zondag 29 januari 2012

HYPER giftswap!

You may have seen on FB or other blogs, but yesterday was HYPER's giftswap meet. The idea sparked during the holidays, we threw all the names in a hat (or well, we threw them in random picking machine online somewhere) and I got Kari's name out. I tried to pick some nice gifts for her and I was glad to know she liked them :)

I was as lucky to have my name given to Rox! Of all HYPER members Rox (my wife U_U) knows me best, of course, and she's a very economical shopper so she got me a LOT of stuff within the budget ♥

Let's start with the outit. The pics are a bit big this time, still don't have control over my photos :/

Hat: Gift from mom (Random shop)
Dress: NewYorker
Coat: Glamorous Jane
Necklace: River Island
Boots: CafeModa
Bag: Gold's Infinity.

We had almost all of the group together, only 2 members were missing. This time I really saw how nice our cir is, we get along well. All these people have great personalities and that really comes out when we're just sitting and chatting comortably in Rox' home, instead of pursuing all kinds of activities all over town.

Sadly most of the group left at 5, but VelvetBat, Rox and myself stayed around to eat some rice, and later it was just Rox and me, just telling eachother how great the day had been XD

The AWESOME gifts I got from Rox ♥

The picture in the background is a piece of a newspaper she used to wrap the hair-band-accessory with, it's the face of one of the members of a Dutch..well I guess rap group kind of thing that we really love~~

I had so much fun, I'd want to do this every week..but sadly that's impossible *_* it's too bad we all live spread all over the country U_U

woensdag 25 januari 2012

Nary: about the Japanese body and Korean S-line

I finally found a reason to write this post~! I've spent a lot of time pondering the difference between the desired body-shape in Japan and other countries in Asia. I've got some information about it, and an opinion, and I'd love to invite you to share yours.

This is an add from online shop Nary that appeared in February's Ageha. The brand advertises a LOT with their Koakuma Ageha identity but I'm sure all of you that identify with Ageha and the styles it portrays, agree that this is a bit of an odd one out (Not saying this is a bad thing). A responsible factor in this is the model. At first glance I didn't know whether she was Japanese or half or foreign (Asian), but her look reminded me (the Japanophile with hardly any interest in Korea anymore) of one thing: S-line. Alonside her dark hair and styling that tells me k-pop rather than 'Ageha', you can't get around her amazing figure: a volumnious yet compact bust and round yet modest hips in a figure-hugging dress of a fuzzy material.
In Nary's online shop they make mention of their style being part of the Korean-wave in Japan (or are trying to be part of it). I used to find Ageha and Korean-wave hard to unite but if this pushes through, that's definetly a change I can live with (let me note this seems quite unlikely).

To put it off against some of the usual stuff we see in Ageha (01-2012 issue, scan from vvshu):
I deliberately chose this example because, like Nary, these are supposed to be body-conscious dresses.

Regardless of whether either adds are edited or un-edited and if these women really have these figures, what shape would you prefer?

We know how much weight and body-shape counts in the world of gyaru. Even though gyaru-fashion ought to distinguish itself by being sexy, it promotes a body shape that is flat and childish. (Hence why sexy items from Ma*rs and D.I.A. have a different effect on a more curvy, western body). The preference for a childish body shape has been interpretted by Kinsella as a collective trend to prefer a childish appearance. If I remember correctly she writes that this refers to the time of youth in which a person is dependent and has no responsibilities yet (to summarise it a bit simplisticly: escapism from the pressure of reality). This isn't an absolute statement and I've simplified it all a bit, please don't hold it against me but I just wanna make it easy to grasp.
I don't know if this is true and whether genetic potential hasn't got anything to do with it, but the effect of the diets gyaru-models hang on to, does, in my opinion, lead to a body that denies mature female sexuality.

The S-line (that seems to be product of selected workouts, not just a diet) is deliberately sexual, and there's something to say for avoiding that kind of portrayal of the female body: not all women have curves and we definetly don't need to cultivate curves for someone-else's viewing pleasure.

Many items that have been typical to gyaru and agejo style, like babydolls and balloon dresses, eliminate any hint of curve alltogether and being able to pull those pieces off well can really work in your advantage in achieving an 'accepted' gyaru-look. In that way we're all influenced by a rather sexless body-image. And in that way, the items Nary promotes don't fit in my personal current image of gyaru at all.

Tell me what you prefer! Because of course the gyaru body also has it's charm and I may have been a little harsh about it in this post but there's a reason we love gyaru and it's silhouette.

And tell me whether you agree with me at all! I'd like to know different opinions and I'd love to be convinced that gyaru actually is sexy. Think of AV-gyaru, they are really sexy and undoubtably gyaru. How does it work?

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Sponsored review: Pop.C Light brown from Lensvillage.com

This time I've been sponsored by Lensvillage.com to write a lens review.
I've used a borrowed camera and blogger for storing the pictures so I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures and strange post-layout because I have to learn a bit~~

The lenses I chose for review were Pop.C Light brown
These lenses are currently on sale!
If you purchase 2 or more pairs of lenses from the series KiraKira, Pop.C Dark or Light or Natural 3-tone, the lenses will be $10 a pair! (While stocks last)

The lenses came wrapped in a nice box with a thoughtful message and came with cute animal lens-case.

I chose these lenses because the model is very similar to the many Candy-Magic style lenses (still my favourite model), that are also available here on lensvillage.com but lighter.

One in, one out.

You can see the enlargement is quite effective and the dark circle makes the eyes look cute

No flash

The color was a little different from what I expected. Instead of a warm yet light brown, it's more of a cool dark color. I guess this is because the underground of my own grey/blue eyes distorts the color into what Rox described as a dark olive green.

With flash

I think these lenses are very suitable for girls with brown or perhaps dark green eyes, the brown will show up more.

Appearance ★★★★☆
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

This is how the lenses look in the context of my face.
I really love this model, I just don't think brown is for me, my eyes are too blue~~

For these and other lenses, please see Lensvillage.com and if you're interested, and take a look at their Facebook Page

woensdag 18 januari 2012


Hey there~~
Sorry for my late posting, I got back from vacation monday night but since I got back I've been busy so I didn't use the computer a lot~

It's been a while since I last went on wintersports but this year, to break the dreadfull January, my family decided to give it a try again.

We went to Axams in Austria, a place near Innsbruck where (currently) the youth winter olympics are held.
The first days were foggy and the weather wasn't quite fit for recreational skiing but later on it got more sunny and pleasant.

Because of the combination of fog and frost my hair got frozen, but it was a pretty sight :)

We also took a day to visit Innsbruck for some shopping and to go out for dinner.

I would show you my gets cuz I've done some very economical shopping but my camera is a bit broken so I can't really take pictures at all :/

I do have some holiday-outfit-shots for you. Like last summer I showed you my outfits with beach-hair, this time it's casual looks with frost hair :/


I hope I'll get my camera working again, to be honest I'm completely in stress right now. I love that camera and I've had it for 5 years ;A;

maandag 9 januari 2012

Outfit and gifts!!!

To be able to finish up back-posts before I make my last exam for the 1st semester and head for Austria tonight (going skiing), I'll have to unite 2 very different things in one post. One is the post about New-Year's eve, reduced to some outfit shots. The other is about A LOT of stuff from Japan ♥.

But first. I spent NewYear's with Rox, like last year. Except nothing ever beats last year~~ but we had fun anyway :) Before the Dusseldorf meeting I hadn't seen Rox for a LONG time so we had some catching up to do~~

As for the outfit..



Top: CoolCat
Skirt: my mom's
Belt: Primark


I went for something more neutral. And to be honest, this make-up -even though it still needs a lot of developing- makes me feel really good. It's a bit less thick and obvious than my usual look but I think this actually suits my face more. The other makeup looks great in good angles and making cute faces but this style is more comfortable to the curves of my face even when I'm not trying to look cute.

Another thing is a loooot of stuff, gifts and things I ordered, from Japan :D

Now is that a lot of stuff or what?
One thing I'm really really happy with is that pile of books there. That's year 1 to 7 of Harry Potter :D You may not know it, but I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic~~ Harry Potter has also been a great part of my progress in the English language since I was young.
I think when I'm in the train tonight I'll get started in The Philosopher's Stone ♥
Then there's food, the February issues to Ageha and Egg ♥ which came with gifts btw. I've never heard of Ageha including gifts, in fact I think the chief-editor of Ageha has, in an interview, mentioned she finds magazine-gifts worthless.. Nonetheless they're there on the right: EggXJSG make-up pouch and black OTK's with detachable ribbons (can also be worn in hair~~)from Ageha.
He also got me my Diamond lash-Princess eye underlashes, because I'm afraid of running out, and lash-glue :)

And there's one more thing, which would actually have gone quite well with the NewYear's outfit:

A bag from Gold's Infinity T^T OMG I love it so muchhhh. It's big enough to hold my college-notes it's black and white so it suits most of my stuff and it's just AWESOME I'm so happyyyy ♥

Anyway, I'll be away for the week so please don't feel bad if I don't reply to your comments, e-mails or other things. We don't usually get internet in wintersport accomodation, somehow it's always more...oldfashioned.

zaterdag 7 januari 2012

X-mas Gal-meet in Düsseldorf

So I'm a bit late making a post about the Düsseldorf gal meet, but I have to do it now because I want all 'late' posts done before I go on vacation Monday night :)

First I wanna say I had a GREAT day at the Gal meet in Düsseldorf. I didn't talk to too many people but the people that came to have a chat were DARLINGS and I felt very welcome and it was a lot of fun :)

A lot of the pictures in this post were stolen from Rox and Sui's boyfriend Binh (who is a marvelous photographer).

Because Düsseldorf is in Germany and it takes a while to get there I got up early to do my hair and stuff. I'm sure you've seen the pictures of my outfit or more specificly, my heavily-accessorized hairstyle float around on FB and in group-shots on blogs and things, but it all started like this:
I was planning to put a ton of roses in there but when I was finished with making the hair(it worked out really well, I'm really proud), I was hesistant to cover it up with roses..but I did it anyway~~

The outfit was something between Hime and a more Retro kind of look, but the overwhelming pinks everywhere and the massive hair kind of excluded that last option
with my beloved coat:
Coat: E-bay
Dress: H&M
Boots: Cafe Moda
Collar: Handmade!! (I should've emphasised the collar more in the pictures because it's really what makes the outfit worthwhile)
Necklace: 100¥ shop
Tiara: Gift from Jerney
Roses: Pieces, Accessorize, market, Paris Kid's

I was really really proud of this outfit actually. I think this is kind of the way I want to look most of the time~~

I met up with my gals at Venlo station, last station before the border.

Together we went to Düsseldorf by train :)

We met up with the rest of the people in the station and walked to a cute Japanese shop that mainly stocked magazines, manga and books. (I spent a moment thinking about buying the one issue of Ane-Ageha they had sitting there, but I didn't, cuz I'm broke.)
The real reason we went there was for the Puri machine :D In Düsseldorf we spent a LOT of time taking Purikura. I love Purikura and hardly ever get the chance to make them D:
some of the results:

After spending a lot of time in the shop, the group split up and we went for dinner in a Mexican restaurant with Ari and other sweet gals :)
The restaurant also sold cocktails so the group rejoined us later to have drinks~~
(I'm a squid drinking cocktails)

After taking a lot of fractured group-shots, my friends and I had to run to the station in fear of missing the once-in-an-hour-train (mainly cuz the guy from the restaurant needed a lot of time calculating etc etc).

It was a great day and it really makes me feel motivated to keep up my style and I hope to join German meetings more often. I also hope some of the girls that don't live too far from the border might join one of our meetings one day :)

woensdag 4 januari 2012

Giveaway Winner and What's in Shops.

This time the giveaway didn't pull quite as many entrants, but that's only better for the ones who DID enter :D. The lucky number was nr 50 for those who want to know, Hiwatarii-chan won the giveaway this time :D. She told me it was the first one she'd entered so I'm glad she won :)

Now for some outfits I've put together through the online shops of River Island and H&M. Most of these clothes are sale-items right now so it's pretty budget-ty
H&M (Sale)

Lilac @ River Island

In both cases it's the top that cought my heart and just because it looks more convincing I built an outfit around it.
I hope I've been able to encourage at least one of you to get that white tunic top from H&M, if you love sweet style I'm SURE you won't regret it.
Same goes for the lilac blouse from River Island..it's just what I'm looking for but I don't have a single euro to spare D:

Also, I made these through polyvore. I like using polyvore for making outfits but I don't usually make ones that are actually obtainable, I just do it to make a collage inspired by pictures or characters from a TV-show, that's also why I filled the image up with letters and flowers and stuff...if it's annoying let me know, then I'll make it more neutral next time~~

maandag 2 januari 2012


Well now that we've really stepped into 2012 let's make the best of it!
If after the My gal history stuff you want to ask some questions, practical ones or not practical ones, you can always ask here in a comment or at my Formspring.
But first I have to make some posts with outfits from 2011, to start here.

This was an outfit I wore when I went clubbing even before Christmas so we're a little behind~~~~

Poncho: Market
Shirt: Zeeman
Pants: Market
Belt: Alyssa Mode
Neckace: River Island
Hair accessories: Gift from Rox and roses from the market

the outfit itself isn't that sensational, it's mainly about the hair~~~~
but it was comfortable so that's good :)