zondag 29 januari 2012

HYPER giftswap!

You may have seen on FB or other blogs, but yesterday was HYPER's giftswap meet. The idea sparked during the holidays, we threw all the names in a hat (or well, we threw them in random picking machine online somewhere) and I got Kari's name out. I tried to pick some nice gifts for her and I was glad to know she liked them :)

I was as lucky to have my name given to Rox! Of all HYPER members Rox (my wife U_U) knows me best, of course, and she's a very economical shopper so she got me a LOT of stuff within the budget ♥

Let's start with the outit. The pics are a bit big this time, still don't have control over my photos :/

Hat: Gift from mom (Random shop)
Dress: NewYorker
Coat: Glamorous Jane
Necklace: River Island
Boots: CafeModa
Bag: Gold's Infinity.

We had almost all of the group together, only 2 members were missing. This time I really saw how nice our cir is, we get along well. All these people have great personalities and that really comes out when we're just sitting and chatting comortably in Rox' home, instead of pursuing all kinds of activities all over town.

Sadly most of the group left at 5, but VelvetBat, Rox and myself stayed around to eat some rice, and later it was just Rox and me, just telling eachother how great the day had been XD

The AWESOME gifts I got from Rox ♥

The picture in the background is a piece of a newspaper she used to wrap the hair-band-accessory with, it's the face of one of the members of a Dutch..well I guess rap group kind of thing that we really love~~

I had so much fun, I'd want to do this every week..but sadly that's impossible *_* it's too bad we all live spread all over the country U_U

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