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My gal history:2010

I wanted to wish you a merry christmas but I've been really busy with christmas stuff and I realized if I wanna end this series before the year's end, I better get on with it!

So, Previous issues:

Today's pictures are my favourites from 2010-04 issue of Ageha, I'm sure most of you or a lot of you anyway, will have seen them and they're from VVSHU.
Style-wise I feel like in 2010 Agejo/Hime style split off to become more and more over the top while general gal fashion went in another direction. We don't see half as much big puffy hairstyles in the magazines as we did in 2009 and untill today I feel like the really extreme hairstyles became exclusive to hime style and some of the girls that like D.I.A.


in 2010 we started with a big meetup in the Netherlands that was a collaboration of Shebooya cir and our cir HYPER. It was the beginning of a very active year in gal style.
I dropped most of my interest in other fashion styles like Lolita and more mainstream fashion. I would wear gal for every special occasion and whatever I bought, it would be gal inspired.


I started this blog because..well mostly because everyone was doing it to be honest~ but I also wanted to have all my gal related pics and posts saved on one spot and not scattered around the web on various forums and communities, and I was sick of seeing something cute I wasn't able to buy. Now I can take a picture and share it with you guys and who knows, someone else might buy it. I still like those posts most even though I've been slacking updates lately and my phone isn't functioning properly so I can't get my photos off my phone anymore :(


In 2010 I finished my first year of univerity quite well and Rox applied for a year abroad in Japan. We met up a lot in 2010. She helped me out of a little sad period and together we could get excited for her year abroad.

In summer was the first 'international meet' in Holland. Even though Monica was the only international gyaru present, it was something special and I think we reached the biggest number of meeting participants in Holland up to then.


When Rox left for Japan, HYPER lost a lot of it's power. Rox is the most active one among us and even though I did feel responsible for keeping us active, I was busy and I just don't have the same kind of drive as Rox does, to hunt down all the members in order to meet up. She's really the glue that sticks us all together~ I would be totally lost in gal world without Rox I think.


One thing I did manage by myself in 2010 is to visit Tsukicon in Finland to see Yumachi and Aina and meet a lot of gals! On any next occasion I would much prefer to go with my friends, like Rox. Nonetheless it was a lot of fun and a GREAT motivation to meet the sweet gals from Finland (Everyone was so nice to me!!!!) It was also a special twist that Egg magazine and Fuji TV were there and took an interest in us. It makes you feel like you're part of a big community and it does breed a sense of together-ness.

Lizzie's great innitiative: The Gyaru Improvement Meme.

I had some short short short jobs in summer to save some money for visiting Rox in winter. But most of that trip took place in 2011 so I'll focus on that in the next post in a couple of days.

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