vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Outfit and a question :3

First I wanna show you the outfit I wore to enter the pring trend contest that's going on on the Kawaii.i FB page you have 2 more days left to enter so you can still give it a shot :D

Hat: random shop
Top: customized
Shorts: Only
Shoes: Steve Madden

Now I should put this hat in the deepest darkest corner of my wardrobe because I use it for basicly every outfit I can think of.
Honestly that's my problem I think..I can't think of coordinates that work without hats anymore, even though I wanna do more about my hair..there's always a hat in the way~ So I'm banning this hat for an undetermined time untill I got my hair-mojo back XD
I suppose it's also because enormous hair is really losing ground and hats are in more than before...
What do you think about hair in gal fashion at the moment? Do you think it still works to make it big and cute or do you think hats do most of the work right now?
What kind of clothes would you still wear with big mori hair?

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