maandag 20 februari 2012

Outfits and shoppings

Sorry for the long absence. I've got a bit of a casual post today, to show I'm still alive a bit and I hope to be posting slightly more frequent from now but we'll see where that goes.

First I'll share 2 looks I used battling the snow from 2 weeks back:

Yes, snow!

It was really really cold back then but right now it's not so bad, around +5C during the day~

I've also got most of my gets since 2012 started accumulated here:

Dress and skirt with pink waistband: H&M
Jeans, leather-look shorts and striped blouse: Only
I've got wild plans with some of that stuff :D but maybe I'll wait for spring a bit, it really is cold right now :/

Please look forward to a slightly more exciting (though not much) outfit I intend to post later this week :)

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