..well~

Sweater: NewYorker
Blouse: I have no idea..it's just a white blouse~
Jeans: Only
Necklace: Starlight Bijoux

This outfit was what I was wearing on the day I made the lens review :)

Sweater: my mom's
Top: vintage
Shorts: Only
Belts: Zeeman
Shoes: Steve Madden

The rest is just really casual..but well, it's fair to let you know on my off-days I don't look too great. The magic usually is more in the hair and make department but as you can see I'm not that devoted in my daily life ^^

Now for recent gets!! parrrramm

This Jacket!!!! I'm so in love ;~; I saw this jacket and I KNEW I'd give up all my other spending plans the second I saw this jacket(I was making a move on the earthy-tones-mature-look/thing but if I keep falling for these gaudy bright pieces it's not likely I'll ever get there).
There's also a tunic top with the same print but in green that I'd LOVE to get, to match the cute little gloves I got there..I've already got the whole look in my head~
but I'm not sure if I can afford it in the timespan that the thing is still out on the market.

Let's hope for the best, yes? :)

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  1. Hi! 1st time commenting but following you for quite a while :) You have an awesome sense of style! And I loooove your hairdo in the first pictures! <3 Would you please tell/show how you did this, please?