zondag 27 november 2011

Surprise day out

These weeks are possibly the most stressfull and busy weeks of my life up to now. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive but I can't wait till it's over and I can enjoy my hard earned Christmas holidays.
Because I've been so busy and I was getting extremely cranky and sad, I went to a kind of Christmas market :)

I didn't take a lot of pictures there but here's some shots of my outfit that day
Sorry for the bad extension blend. You can imagine I didn't have a lot of time~


close and personal :P

Me with straight hair and no hat
nice for a change, no? :)

This is a kind of garden mansion you can buy for your children..
YES this is a furnitured toyhouse, there was a piano in and a table with a chess set..
There were other kinds of houses like this.
A treehouse (tree included)
and a fairytale house that looked a bit like a gingerbread house *_*
Like a street of those things~
I can't imagine kids can really go in there..cuz it's toddler size and if something would happen the parents wouldn't be able to go in and help the kid..so it's more for decoration I guess? I don't really understand.

Hat: funny Shop in Kyoto
Sweater: NewYorker
Pants: market
Shoes: Cafe Moda
Necklace: Bodyline

Coat: Damo
Belt: 2nd hand shop in Kyoto

In the end it turns out I should've used my time to read and write a literary review instead cuz I've got a lot of trouble completing all of my tasks for this week. But it was good to forget about the end of the semester's stress for a bit. So no regrets :)

I'm sorry I'm leaving this blog hanging on a bit lately but it's really for the best that I just do what I should for university, I promise I'll make up for it in the holidays! I'm really looking forward to that!!

dinsdag 15 november 2011

Hello HYPER meet

Last saturday was the much anticipated Hello Kitty, Hello Holland, Hello HYPER meeting in Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis in Leiden.
We went there to see the small exhibition of rare and interesting Hello Kitty merchandise. Only the official merchandise, so not the chainsaw and the shotgun that are decorated with Hello Kitty or anything like that~

Everyone looked really lovely, it was a really nice meeting.

Sadly some of us (yes me too) left early to attend a symposium about Japanese fashion and cuteness arranged by Leiden university (this is in fact the university I go to) I hoped to attain some clarity about cuteness, fashion and sexuality to be able to form a good thesis question. But eveything just came out more and more complicated :/

Anyway :D back to the meeting yes?
We met up in the station hall.
The one with the long blonde hair is Rox :D doesn't she look great with this wig? I think it's really fabulous :)
And Elize is so cuuute <3 br="">
We walked to the museum and after looking at the exhibition we made little hats with stencils provided at tiny tables made for the kids that were to attend.

After playing around for a while we took this group shot in the garden:
I should stop making silly faces in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I'm starting to regret the fact I don't have any cute pictures afterwards :/

Anyway, the outfit :) YOu may have noticed I was REALLY happy with this code
I was totally comfortable, I loved the silhouette and the colors and I was happy to have a fluffy straight fringe once again
Pic from when I came back home, shows the striped tights better
Many girls on the meet were more rock inspired and I guess with the cross necklace I kind of fit in :)

Dress: Bellissima
Cardigan: Glamorous Jane
Tights: Aldi
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: River Island
Hairbow: Gift from rox ♥
Flower: Kruidvat (drugstore)

zaterdag 12 november 2011

3 Outfits and a wig!!

I planned to make a post about today's marvelous meeting, but I'm gonna wait untill people have uploaded the groupshots for me to steal :)
I had a lot of fun, I felt good about my coordinate, I feel happy and motivated :)

But for now some other outfits I've worn recently :)
I bought a short hair wig a while back and it's been a great way to make an outfit work instantly. I've been wearing this wig everywhere, it's comfortable, I love the color and the style and I love how it goes with my leopard pants :D
Blouse: Zeeman
Pants: Market
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: River Island
Belt: Alyssa mode
Chain belt: gift from Juulamigo :D (Bijoux Brigitte)
Jacket: TKmaxx
Shoes: Cafe Moda

Another outfit with another wig:
Shirt: my mom's
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: NewYorker
Hat: 2nd Hand

And please look forward to my post about today's meeting sometime later this week. It was fun, EVERYONE looked super fabulous, we got free hats~ I'm happy :)

dinsdag 8 november 2011

Recent shoppings and Halloween party outfit

We'll just start with the outfit :)
Hyper member Elize made a cute halloween party. Rox, Juu and Imke were there in cute and creepy outfits :D. I wasn't so inovative so I just went for a maid/leopard thingy made from stuff I had around the house.
Blouse, top, skirt, cat ears: H&M
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Monki
Apron: handmade
Tiny scarf: my brother's

No underlashes this time, to increase a cat like effect on the eyes :)
It was a fun party and Rox and I talked about how much we're in the mood for partying ò.ó we should go out some time soon but you know, school is totally in the way :(

Anyway no more whining.
I've been shopping in the most unlikely places and times lately. I should start wearing all the stuff I bought since september cuz I've got a lot of ideas :)
Well, on to the swag:
Dress: Bellisima (from outlet shop Marquis)
Pants: market
Hat: market
Tights: Aldi supermarket. RECOMMEND ITEM for gals from the Netherlands and Germany~

It was all very cheap but I shouldn't be shopping anymore, I have too much stuff *_* Better start wearing it first~