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My gal history:2008

Previous issue:
Gal style had changed a with Haaady style since 2007, but in 2008 was the real breakthrough of Agejo style and gal style changed rather drasticly, in my opinion.
Today's post will reflect how Agejo style has shaped me and it's a bit of an emic point of view but I feel like in 2008 Ageha and it's style was responsible for many changes that make gal style what it is today. But like I said, it's easy for me to say, as a big Ageha-fan ^^;; I'm aware of my own opinion mixing here but thenagain it's my own blog, and not a resource reflecting the history of gal style and visual symbols objectively :P

Also, today's pictures, even though they are from the first issue of Ageha I ever owned, the scans are actually from

We shouldn't forget the way Haaady style moved on and made way for brands like JSG and Galaxxy, with a funky, slightly 80's inspired look that I think evolved into what we saw later in W♥C 's house style and stuff. I wasn't personally too interested that style in 2008 and I think it was popular as part of a global trend around the whole New Rave hype that was going on.
But I think in Japan aswell as the west Ageha and Agemo were getting more attention than ever in 2008. Eyes became more dolly, hair became the biggest yet and the keyword for 2008 was erokawa.
As you know, september is my birthday and in september 2008 my friend Suuz gave me money with a note that said 'to buy Koakuma Ageha online'. 2008 was also the year that magazines and magazine scans were increasingly available online, but to have a copy of Ageha for real was a huge motivation for me to improve my style.

Even though Ageha promoted a cute and sexy style, there used to be some more mature elements that I think have been lost in the typical agejo style as we know it today.
To my personal opinion that's a great loss. Nowadays it's mainly fluffy and cute. Blazers have been exchanged for oversized cardigans and pointy pumps made way for fluffy hime-shoes or mary-janes. Like in Lolita fashion everything is overloaded with sugary sweet prints or lacy details. Same goes for hime-style where a previously elegant silhouette moved to a high-waist/flared skirt kind of shape, remniscant of classic-lolita style.
I still think it's very cute and I feel drawn to the style, but I can't devote to it 100% anymore.

In 2008 I started loving houndstooth prints as they were in style that year. Along with two-piece sets that looked like professional wear but were just a little too sexy. This kind of stuff allowed me to practice a more classic style but still as tacky and girly as gal fashion usually is.
It's these kind of styles that I'm still nostalgic to :)

And I started putting an increasing amount of effort into hairstyling.
All the suji-styled, perfectly arranged puffy hairstyles started coming into style and I was lucky that my grandma still had an old Carmen roller set sitting around :)
Ayurina became one of my idols because of this picture. She's got the doll-like, thickly lined eyes of Sakurina but with a much softer kind of glow on her that I really favour.
Nowadays eyelashes are the most eyecatching (lol) thing in gal make-up, but in 2008 thick eyeliner hit in and I started doing tare-me, but on me it was awfully awkward without lenses to fill up the eye~
I did buy my first lenses in fall 2008 (back then it went through group orders from a Korean site, not directly from a store) but you can't really see them on the meme, you'll see on 2009 pictures though
(I'd kill for these lenses btw, look at that's kind of mint :D)

Another thing I see related to the popularity of Ageha in 2008, is that having a pale skin became part of the gyaru aesthetic. I remember that in the western community it was previously frowned upon if you didn't put any effort into tanning. Nowadays that doesn't seem to be even the least bit of an issue anymore I think.
I gotto show you this picture cuz I LOVE this hair and romantic rock-style, and I'm not even really an X-Japan fan.
Sorry about the watermark right in the middle :/ If anyone wants to use this picture for anything, like a layout or something, you can let me know, I'll scan the original for you~
I tried to mimic this kind of look once btw, in 2010 I think.

So here's the gyaru improvement meme for 2008. Yet again, the innitiative and the meme base came from Lizzie :)
I've overemphasized the influence of Ageha in this post because really I just slowly moved to the dark side in the fall as I started out the year just the way 2007 was to me. In the end of the year I turned to Ageha in the extreme but as that's the base of how I live gal style nowadays, it deserves the attention :P
On the other side of that intense Ageha watching was that I went to dye my hair like Sakurina's..but it turned out ginger-y on me, and dark red at the roots... like you can see in december of the meme.
To me the change of haircolor was a bit unlucky, I felt like nothing in my closet matched anymore because my wardrobe was carefully assembled around my blonde hair.
I've been a redhead before though, from when I was 11 to when I was about 14 I dyed my hair in many different shades of red, but back then it was more succesfull..
Anyway, this was resolved in 2009, you'll see in a couple of days when I make a post about 2009, the year I started to climb to the level of gal I'm at today :)

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