zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Recent gets and what's in shops~

Sorry I haven't taken the time to reply to your sweet comments on my previous entry D: I only barely found time to make this entry you're reading today :(
I do really appreciate your comments!! I'll remember!

Now, this post is a pile of everything. To start off with some stuff I bought since september and I haven't shown you properly yet:
Sweater: NewYorker
Shiny blouse: Zeeman
Leggings: V&D (Soho brand)
Belt: (worn in a previous post) Alyssa Mode
Necklace: (worn in a previous post I think) Starlight Bijou.

And some other cute things I'd noticed in NewYorker one and a half month ago but my phone somehow lost the pictures and I had to wait until I got back with a proper camera D:
My sweater and other cute leopard sweaters

Great for cold winter time and somehow reminded me of last year's Tralala and cute Ma*rs-ish roomwear.

Dresses made of awesome! You could wear these in a cute vintage style or accessorize them to match a sugary LizLisa-ish style :)

Great simple sexy skirt

Now something else that will probebly only be helpfull to people that live in Holland but this big cheap bit-of-everything chain-store called Xenos has apparently expanded their hobby department with cute beads and things that look like rose deco-parts:

I've had a little shoppingspree and I got all this:
for about 12 euros or something~
I have a really nice plan with these and I'm going to show you when I finnish it!! I hope that'll be in 1/2 weeks so please look forward to it!!

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