vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Outfit and a question :3

First I wanna show you the outfit I wore to enter the pring trend contest that's going on on the Kawaii.i FB page you have 2 more days left to enter so you can still give it a shot :D

Hat: random shop
Top: customized
Shorts: Only
Shoes: Steve Madden

Now I should put this hat in the deepest darkest corner of my wardrobe because I use it for basicly every outfit I can think of.
Honestly that's my problem I think..I can't think of coordinates that work without hats anymore, even though I wanna do more about my hair..there's always a hat in the way~ So I'm banning this hat for an undetermined time untill I got my hair-mojo back XD
I suppose it's also because enormous hair is really losing ground and hats are in more than before...
What do you think about hair in gal fashion at the moment? Do you think it still works to make it big and cute or do you think hats do most of the work right now?
What kind of clothes would you still wear with big mori hair?

maandag 19 maart 2012


Here's a little outfit..I'm not sure to what extent it fits in my blog's theme but I'm trying to keep steady posting~

Shirt: Clockhouse
Sweater: Vence
Jeans: Only
Shoes: Adidas
Necklace: Gift from boyfriend
Necklace bunny: Gift from college mates~
Wig: Pinkage

I was inspired by Tsubasa's use of wigs to use this dark wig once.
I like it but I feel like it doesn't match anything in my wardrobe~ but in this case I think it works out and I think the brown lenses go well with this hair :)

donderdag 15 maart 2012

Recent outfit

first of all SO SORRY for not replying to your comments on my last entry but I've been really busy this week. I won't make it into a habit I promise~

This outfit is one I had in my book for a while (I draw the coordinates I come up with in a book Rox gave me ♥) and the occasion to wear it didn't come along. So when I was supposed to go out for drinks, I decided to just wear it, even though the event was a minor one~

Sorry for weird lighting an blurryness, it was in the evening for going out

Don't you feel like when someone wears a white jacket and hat...they look somewhat like a gangster from a bad movie *_*?

Hat: Gift from my mom(Random shop)
Flower on hat: Gift from Rox
Necklace: Gift from Rox
Jumpsuit: Skinny Lip
Jacket: Vero Moda
Belt: Gift from Juu (Bijoux Brigitte)
Boots: CafeModa

zondag 11 maart 2012

Tokyo Girls Collection S/S 2012

Before I start my small evaluation of this year's TGC, I want to remind you (and myself) of the great disaster that hit Japan one year ago today. Many people suffered great hardships and many still do. Even though Japan has recovered a great deal, many things and lives can't be recovered and Japan will never be the same as it was before the disaster on March 11th 2011.

Now to get back to a brighter subject. This year's Tokyo girls collection!

I'll share with you my favourites and strange developments I've observed.
Don't expect a full fledged trend-report, this is just a little, semi-structured pic spam.

In my opinion this year's TGC wasn't very coherent. In fact what I know of s/s trends so far..is not very coherent either.
The only recurring factor I've been able to discover is the continuing loli-fying of gyaru- and mainstream fashion.
The trend of pastel colors, flowy fabrics and this peter-pan collar (I always type peter-pan complex at first :/ can't help but be reminded~) that keeps holding on, constitutes an even more childish and lolita-like image in fashion.

These examples support that observation strongly:

These are all from LizLisa

Rola in Phebely

Haruna Ai in Cecil McBee

More of Haruna Ai in a pile of flowers

Nina Mew also uses cutesy pastel colors and flowy fabrics but it's a little more mature:

(Look at this, I love this TT^TT)

Boots and purse with a Hello Kitty print on it! I think that's very cute..I'm just not sure who'd wear it~

But honestly it wasn't all that pastelly and youthfull. There's a lot of rather mature looks too :)

TGC special collection. I suppose they could've made it look more classy but I like it anyway~

Actus worked out this very cute formula with props to make all the models look like stewardesses~

A dress just like this can be bought at H&M atm for about 20 euros~ The print and cut are very very similar~

Props are a great way to create an illusion that the collection is coherent. Even though it's not ._.

To see some farmilliar faces we should move to the Palty stage where Tsubasa performed

And in the Prisila show there's some more gal models, like Maya Mori :)

Haruna Ai nearly photobombing in the Aoyama Suit collection.

(But god knows I want to wear that kind of outfit too *_*)

Check out The TGC homepage to see more detailed reports and many more pictures. Do you have a favourite collection or theme for this season? Is there stuff you'd wish to see more of?

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Gal haircolors.

For the past few weeks I've been intrigued by pictures of gals with a red/peach/orange kind of haircolor.
I don't know whether this is a trend or is going to be a trend~ Maybe it was always there but I hadn't noticed yet?
Anyway it cought my eye so I'm making a tiny spam to illustrate what I mean.

(This outfit is complete WIN anyway~)(SoulSister scan from Sukebans)

And then there's this more natural looking color I've always been interested in. It's much like the copper-blonde we see on so many gals but it looks slightly pink. I think in some cases it's because of the lighting or camera settings but I love the fact that this pink-ish tone in the hair brings the person's whole appearance to life.

Even though I'm planning to dye my hair soon, I wouldn't personally go for this kind of color, I want my hair to stay a bit natural (also because it makes finding matching extensions easyer this way).
Nonetheless I purchased a wig in a color close to the last category. Kind of peach-blonde~ I'll have to alter it and I hope it'll work out the way I want it to, but I guess we'll know in a month or so :)

So what do you think? Would you like to dye your hair to these kind of colors or do you think is hideous? What kind of haircolor do you like most?

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Outfits and shoppings

Today I want to share some recent outfits, they're all rather casual.
And some stuff I bought recently, and really want to show off :)

An outfit from a while ago..I really don't remember where I wore it to but..well~

Sweater: NewYorker
Blouse: I have no idea..it's just a white blouse~
Jeans: Only
Necklace: Starlight Bijoux

This outfit was what I was wearing on the day I made the lens review :)

Sweater: my mom's
Top: vintage
Shorts: Only
Belts: Zeeman
Shoes: Steve Madden

The rest is just really casual..but well, it's fair to let you know on my off-days I don't look too great. The magic usually is more in the hair and make department but as you can see I'm not that devoted in my daily life ^^

Now for recent gets!! parrrramm

This Jacket!!!! I'm so in love ;~; I saw this jacket and I KNEW I'd give up all my other spending plans the second I saw this jacket(I was making a move on the earthy-tones-mature-look/thing but if I keep falling for these gaudy bright pieces it's not likely I'll ever get there).
There's also a tunic top with the same print but in green that I'd LOVE to get, to match the cute little gloves I got there..I've already got the whole look in my head~
but I'm not sure if I can afford it in the timespan that the thing is still out on the market.

Let's hope for the best, yes? :)

zaterdag 3 maart 2012

Sponsored review: Geo Nova green (WT-B43) from eyecandylens.com

Today I'm reviewing Geo Nova green(WT-B43) lenses from eyecandylens.com.

I received the lenses through registered mail. Most of the time I get them through regular mail but registered does ensure both parties involved in the transaction that the lenses will arrive.

This is how the contents looked.
This was the first time I ever received a pamphlet with (safety)instructions and help with my lenses. I think this is very usefull and I wish I had it the first time I got lenses. I think it's a very responsible thing to do, so a thumbs up for eyecandylens.com.

One in one out.

Make-up, no flash.

Make-up, flash.

I love these lenses for the color, it's minty and on my blue eyes it shows up as a kind of turqoise which I really like.
The Nova series have a dark outer ring but no inner ring. I usually really want to have one with an inner ring because not having one makes light eyes look odd and too round, as if the iris is puffy, in my opinion.
But these lenses don't have pretentions to look 'natural' and so instead of making the eye look puffy, they look rather flat. This enables the color to show up well

Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

Some shots with context (I'm starting to hate this camera :/ I better buy a new one soon).

(My hair is a mess but I blame the humidity, it'll be better if I have the ends cut soon~)

With glasses

So take a look at eyecandylens.com to see what else they've got in store.
For a surprise gift you can use coupon code Agejoperfect :)

I hope you liked the review ♥