woensdag 4 januari 2012

Giveaway Winner and What's in Shops.

This time the giveaway didn't pull quite as many entrants, but that's only better for the ones who DID enter :D. The lucky number was nr 50 for those who want to know, Hiwatarii-chan won the giveaway this time :D. She told me it was the first one she'd entered so I'm glad she won :)

Now for some outfits I've put together through the online shops of River Island and H&M. Most of these clothes are sale-items right now so it's pretty budget-ty
H&M (Sale)

Lilac @ River Island

In both cases it's the top that cought my heart and just because it looks more convincing I built an outfit around it.
I hope I've been able to encourage at least one of you to get that white tunic top from H&M, if you love sweet style I'm SURE you won't regret it.
Same goes for the lilac blouse from River Island..it's just what I'm looking for but I don't have a single euro to spare D:

Also, I made these through polyvore. I like using polyvore for making outfits but I don't usually make ones that are actually obtainable, I just do it to make a collage inspired by pictures or characters from a TV-show, that's also why I filled the image up with letters and flowers and stuff...if it's annoying let me know, then I'll make it more neutral next time~~

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