zaterdag 31 december 2011

My gal history:2011

So it's the last day of 2011 and the day the My gal history series will be concluded.
I'll look back on my life in relation to gal style this year. I'll illustrate this with pictures of the highlights in my 2011 and I'll peek into 2012 and my expectations and plans for that year.
I'll line up all of my gal improvement memes (Lizzie's great idea) since 2007 so you can take a good look at my improvements since I got started in gal style.

So, Previous issues:

This is how my year started:
With Rox in Kyoto.
I had the BEST start of 2011 and I'm sure that will never be beat. It was the best January of my life ever (Because I generally hate Januaries)
I spent all my time with my best friend, we were in Japan so it felt like we could take part in gal culture and dressing up felt so much more fullfilling.
I also bought a LOT of stuff that boosted my wardrobe throughout 2011.

In January we met a lot of sweet gals from all over the world in the international meet in Tokyo and it was the second time I got in touch with Japanese media for a bit :) it was interesting!

In March the big disaster in Japan really shook the world. All in all this was a very very interesting news year with a lot of crisis in Europe and with the revolutions in the middle east going on, it's certainly a year full of events!

In May I won Best Hair Styles and Best Use of Hair Accessories in the GGA. I personally was very proud and if the GGA will be held again I'll do everything to defend my titles XD
But May ended with a bang as on our way to a meeting in Dusseldorf that month, Rox, Josephine, Jessica and myself got in a car accident. Rox' cute car Truus sadly didn't make it but the rest of us were relatively fine~

After May my holidays started and whenever I have long holidays I basicly become a numb and uninterested bitch to be honest. When I don't have stuff to do I become very very lazy and inconsidderate.
Since June I just lost my aim in gal style. What do I want to look like? Why do I want to look like that? I was starting to notice Agejo style was getting too over-the-top for me and the more common gal style was too plain.

But in July I got my first sponsor :D Pinkyparadise. I was recently contacted for sponsorship from an alternate sponsor but I'm still waiting for the goods to arrive, I might want to email them about it~

I also made my first (and yet only XD ) hairtutorial and started The Gyaru Challenge, the idea Rox started on her blog. I thought it would help me find myself again in gal style but to be honest it really cut in my confidence and took away my pleasure in gal style rather than boost it.

Then there was the second-Dutch-International meet in Amsterdam, which was a lot of fun. I love international meets because I like meeting new people and Dutch people are a bit dry so it can be nice to be surrounded with more visibly enthousiastic people..

In August was the Gyaru fashionshow and style lecture at Abunai-con! That was a lot of fun and it helped our circle to bond. HYPER also expanded greatly in 2011 with many new members :)

In september I still had the best intentions bringing this blog back to life but to be honest from september up to now I've been hanging out with what we call 'the man with the hammer' (you could take this in very funny :D). I've been very very busy with univerity and I've not at all been well, maybe I've been slightly overworked. It's acknowledged by the faculty board that we have too much to do, so that is some support as to why it's been so tough, and I don't need to be ashamed of my incapability anymore.
Since Christmas I've been getting better and better and when I get the chance to hang out with my friends, like last wednesday, I feel great and confident. So I'm gonna be fine :)

I hope I'll be able to make it through the last semester of my Bachelor in 2012 and I hope I'll be admitted to the 2-year master programme that should enable me to study in Japan for a year in 2013/14.

Style-wize I hope I can just feel comfortable with whatever I like and not care too much about what's 'in', because that's what's been breaking my heart this year as I simply don't care AT ALL about the styles that are in now..
I still want to improve even though I'm not sure what I can do to improve, I think I need to be more neat and precise with my hair, makeup and accesories and I want to become all angles~
I intend to only wear comfortable clothes and this might mean I'll sell some stuff eventually but I'm not sure yet.
I also hope to lose some weight as I've put on a lot recently.

For this blog I hope I'll just have more time and a more interesting life to blog about, but if I can't, I just can't..I hope you won't mind..

I generally just want to have FUN and see more of Rox :)

Now for the complete Gyaru Improvement Meme. Graphics and idea by Lizzie






I wish you all a very happy New Year! I hope you'll have nice celebrations and I hope to see you all in 2012!
Be carefull with fireworks if you're lighting any!

vrijdag 30 december 2011

Christmas gifts, gets, what's in shops and an outfit!

I could've made 3 posts out of this one but I don't like taking Christmas posts into next year so I'm putting it all in one post.
Christmas day we had dinner in my granny's house. My mom decorated my gran's house, we did everything slowly in a more relaxed manner and that's really what I needed. No hectic Christmas~
I'll start with the outfit!



Jacket: Liz Lisa
Dress: Jesus Diamante
Boots: Cafe Moda
Tiara: Gift from Jerney
Necklace: Gift from Josephine
Other hair accesories: Customized

On boxing day we swapped gifts!

I got 2 pairs of shoes(Steve Madden and Adidas) from my mom and my old curler (well a new one but the model I had before but broke, it's from Vidal Sassoon and I really recommend this one). My aunt gave me a cute dishwashing brush and little towel thingy.
I'm very content with all these things, they're what I wanted/needed and some were total surprises, but really good ones ♥

Stuff I got myself:
Pajamas: Primark
Boots: Cafe Moda
Bra: NewYorker

And there's a LOT of nice stuff in stores at the moment but for the Dutch people here's a recommend item I REALLY hope someone will get!
I'm too broke and I want too many things but otherwize I would've gotten one:
It's all 13 euros from the shop Bristol..especially the last one is cute, you just gotto accessorize it~

Anyway guys. There's some nice outfits waiting for you but tomorrow I intend to finish the Gal history series, look back on 2011 and look into the future a little~
I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

donderdag 29 december 2011

My gal history:2010

I wanted to wish you a merry christmas but I've been really busy with christmas stuff and I realized if I wanna end this series before the year's end, I better get on with it!

So, Previous issues:

Today's pictures are my favourites from 2010-04 issue of Ageha, I'm sure most of you or a lot of you anyway, will have seen them and they're from VVSHU.
Style-wise I feel like in 2010 Agejo/Hime style split off to become more and more over the top while general gal fashion went in another direction. We don't see half as much big puffy hairstyles in the magazines as we did in 2009 and untill today I feel like the really extreme hairstyles became exclusive to hime style and some of the girls that like D.I.A.


in 2010 we started with a big meetup in the Netherlands that was a collaboration of Shebooya cir and our cir HYPER. It was the beginning of a very active year in gal style.
I dropped most of my interest in other fashion styles like Lolita and more mainstream fashion. I would wear gal for every special occasion and whatever I bought, it would be gal inspired.


I started this blog because..well mostly because everyone was doing it to be honest~ but I also wanted to have all my gal related pics and posts saved on one spot and not scattered around the web on various forums and communities, and I was sick of seeing something cute I wasn't able to buy. Now I can take a picture and share it with you guys and who knows, someone else might buy it. I still like those posts most even though I've been slacking updates lately and my phone isn't functioning properly so I can't get my photos off my phone anymore :(


In 2010 I finished my first year of univerity quite well and Rox applied for a year abroad in Japan. We met up a lot in 2010. She helped me out of a little sad period and together we could get excited for her year abroad.

In summer was the first 'international meet' in Holland. Even though Monica was the only international gyaru present, it was something special and I think we reached the biggest number of meeting participants in Holland up to then.


When Rox left for Japan, HYPER lost a lot of it's power. Rox is the most active one among us and even though I did feel responsible for keeping us active, I was busy and I just don't have the same kind of drive as Rox does, to hunt down all the members in order to meet up. She's really the glue that sticks us all together~ I would be totally lost in gal world without Rox I think.


One thing I did manage by myself in 2010 is to visit Tsukicon in Finland to see Yumachi and Aina and meet a lot of gals! On any next occasion I would much prefer to go with my friends, like Rox. Nonetheless it was a lot of fun and a GREAT motivation to meet the sweet gals from Finland (Everyone was so nice to me!!!!) It was also a special twist that Egg magazine and Fuji TV were there and took an interest in us. It makes you feel like you're part of a big community and it does breed a sense of together-ness.

Lizzie's great innitiative: The Gyaru Improvement Meme.

I had some short short short jobs in summer to save some money for visiting Rox in winter. But most of that trip took place in 2011 so I'll focus on that in the next post in a couple of days.

woensdag 21 december 2011

My gal history:2009

Previous issues:

So 2009 is an interesting year, lots of stuff came to pass that really made me feel more comfortable in gal style. I have great memories of that year :)
Because I think an increasing amount of the people will be farmiliar with 2009's gal style I won't be concentrating on that but rather on my own developments in that year. The pictures are scans from Betty and Hime-style 2009. These mags are a little less commonly uploaded (I wouldn't dare say there are no scans online of these issues but maybe...) so they might be interesting to some of you :)


2009 was the year my hard work was starting to pay off. I got especially much confindence after I won a theme-contest on everyday_gyaru which back then had monthly themes (that was a real post pusher for me, I really like themes).
The contest was to design a magazine cover with your face on it, I don't think I would participate in that kind of theme if it would come by now, because it would make me feel awkward but...such is the boldness of young age. So I participated, and surprisingly, I won :D I was really proud and that really inspired me to keep putting effort! the picture I used is visible in the march slot of the improvement meme.


2009 is also the year I started looking for a gyaru-social environment. I was slightly farmilliar with some gals in the ParaPara subculture in the Netherlands but the problem is I didn't feel comfortable in ParaPara at all.
My prime motivation was to meet new people but in the end it were the people I already knew through my participation in Lolita culture, that joined in on the first Dutch Himegyaru meeting.
That meeting initially created the dutch Hime forum, evolving into the dutch gyaru forum. AND it was our motivation for starting our circle HYPER to enforce more gyaru themed events :) Even though the circle didn't really come into existence untill october that year, I daresay the foundation was layed in March.


In the end of the school year (2009 was my last year of highschool) I caught pfeiffer's disease (also known as mono), which made me have all kind of minor illnesses like influenza and throat inflamation for little over a month. It also took away all my apetite and I lost almost 10 kilos (talking about an easy way to lose weight *_*).
Even though I wasn't in a condition to study hard I passed all my exams quite well and I put all my graduation money together, my mom doubled it and I could go to Japan for the second time! This time was with my kind of boyfriend at the time, he's a medical student from Fukuoka and we traveled around Japan together. We're still good friends but for both of us a long-distance relationship wasn't ideal.


I had the chance to really get mixed into gal culture, I fell in love with Glamorous Jane and I bought prisila extentions that really finished my look. The 2009 Japan trip kind of doubled my experience with gal style and it made me more and more enthousiastic!
It was also the year I started working on my eyebrows, first by coloring them with eyebrow mascara and later in the year I started shaping them with a tiny shaver.


Lizzie's great innitiative: The Gyaru Improvement Meme.

In my opinion 2009 was the best year for me, I felt great in gal style, I started my current study: Japanstudies at Leiden university. I still had the aim to improve but I did feel appreciated by the international community. I got a lot closer with my Gals from HYPER and I was generally just very happy.


You'll see in the next post that from 2010 onwards I got more and more anxious of 'degeneration' and the uncomplicated nature of my interest disappeared. It was also because my favourite style(Agejo style) became less and less popular since it's peak in 2008/9, that I started feeling slightly alienated with gal style...
NONETHELESS, this will be resolved! It's not like we're slipping into a depressing phase of fighting with nostalgia. Please look forward to the next post about 2010: deepening my friendship with Rox and meeting the international community :D

dinsdag 20 december 2011

'Kaarsjesnacht' in Gouda

YES! Admit it, you were thinking about cheese when you read the title.
Well you're right, Gouda cheese is named after a place in the Netherlands where it's supposed to be made (but actually I don't think all the Gouda in the world is made in Gouda at all).
'Kaarsjesnacht' means (little)candle-night and it's called that way because in the city hall of Gouda, only candles will be lit that night. But nowadays, just that wouldn't be enough, so the whole town was a bustle of different kinds of activities entertaining the many visitors in town.
The main event was the mayor's speech at 19:00 and the lighting of the lights in the Christmas tree in front of the city hall.

This tree was in fact a gift from Gouda's sister-city in Norway, so many of the events that night included a Norwegian component to express gratitude to the generous giver. Like folk dancing in a Dutch and Norwegian style with traditional costumes of both nations (or rather: both localities, of Gouda and it's sister-town I suppose). A Drum-band in a Norwegian getup with a Norwegian flag etc.

It was the day after my conversation exam and my outfit was simple and warm:
Hat: shop in Kyoto
Coat: NewYorker
Sweater: Vence
Shawl: H&M
Pants: Market
Shoes: Primark

We went to Gouda by train and intended to eat something there, but the city was full of people and it was hard to find a place at a restaurant to grab a bite. Nonetheless we managed to get a great meal at a Greek restaurant.
This was how the square looked before we went for dinner:

But when we came out of the restaurant at about 19:20, this is how the square looked:

All the people with houses on the square dimmed their light down to a row of candles in front of their windows:

There was carolling and the mayor held his speech. Which BTW wasn't a very nice speech O_o
But when my toes were frozen and the clock struck 20:00, finally the lights on the Christmas tree went on :)

it was very cute, and after admiring the view, watching several big-bands and eating traditional donut-like cakes, we left Gouda and went back to Amsterdam.

I'll be honest with you, Gouda's tree is much nicer than that of Amsterdam. Ours has cold blue-ish LED-lights that look downright cheap~
Anyway it was a nice break from the exams for me, but I must be getting on :)

zondag 18 december 2011

Happy holidays giveaway :) - FINISHED

Here it finally is! Even though I planned to hold this giveaway in September, university interfered *_*
But now that the holiday season is kicking in, it's time for me to give you some presents in this giveaway :)

These items are a random collection of cute items without any coherent purpose.

Cute and vivid items:
1. Make-up pouch.
2. Tissue cover.
3. Puffy stickers.
4. Icecream keyring.

Accessories in modest tones:
5. Sequin bow hair accessory.
6. Rhinstone embelished bow charm necklace.
7. Nail stickers with Swarovski crystals (Rubber based).
8. Nail stickers with pearly hearts (Rubber based).

The deadline is January 2nd 00:00(GTM+1).
This means I will stop accepting entries later than 1-1-2012 23:59 (11:59 PM).

Rules for entry:
1.You must be a follower, so if you're not a follower yet, please subscribe ♥
2.Please leave ONE comment with your name and A VALID e-mail adress ♥
3.For one extra chance, refer to this giveaway on your blog and link me to your reference in your comment so that I can see it, like so:
4.I'm going to contact you on January 2nd, please make sure you reply within 2 days so please CHECK YOUR EMAIL. If you know now that you won't be able to reply to me on January 3rd or 4th, just let me know beforehand (in your entry or something) so I don't need to worry about ways to contact you.
5. I will announce the winner AFTER the winner replied to my e-mail.

donderdag 15 december 2011

My gal history:2008

Previous issue:
Gal style had changed a with Haaady style since 2007, but in 2008 was the real breakthrough of Agejo style and gal style changed rather drasticly, in my opinion.
Today's post will reflect how Agejo style has shaped me and it's a bit of an emic point of view but I feel like in 2008 Ageha and it's style was responsible for many changes that make gal style what it is today. But like I said, it's easy for me to say, as a big Ageha-fan ^^;; I'm aware of my own opinion mixing here but thenagain it's my own blog, and not a resource reflecting the history of gal style and visual symbols objectively :P

Also, today's pictures, even though they are from the first issue of Ageha I ever owned, the scans are actually from

We shouldn't forget the way Haaady style moved on and made way for brands like JSG and Galaxxy, with a funky, slightly 80's inspired look that I think evolved into what we saw later in W♥C 's house style and stuff. I wasn't personally too interested that style in 2008 and I think it was popular as part of a global trend around the whole New Rave hype that was going on.
But I think in Japan aswell as the west Ageha and Agemo were getting more attention than ever in 2008. Eyes became more dolly, hair became the biggest yet and the keyword for 2008 was erokawa.
As you know, september is my birthday and in september 2008 my friend Suuz gave me money with a note that said 'to buy Koakuma Ageha online'. 2008 was also the year that magazines and magazine scans were increasingly available online, but to have a copy of Ageha for real was a huge motivation for me to improve my style.

Even though Ageha promoted a cute and sexy style, there used to be some more mature elements that I think have been lost in the typical agejo style as we know it today.
To my personal opinion that's a great loss. Nowadays it's mainly fluffy and cute. Blazers have been exchanged for oversized cardigans and pointy pumps made way for fluffy hime-shoes or mary-janes. Like in Lolita fashion everything is overloaded with sugary sweet prints or lacy details. Same goes for hime-style where a previously elegant silhouette moved to a high-waist/flared skirt kind of shape, remniscant of classic-lolita style.
I still think it's very cute and I feel drawn to the style, but I can't devote to it 100% anymore.

In 2008 I started loving houndstooth prints as they were in style that year. Along with two-piece sets that looked like professional wear but were just a little too sexy. This kind of stuff allowed me to practice a more classic style but still as tacky and girly as gal fashion usually is.
It's these kind of styles that I'm still nostalgic to :)

And I started putting an increasing amount of effort into hairstyling.
All the suji-styled, perfectly arranged puffy hairstyles started coming into style and I was lucky that my grandma still had an old Carmen roller set sitting around :)
Ayurina became one of my idols because of this picture. She's got the doll-like, thickly lined eyes of Sakurina but with a much softer kind of glow on her that I really favour.
Nowadays eyelashes are the most eyecatching (lol) thing in gal make-up, but in 2008 thick eyeliner hit in and I started doing tare-me, but on me it was awfully awkward without lenses to fill up the eye~
I did buy my first lenses in fall 2008 (back then it went through group orders from a Korean site, not directly from a store) but you can't really see them on the meme, you'll see on 2009 pictures though
(I'd kill for these lenses btw, look at that's kind of mint :D)

Another thing I see related to the popularity of Ageha in 2008, is that having a pale skin became part of the gyaru aesthetic. I remember that in the western community it was previously frowned upon if you didn't put any effort into tanning. Nowadays that doesn't seem to be even the least bit of an issue anymore I think.
I gotto show you this picture cuz I LOVE this hair and romantic rock-style, and I'm not even really an X-Japan fan.
Sorry about the watermark right in the middle :/ If anyone wants to use this picture for anything, like a layout or something, you can let me know, I'll scan the original for you~
I tried to mimic this kind of look once btw, in 2010 I think.

So here's the gyaru improvement meme for 2008. Yet again, the innitiative and the meme base came from Lizzie :)
I've overemphasized the influence of Ageha in this post because really I just slowly moved to the dark side in the fall as I started out the year just the way 2007 was to me. In the end of the year I turned to Ageha in the extreme but as that's the base of how I live gal style nowadays, it deserves the attention :P
On the other side of that intense Ageha watching was that I went to dye my hair like Sakurina's..but it turned out ginger-y on me, and dark red at the roots... like you can see in december of the meme.
To me the change of haircolor was a bit unlucky, I felt like nothing in my closet matched anymore because my wardrobe was carefully assembled around my blonde hair.
I've been a redhead before though, from when I was 11 to when I was about 14 I dyed my hair in many different shades of red, but back then it was more succesfull..
Anyway, this was resolved in 2009, you'll see in a couple of days when I make a post about 2009, the year I started to climb to the level of gal I'm at today :)