zondag 12 februari 2012

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012: Nominations

Oh my, I really haven't updated for a while :O I've been a bad girl U_U
The truth is: right now, my studies are the most important thing to me and this being the last semester of my bachelor, we're reaching a rather crucial point for that matter. I hope you'll excuse my unregulated posting for now.

Now for some better news! Even though I was already planning a post today, I was suddenly made aware of the fact that I was nominated in Lhouraii Li's Gaijin Gyaru Awards!!!

For all those of you who haven't seen the nominations video yet, it's here:

First of all I'm very proud to be nominated in no less than 3 categories personally and 2 more through the nomination of HYPER (which, honestly, makes me even happyer)
I really wanna call you all out to vote HYPER!! It'd be such a great motivation to our members to win and we're all trying so hard~~

I really have to thank all of you that have nominated me!!! I'm really happy to be nominated!!!
And it's great to see some of the people I nominated come back in the final list! First of all my baby: Rox ♥ Even though in the category best use of hair accessories we have to compete. I won this specific award last year and it was a great surprise, so if you haven't voted yet, I hope you'll give Rox your vote!!!
Same goes for the categories best hairstyles and overall makeup!! I'd love to see my other half win ♥

In the category biggest hair I'm beside Pin and Sui, who both really deserve to win!
And in the category sweetest gyaru...OMG I never expected to be there and I want to thank you all so much for thinking well of me ^-^

I'm excited to see the winners! and it's lovely to see so many new faces this year~~
It's inspiring to see all those lovely gals in one video XD

For voting, go here!

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