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My gal history:2011

So it's the last day of 2011 and the day the My gal history series will be concluded.
I'll look back on my life in relation to gal style this year. I'll illustrate this with pictures of the highlights in my 2011 and I'll peek into 2012 and my expectations and plans for that year.
I'll line up all of my gal improvement memes (Lizzie's great idea) since 2007 so you can take a good look at my improvements since I got started in gal style.

So, Previous issues:

This is how my year started:
With Rox in Kyoto.
I had the BEST start of 2011 and I'm sure that will never be beat. It was the best January of my life ever (Because I generally hate Januaries)
I spent all my time with my best friend, we were in Japan so it felt like we could take part in gal culture and dressing up felt so much more fullfilling.
I also bought a LOT of stuff that boosted my wardrobe throughout 2011.

In January we met a lot of sweet gals from all over the world in the international meet in Tokyo and it was the second time I got in touch with Japanese media for a bit :) it was interesting!

In March the big disaster in Japan really shook the world. All in all this was a very very interesting news year with a lot of crisis in Europe and with the revolutions in the middle east going on, it's certainly a year full of events!

In May I won Best Hair Styles and Best Use of Hair Accessories in the GGA. I personally was very proud and if the GGA will be held again I'll do everything to defend my titles XD
But May ended with a bang as on our way to a meeting in Dusseldorf that month, Rox, Josephine, Jessica and myself got in a car accident. Rox' cute car Truus sadly didn't make it but the rest of us were relatively fine~

After May my holidays started and whenever I have long holidays I basicly become a numb and uninterested bitch to be honest. When I don't have stuff to do I become very very lazy and inconsidderate.
Since June I just lost my aim in gal style. What do I want to look like? Why do I want to look like that? I was starting to notice Agejo style was getting too over-the-top for me and the more common gal style was too plain.

But in July I got my first sponsor :D Pinkyparadise. I was recently contacted for sponsorship from an alternate sponsor but I'm still waiting for the goods to arrive, I might want to email them about it~

I also made my first (and yet only XD ) hairtutorial and started The Gyaru Challenge, the idea Rox started on her blog. I thought it would help me find myself again in gal style but to be honest it really cut in my confidence and took away my pleasure in gal style rather than boost it.

Then there was the second-Dutch-International meet in Amsterdam, which was a lot of fun. I love international meets because I like meeting new people and Dutch people are a bit dry so it can be nice to be surrounded with more visibly enthousiastic people..

In August was the Gyaru fashionshow and style lecture at Abunai-con! That was a lot of fun and it helped our circle to bond. HYPER also expanded greatly in 2011 with many new members :)

In september I still had the best intentions bringing this blog back to life but to be honest from september up to now I've been hanging out with what we call 'the man with the hammer' (you could take this in very funny :D). I've been very very busy with univerity and I've not at all been well, maybe I've been slightly overworked. It's acknowledged by the faculty board that we have too much to do, so that is some support as to why it's been so tough, and I don't need to be ashamed of my incapability anymore.
Since Christmas I've been getting better and better and when I get the chance to hang out with my friends, like last wednesday, I feel great and confident. So I'm gonna be fine :)

I hope I'll be able to make it through the last semester of my Bachelor in 2012 and I hope I'll be admitted to the 2-year master programme that should enable me to study in Japan for a year in 2013/14.

Style-wize I hope I can just feel comfortable with whatever I like and not care too much about what's 'in', because that's what's been breaking my heart this year as I simply don't care AT ALL about the styles that are in now..
I still want to improve even though I'm not sure what I can do to improve, I think I need to be more neat and precise with my hair, makeup and accesories and I want to become all angles~
I intend to only wear comfortable clothes and this might mean I'll sell some stuff eventually but I'm not sure yet.
I also hope to lose some weight as I've put on a lot recently.

For this blog I hope I'll just have more time and a more interesting life to blog about, but if I can't, I just can't..I hope you won't mind..

I generally just want to have FUN and see more of Rox :)

Now for the complete Gyaru Improvement Meme. Graphics and idea by Lizzie






I wish you all a very happy New Year! I hope you'll have nice celebrations and I hope to see you all in 2012!
Be carefull with fireworks if you're lighting any!

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