maandag 9 januari 2012

Outfit and gifts!!!

To be able to finish up back-posts before I make my last exam for the 1st semester and head for Austria tonight (going skiing), I'll have to unite 2 very different things in one post. One is the post about New-Year's eve, reduced to some outfit shots. The other is about A LOT of stuff from Japan ♥.

But first. I spent NewYear's with Rox, like last year. Except nothing ever beats last year~~ but we had fun anyway :) Before the Dusseldorf meeting I hadn't seen Rox for a LONG time so we had some catching up to do~~

As for the outfit..



Top: CoolCat
Skirt: my mom's
Belt: Primark


I went for something more neutral. And to be honest, this make-up -even though it still needs a lot of developing- makes me feel really good. It's a bit less thick and obvious than my usual look but I think this actually suits my face more. The other makeup looks great in good angles and making cute faces but this style is more comfortable to the curves of my face even when I'm not trying to look cute.

Another thing is a loooot of stuff, gifts and things I ordered, from Japan :D

Now is that a lot of stuff or what?
One thing I'm really really happy with is that pile of books there. That's year 1 to 7 of Harry Potter :D You may not know it, but I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic~~ Harry Potter has also been a great part of my progress in the English language since I was young.
I think when I'm in the train tonight I'll get started in The Philosopher's Stone ♥
Then there's food, the February issues to Ageha and Egg ♥ which came with gifts btw. I've never heard of Ageha including gifts, in fact I think the chief-editor of Ageha has, in an interview, mentioned she finds magazine-gifts worthless.. Nonetheless they're there on the right: EggXJSG make-up pouch and black OTK's with detachable ribbons (can also be worn in hair~~)from Ageha.
He also got me my Diamond lash-Princess eye underlashes, because I'm afraid of running out, and lash-glue :)

And there's one more thing, which would actually have gone quite well with the NewYear's outfit:

A bag from Gold's Infinity T^T OMG I love it so muchhhh. It's big enough to hold my college-notes it's black and white so it suits most of my stuff and it's just AWESOME I'm so happyyyy ♥

Anyway, I'll be away for the week so please don't feel bad if I don't reply to your comments, e-mails or other things. We don't usually get internet in wintersport accomodation, somehow it's always more...oldfashioned.

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