zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Sponsored review: Pop.C Light brown from

This time I've been sponsored by to write a lens review.
I've used a borrowed camera and blogger for storing the pictures so I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures and strange post-layout because I have to learn a bit~~

The lenses I chose for review were Pop.C Light brown
These lenses are currently on sale!
If you purchase 2 or more pairs of lenses from the series KiraKira, Pop.C Dark or Light or Natural 3-tone, the lenses will be $10 a pair! (While stocks last)

The lenses came wrapped in a nice box with a thoughtful message and came with cute animal lens-case.

I chose these lenses because the model is very similar to the many Candy-Magic style lenses (still my favourite model), that are also available here on but lighter.

One in, one out.

You can see the enlargement is quite effective and the dark circle makes the eyes look cute

No flash

The color was a little different from what I expected. Instead of a warm yet light brown, it's more of a cool dark color. I guess this is because the underground of my own grey/blue eyes distorts the color into what Rox described as a dark olive green.

With flash

I think these lenses are very suitable for girls with brown or perhaps dark green eyes, the brown will show up more.

Appearance ★★★★☆
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

This is how the lenses look in the context of my face.
I really love this model, I just don't think brown is for me, my eyes are too blue~~

For these and other lenses, please see and if you're interested, and take a look at their Facebook Page

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