zaterdag 30 april 2011

"CR Rabujo" New pachinko machine from Heiwa.


Heiwa game machine producers have recently brought out this new pachinko machine, made to give the player an even more pleasant time and more importantly: make them stick to the machine and spend cash more than they already do.

Rabujo combines the word love and the suffix jo we see in kyabajo (hostess) and agejo. (basicly means girl)
In this game the kyabajo, called lovejo, play an important role to keep the customer stuck to their chair. Former agemo and hostess icon Momoeri, together with agemo Shizuka Mutou (both my long time idols) play the lead in this kyabakura spin off.


When you sit on the chair in front of the machine, a sensor will pick up on your presence and the machine will welcome you, when you try to leave, the machine will say "oh, are you already leaving?" in a cute way.

Using the barcode on the machine, you can get your favourite lovejo to send you mails to your phone as long as you're in your chair.
But if you wanna have a taste now, you can use the barcode on their site as long as the introduction campaign called "mobajo" lasts!


The girl you pick can come from the Momoeri-lead "club Rose", or the Shizuka-lead "club Lavender". But in either clubs, you can enjoy the service of relaxation Izumi (sounds erotic) when you clear a stage in the game.

Even though I don't give for these kind of gambling games at all, these CM's are so cute~!!

When I see Momoeri and Shizuka like that, I can totally see how people spend all their money on hostesses (or pachinko...more likely XD). I'm totally in love ♥

At the opening night of these machines, Momoeri said it's so cute, even though kyabakura are associated with men the game is suitable for girls too and maybe even a little embarassing for guys to sit behind such a cutely designed machine.

CR Rabujo's introductionary page
(lol at english version of night of fire screaming from your comp now)

donderdag 28 april 2011

New lenses!

My eye is fine again! and my new lenses just arrived :) it's those king grey ones I've been dying to try. (this is not a review, just showing the lenses)
here's a comparison between the king blue and grey

these are all grey only:
I went for a bit boyish style that day, that's why the makeup is so minimal, but here's how it looks with hair loose.

and the outfit

But I think next time I'll get blue again, it's just a bit more colorfull and it looks better with my haircolor.

woensdag 27 april 2011

Easter eggs

First! I wanna thank the sweet maker of the nice secret I got this week. In fact I wanna thank anyone that ever made me a nice secret :D. Over time I got many very nice secrets and every time I feel so happy and motivated. It can really really cheer me up. I really wanna say thanx ♥

Now, unrelated spam~!! My easter eggs :)
I decorated (and hid) them myself and I'm so proud, I wanted to dump them here.

Big sakura tree!
Dutch iconic tulips :)
More cute sakura <3

And a megapack sandwiches :D

More on-topic post tomorrow ;)

dinsdag 26 april 2011

Silly pic and the TAN PLAN

First, I wanna show you the outfit I wore at the meet we had a few weeks back in Amersfoort.
Usually I post meet posts as soon as possible because otherwize I lose the spirit to report now.
But I can't refrain from sharing this pic of me dancing that day (and I just want every post to contain a pic XD)
Estherbel and I were dancing on the bike path, it was so much fun~~

Now, to get to business..
The tan plan.

In recent years I tried to avoid the sun a bit, because I felt a pale skin suited my style better.
Each year I failed and I got a bit tanned anyway.

So this year, because of the abrupt nice weather, I've decided to try and get as black as I possibly can. And we'll see where that'll lead me. Too bad I didn't take any before-pic of my arm or something, then I could keep track better.
but well. That'll be a cool thing for some other blogger to do~ keep track of your tan~

I also wanna notify you of Rox's cool idea to do Gyaru Challenge.
That means you can challenge her with a style you'd like to see her do and she's gonna try do that style.
Rox and Jessica posted this up on their blog and I would do it too if I weren't so busy atm. But I might do it in a couple weeks~
Rox' gyaru challenge
Jessica's gyaru challenge

zaterdag 23 april 2011

Gaijin Gyaru Awards: nominees

Heyy, I was excited to see the nominations for the Gaijin gyaru awards are up :D

As you can see I'm doing a bit of the presentation for the awards :D I was so happy and proud Lhouraii Li asked me :3 and I couldn't wait to tell you guys!
When the results are released I'll be able to show you the outfit I did that day :)
To be honest I was having a bad face day that day, and because of my eye virus you can only see one of my eyes (My eye recently healed and I can wear lenses again :D)

Other than that I'm also VERY proud to be nominated in Best Hairstyles and Best Use of Hairaccesories category. I'm really thrilled. You guys might already know my hair is my pride and hairmake is one of my favourite hobbies. But the competition is pretty tough D: That's gonna be exciting!! If you like, please support me <3

I'm also surprised to see my friend Josephine nominated in the most improved newcomer category. :D please support her!

So if you wanna vote, here is the link:

happy voting!

woensdag 20 april 2011


Thank you all so much for your replies to my last post :D I was happy to get your support ♥

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to respond to you, but I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaally busy D:
So just a little outfit shot now, but in the weekend I think I can finally relax a bit. Thank God for easter (well that's kinda funny~:P)


that was a while back, for my grandma's birthday party

maandag 18 april 2011

Sorry for slacking and outfit.

sorry for slacking D: I've been really busy making reports.
One that I submitted for the second time returned with "lack of analytical insight" on it :/
I made it through highschool based on analytical insight rather than actual knowledge and I have no idea why this professor thinks he can judge only knowing me from his course (well they all have this tendency, but it really shows more how he's so stuck in his own discipline), which is completely outside of my paradigm anyway, I can't make myself understand it at all :/
Fuck you

For extarnal reasons my subjects for posting are currently kind of stuck, so all I can do now is show this outfit here

and I'll resume posting from wednesday, there'll be some outfit posts and an update on the lovely little meeting last saturday :3

dinsdag 12 april 2011

Korean Wig shop "Pinkage" opened English online shop.

A wig shop I think is really cute is the pinkage shop.
Before, when we wanted to purchase from pinkage, it was a bit tough, I think it was possible to buy it from the online store but it wasn't too clear about shipping etc. or you could buy through g-market and I think this wigshop on g-market is a bit untransparent.
But now you can buy straight and easy from Pinkage online!


And they even recently picked up one of my key irritations with pinkage: The colors are all dark, I once bought a wig in what's supposed to be this color:
But in fact it's super dark brown, nearly black and only the ends are that bright.
(though it's fun to have dark hair once every now and then, my point was just a different one you know?)

Now they're producing lighter colors, you can see them in their cute new Tokyo Holiday line (not that crazy new :P)


I'm really loving Tokyo Holiday! All very gal useable! But I'm a bit sad they got rid of the boys' wigs category, I still had my eye on one of those. Well maybe g-market :P


maandag 11 april 2011

Nederland helpt Japan benefiet.

Slightly urgent post for my Dutch readers.

Aanstaande woensdag is er in de Amsterdam Arena een benefietwedstrijd voor de ramp in Japan.
De reclames op televisie kan je niet hebben gemist, maar er zijn nog kaarten.
Ik ga erheen, maar ik heb vernomen dat het stadion nog lang niet vol zit en dit stemt mij treurig..

Er is een avondvullend programma. Te beginnen met Dennis van der Geest die n beetje gaat dj-en van 5 tot 7, vanaf 7 uur begint het echte programma met verscheidenen artiesten en om 20:30 begint de wedstrijd Ajax - Shimizu s pulse.
Al houd je niet van Ajax, kom gewoon, doe het voor mij ;~;

Het is maar 5 euro, het geld gaat naar het rode kruis, voor Japan.

Kaartjes kan je kopen online, met creditcard of iDeal. Hier is de webpagina:

zondag 10 april 2011

Outfit on presentation day

The other day I had to do a little presentation for convo class.
Because the aim was just to show my skill in Japanese speech, the topic didn't need to be anything intellectually challenging. I picked Gyaru (not saying you can't write professional papers on this, this has been done a lot in recent years. might be feed for a post one day)
It was a lot of fun to do and I made a prezi slideshow with pics and videos.
I was really nervous, but I wrote the text and memorized it exactly, that helped a lot.
this is what I wore
I was SHAKING on those 12cm heels, but it actually went just fine, and I got a lot of compliments from my classmates.
(put more stuff on the hat)
I was really proud because in class I'm really silent, and now people were like "wow you can do it really well". Off course it's easy to talk about something you love so much. On top of that I've progressed a lot now that Hisashi and I regularly practice my convo.

This is what I wore outside, I brought the shoes with me.
I don't think they've ever seen me on heels that high in school, because I have to walk (fast) for 15 minutes between the station and university and back again.

Back of my hair, for once NOT hideous. (not great either).
(btw sorry for no face shot, because of the eye it's kinda tough to find a good balance with my makeup as long as it remains damaged and I can't wear lenses in there etc.)

Anyway, it was a great victory for me. I can feel much more confident in the language courses from now.

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Tokyo Fashion Girls, photo exhibition.

Something I found in a little culture magazine I get every now and then.
Danish Photographer Torben Raun, has made a bunch of photos of girls in Tokyo sporting big lenses and colorfull attire. With these he's entered the Danish press photo of the year competition.

We can go see these at photofestival Naarden (central place in the Netherlands) from May 21st to June 6th :D


donderdag 7 april 2011

Giveaway @ Woxje

My friend Rox opened a SUPER cute giveaway!
Go go check here!!
Deadline April 24th!

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Giveaway end + outfit

Well I notified the winners this morning :D
I got random numbers from
people that entered multiple times were only counted for the first entry :/
Sorry, if there was no way for me to verify you're a follower, I didn't count you in. Of course if you specified how you follow me (e.g. "I follow you through blog lovin'") I could count you in :)

Thanx everyone for participating in the giveaway :)
it was a lot of fun to do, and I'll be paging through the giveaway comments for the next couple days to find nice inspiring blogs :D

sorry for bad lighting, it was in the evening, had to go to a party.
I used the legging thingies here, see :D

vrijdag 1 april 2011

I love April Ageha~~

I don't usually do this, but Ageha last april BROUGHT BACK THE HIME to Ageha.
No doubt we can thank this to the recent trends in the super cutesy floralness everywhere (so mainly THANK YOU MA*RS, for making a trip to the sweet florals) AND the coming of more and more hime styled girls to Ageha.

Off course the girl that might have lead the tendency of more hime Agemo's is
Himena (here in GORGEOUS suji)

Gorgeous hime in the middle~
Another page full of hime!

Another point that I LOOOVE about april's Ageha is the sharp looks Sakurina currently displays.

Recently I was starting to feel like Sakurina has had her best years but, this issue she REALLY came back, and the red 2 tone is probebly responsible for this.
I'd kill for these Esperanza collab boots
Her makeup here looks SO much cuter and younger than how I've seen her lately, for this, I think her eyebrows are to blame, in this case, she drew them pretty low and seeing it here it makes me want to shave my eyebrows off and make them just like that! (but I won't.) It's SUPER cute