zondag 27 februari 2011

Iceskating meet: not iceskating

Today was the HYPER iceskating meet which did not feature actual iceskating.

So first, I had Rox and Josephine over at my house and it was coool. I missed them both and it was great to see them again.

I went for my MA*RS dress that I bought in 109 :D
Today my hair did NOT survive the rain, but here's a picture of when it was still fresh.

When we came to the icehall it turned out they were closed to public, even though we checked online beforehand.
We decided to go shopping instead~

Please await my post with the items that got my attention
I think it's a bit more urgent to post these because it's something seasonal, I will resume Japan posts again soon after that~

by the way have some of you watched the Tokyo Kawaii TV episode yet? :D it was really nice!! Please watch it u_u

vrijdag 25 februari 2011


Purple outfit the other day!
I think it's a bit too much on this last one but..
it's still an outfit ;P

the girls will come to my house this weekend for the meet next sunday yaaaaaaaaay ♥

dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Japan: Me2~!!!

Finally my post about the Me2~!!!
Sad thing is I didn't take a lot of pictures, I never do because I'm too shy to ask people to give me their face for a picture :/ in the end I always just take random sneaky shots, it really sucks ;~;
But I've got puris and I'll randomly mix them in the post~

January the 8th of this year was the day, finally we were going to meet a bunch of gals in Shibuya!
We were so excited and even though we intended to be early, we were looking for breakfast and got lost :O
I was very nervous already but all this loss of time made me more nervous D:
Luckilly when we arrived on location we could find the smiling face of Sara Mari!
I was soooo happy to meet her and she's sooo sweet ♥
She also introduced us to the surprise camera crew! Very exciting :D

We weren't alone for long because other girls soon popped up and joined our group!
We also met Shiena who is SO cute and her style is really sexy!!
After talking a bit to mr Camera, we went shoppingggg!

As some girls were looking around in TutuHa Rox and I got all WeeEEEeeEoPoPOpoPoNiIiiIiIij when we saw Himena!
I already kind of hoped she would be working but I bet she wouldn't, but she was! and first we just started talking to eachother in Dutch like "omg it's Himena, omg omg omg she's so cuuuute~~~" and when it became obvious we went to tell her how cute she was (I think she already knew) and asked for a picture but sadly we couldn't take a picture. Nonetheless we stood there trying to communicate a little more and she showed us her nails and she asked us if our hair was hairset, well off course it's not ;D and she complimented us on it. Whaaaaaaaaa it was so exciting~~~~~~~~ She's so cuteeee T^T

Anyway, ahem. And opposite to TutuHa was JSG where I noticed the v-neck Union Jack sweater that I loved but didn't buy D: and after that day I crossed half Japan to find it again and it was nowhere to be found :( it was very upsetting (Later I found the sweater I bought at Vence).

The group split up at some point and Rox and I went shopping at Golds and Ma*rs and before we knew it it was time to gather at the entrance already!! D:

One of the girls at Golds was reeeeaaally sweet, she studied in Canada and spoke English really well, in general the people at Golds were really cool, it was a young and fresh vibe at the shop, (well..it was time sale so that might've helped) in fact in all Golds shops I've been the staff was really friendly. People at Ma*rs were a bit less easy to talk to but maybe they were shy and worried we wouldn't be able to speak Japanese...but in the end they helped me when I wanted to see how something looked anyway.

We went back down to meet the group but the group increased significantly~!! A bunch of stuper stylish ladies from Germany came to join the group :D
and we could go to Eggnam to finally take puris~!!!
I haven't been able to take puris with everyone but with lots of nice people anyway!!! They're great to remember that day~!!
These were some puris we took with the wonderful Theresa and we told her we wanted to try to meet Boggy Peak cir in Germany oneday soon :D When we've discussed it with the group we'll contact her right away~!!!

After Purikura the camera crew suggested us to go for Karaoke on their expence well, who'd say no to that?! it was great fun and everyone was so friendly~!!
And we heard the cute Tricia Isabela sing
OMG girl's got the voice of an angel *o* we were really impressed.
the duet with her BF was super cool too, it's like they're professionals~!!

After all that Rox and I went for puris once more with Shiena and Sara Mari.
And Shiena took us around Shibuya for a bit more, it was so lovely to meet her really~
It was a lovely day but the packed days we had been having really made us really tired and the next day we would have to go back to Kyoto by bus :(

It was a great day, one of the best days I had this year so far and the best day of my trip to Japan by far!
It was fabulous to meet all of these gorgeous gals and I really hope I can meet everyone again oneday~!!!

Last is an outfit puri of Rox and myself we took right before the meet (before breakfast..we didn't have breakfast at all that day~)

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Japan: Ikebukuro

When we arrived in Tokyo, the first day we were really exhausted, I could make a post about it but it would be disappointing so I'll just add the memorable shots in the picturedump after posting everything chronologically.

So, the second day we went to Ikebukuro. Innitially we intended to meet Ashley there but she was busy and hadn't read my message so in the end we just went about with the two of us!

For sunshine! Which actually means sunshine city, a shoppingmall that isn't half bad, in there we met
Totoro! YAAAAAY cute!

Ikebukuro is also the place I bought my Glamorous Jane luckybag :D It was in Parco there, the girl in the shop seemed to like us and she was happy that I eventually decided to buy it XD That was so sweet~!!

I have good memories of Ikebukuro also from my previous visit to Japan, when I stayed in Ikebukuro at the time, it was a lot different in winter than in summer but still very much the same

Also on my hair that day!
I tried to reproduce the faux hawk from the previous post and it was kinda tough and as it was more intentional this time it came out a bit too fancy. As you can see it's more glamorous and elaborate, but that wasn't really what I was going for.
On top of that my eyes are kinda big in these puris, a bit on the edge.

That night we went to Shibuya to meet my friend Ken after a loooong time. I was so happy to see him again :D but somehow I kind of blacked out that night and I didn't say a lot.

Sorry this wasn't really a fruitfull post..
But the next post will be about the Me2~~~~~~ <3

woensdag 16 februari 2011

Japan: Kinkakuji

Post about our visit to the Kinkakuji.
I would've liked to do this with access to my other photos but I want to keep it chronological so it's my own fault being so stubborn that again I'll make a post based on the pics on my facebook.
I also stole some of Rox's facebook~

The typical image of Kinkakuji.
The actual name is Rokuonji, but because of it's marking golden pavilion it's known as Kinkakuji.
it's reflection in the water

After we tried to go back to the subway station by bus, we found out we could just go to shijou for the same fare and so we did and I think that was the day we ate at kappa sushi..was it?

I love this mad pic I stole from Rox XD I'm like ARRRR FOOD
I'm like that all the time~ it's me at my best~

anyway kappa sushi is really cheap kaitenzushi with little trains that come and bring your food if you ordered it.
yum ♥

In fact my outfit that day was nothing to be mentioned but my hair came out really well by accident that day :O
The time we went to Avanti and I bought straight extentions at Dime, Rox told me about the shopstaff's hair, it was a faux mohawk and it was reeeally sexy, and somehow it came out super well on me, we tried to make it on Rox but sadly it was really just a streak of luck it came out so well on me :( it was a bit sad.
But it was a cool day, the sushi was great and we were really happy to finally find the temple and we had a pretty cool night at the dohokan too for most of the time :D
I really miss the time there and I just miss having Rox around me actually XD
I miss you bb ;~;


I recently lost my schedule for posts but I think that..
Next post = TOKYO so stay tuned ♥

maandag 14 februari 2011

Gyaru meeting Amsterdam

Dear gals,
I want to post this here once.
We now have ALMOST all of hyper gathered in this meet, sadly our lovely Jessica can't come :(
But I really hoped to see some more visitors so anyone that wants to give it a try here in Holland~!!
click the pic for more info :D

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Japan: The shoes

Remember the shoes from my last post?
well like I said, they're Ma*rs ripoffs from the last season, displayed here:

I couldn't fit because I have a eu size 40 so I've been checking around the internet and found something very similar at Shoesone
(this is the version with a lower heel, but black also comes with the 14 cm heel)
They don't come in pink, just these colors (BUT check the fabulous purple, that's even better!!), yet still not my size, and I'd also have to think twice about the fur on them, but I know there was a lot of interest in these shoes on my FB and so I've devoted this post just to spam them XD

find them at Shoesone here
or at Ebay (price is higher) here

Please forgive me for supporting the copyers here. But I think it's about obtainability.
I'm not much of a fake buyer (except fake fur, of course), but I feel it's a bit justified in our situation here.

dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Japan: Kyoto, AvantiXFismy.

This post is about the day we went to Avanti.
It's a mall in Kyoto behind the JR station, Yumi told us about it and so we decided to go look for it.


Trying to find resources it seems Avanti is on bf1 to 2nd floor, 3rd to 6th floor is Fismy but I think Fismy is owner of Avanti? I'm not sure, so sorry for my lack of expertise. All in all the building sais AVANTI but officialy I think we're going to actually focus on Fismy, floor-wize it has the most interesting shops.

This mall is a great, easy accesible (socially) place where you'll find a hand full of our 109 brands (like Lizlisa, Tralala, Cocolulu, Lip service, Shake Shake, Moussy and Spiral Girl) and a lot more gal brands that don't have such a big name, but a great look.
The building's getup is not as charming as 109, Opa or Parco, instead the layout looks a bit aged, but you're going there for the shops' content and not the architecture of the mall.

On what I think was the second floor there was a big open spot of which the destination might be constantly changing. When we visited this place was the home of a big Tralala sale shop with sales lined up according to price and a lot of lucky bags lined up.
Here's their cute shopstaff.
I bought my Tralala black and pink OP there.

A few floors up was the actual Tralala store where Rox bought the cutest earrings
another shopstaff lady
on the pics the colors don't come out best but, the Tralala shopstaff are ADORABLE with their little stickers on their face and adorable curls.
Really cute!

On the 5th floor was a big shoestore, Nustep outlet.

Which is where I bought my lilac engineer boots.
But really I just broke my heart over these
they were in great sale but I didn't fit ;~;
They're Ma*rs ripoffs from last season and I will be making a separate post about this REALLY soon, please look foreward to it.

All in all I've bought wayy too much on that day, 3 OP's and these extentions and boots
Cuz Rox tought me how to get my hair really straight, I bought these straight extentions, but I still gotto learn how to blend them with my still slightly poofy thick hair, so sorry for pics where it doesn't blend well~

Find fismy here. Currently Avanti's homepage will redirect you there too.


After shopping we had bear donuts at mr Donut!
Look at those cute bears!!

Next post: The Shoes~!! Please let me have this scoop please please please T^T

zaterdag 5 februari 2011


to break the Japan posts, here's an outfit post!
Inspired by this Sakurina oufit:
Usually I'm not too interested in the toned-down, mature looks. However, when Sakurina does it, her gorgeous makeup and cute face completely make up for the lack of anything else. So I gave it a try.
It works out a lot different on me I think but one thing is sure; it pulls the attention to the makeup, and that can only be good~

donderdag 3 februari 2011

Japan: Newyears!

Today is Chinese new year and that's why it's such a great moment to post about our new years adventure
(no, that's just lucky~)

The 31st of december last year it started snowing in Kyoto!
And Rox and I stayed in to make these dutch traditional cake things for new year (you will soon find out I'm ALWAYS too late taking pictures of food :/)

Rox' friends were going to try find a temple to ring bells at! So we decided to join~
We found one in Teramachi just in time for midnight! people were lining up and after we rang the bell we got a really nice hot drink I have no idea what it was but I bet rice was in.

That night, club entry fees were a bit high, and since we came in so late we didn't feel like paying that and instead we ended up in a cute little club called club Ghost. Where entrance was free and most drinks 500yen.
However for Rox and myself drinks were free cuz we're so charming XD
we didn't want to make the hair and make too extravagant because we decided to go see the temple the next day and it would be a long day...

We stayed all night, had so much fun~ talked to nice people and weird people but it was all good.
we came out the next morning on 1-1-'11!
Now, Rox and I had decided to visit the Fushimi Inari Taisha.
and there it was

the charm of this shrine is the many red torii lined up
and even more
to no end
don't look back!
The walk up the hill to the top was incredibly long and we were exhausted, every time we encountered a new stairway we were wondering whether it was right to go up or we should just return..
but we went to the top!!
and we rang the bell and wished good luck for the new year~
and on our way down we got lost in the woods
(not joking)
and we came out in a residential area 20 minutes away from the shrine and our feet were soooo dead.
but I wanted to get an apple at a stand in the temple :/
I got it

And we decided to go to Donki after that but we were so dead..we did it anyway but not much shopping spirit left, dead feet reigned that day *_*
we went to home and straight to bed and I stayed in bed for almost 24 hours
but it was a great adventure!