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My gal history:2006/7

Now that I've submitted all papers for this semester, I've got a little more time left to write entries here :D So I'll start today

Today's post is one of a small series I hope to finish before the year's end.
It's mainly about my personal history with gal style. Including the gal improvement meme Lizzie created.
It'll also reflect my perception of the western gyaru scene in different times.
It's gonna be a lot of text, so if you're not interested in the text just scroll down to the pictures :)

Today I'll explain about how I got into gal style, what the scene was like at the time and I'll attach the Gal improvement meme (2007) that Lizzie created and I filled out today.
Today's post will be the longest as it'll show the origin of my interest and it takes some more background.

I might have to disclose some more personal details to avoid confusion sometimes. Especially today I think it'll show the most 'shocking' part of my life story. I hope that you'll handle everything I say about my personal life with respect. I also hope you'll accept that I write some more personal stuff here. The previous reader-survey showed that most of you want to see more personal posts so I'll start here.
Of course I won't start whining about anything that crosses my path or anything. Just a few crucial points in my life if they're essential to the story.

I was someone that took a lot of interest in Japanese street fashion since I was about 13, so I'd seen pictures of gal style and did some research on it before, but it wasn't untill 2006 that I really started getting interested.

It's because in 2006 I went to Japan for the first time. I was 15 at the time and it was a gift from my father as a reward for my good grades in school.
Actually he hated spoiling me with an expensive gift like that and he planned to do it for my graduation instead. But my father was terminally ill and he knew he might not make it to my graduation, so to give me this gift personally and see me enjoy it, he booked me and my mother a trip to Japan in 2006.

My interest was innitially sparked by my attraction to gyaru-o boys XD. (Also to be clear, I don't think they're really my type anymore.) Since I arrived I kept noticing Men's egg in the conbini, and all those models on the cover gazing into the camera... At some point in a quiet kiosk somewhere in Tokyo I bought Egg and Men's egg and started exploring gal style. But my interest in lolita was still dominant during my time in Japan in 2006, so I didn't exactly go to Shibuya to take part in the scene. Though I did start teasing my hair and tried to create volume on top. I made a lot of drawings inspired by gal style and I took a special obsession in marine themed looks.

As I was back home in Amsterdam, I explored gal style through Ricoche.
Back in those days we didn't have monthly magazine scans, only once in a while someone scanned some pages and there weren't quite as many personal blogs and shop blogs online so it was a lot of improvising~

As you can see in the magazine scans (I made in 2006) gal style back then was a lot more wild, less perfectly arranged~ The style reminds me more of today's D.I.A. and Onii style. It wasn't untill 2007 that I feel a multiplicity of media constructed styles started being part of the gal spectrum, starting off with Haaady style.
Also, today's egg seniors like Kanako and Romihi were still quite young back then, I was especially fond of Kanako for having this sexy figure, not as stick-like as the other models..we sure can't say that of her anymore now.
Back then it was Natsumi Yoshida, Rumiringo, Yumikitty and Maiko Sano that were kind of the Egg-seniors. Kaoru Watanabe was popular with her creative style too~

I personally felt most drawn to manba and hime style as they were really the most clear to me and in 2007 I started joining LJ communities like Himegyaru and the former Manba_room. I slowly started posting in the communities. It was scary to me but back then the style wasn't as demanding as it is now. Nowadays we have so many resources and sources to see what's in style and to purchase items from Japanese brands or brands resembling those, buy lashes, lenses, cosmetics made for gals and extensions all over the place.
In 2007 we didn't have any of that. And the use of circle lenses and false lashes (except in manba style obviously) wasn't as prominent either. Even in Japan itself the lenses didn't have that much enlargement to my opinion, and many girls just put a lot of mascara instead of using false lashes~

Even though my manba look lacked a lot, I also got a lot of compliments and constructive criticism in Manba_room and it's basicly because of my relative succes in manba style that I kind of kept on doing it and eventually stayed in gal style till today.

My own gyaru improvement meme over 2007. Credit to Lizzie for the meme-base, I gave it some color to suit me~
graphics by mysticthorn.blogspot.com
To be honest the first is actually from 2006. Also that one is heavilly distorted in the template cuz I was a lot fatter than I look on the picture~
At the time the emphasis for me was on the clothes in most cases, so this meme doesn't show a lot of improvement but in 2008 it's starting to come, and in 2009 is the most drastic improvement so please keep checking back, I intend to make the next post in a couple of days :)

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