zondag 16 oktober 2011

Japantag in Düsseldorf!

Yes! I update again! I've seen many updates from you guys about this festival called Japantag and it's great fun to watch them :)
I've never seen a manifestation of Japanese culture abroad quite like this one.
Even though innitially there was a 3 day plan with Rox and Juu, I'm really really busy with university right now and I had to slim it down to one day, just the saturday itself.
Nonetheless I had a GREAT time, it was really fun, and wearing yukata seriously for the first time felt really good :)

I can hardly recall the shops but:
Yukata: Japan somewhere
Undergarment thingy: van Hier tot Tokyo (Japanese antiques, Amsterdam)
False fur collar: second-hand (Amsterdam)
Obi: second-hand (Kyoto)
Obiage+makura: Hand assembled (a pair of indoor slippers in a stocking)
Obijime: from the sewing shop XD
Flower on obijime: Gift from brother; accessorize
Shoes: I have no geta :/ these shoes.. I really can't recall
Purse: Hema
Hair accesory: Kruidvat

I got ready early in the morning under the impression I had a train to catch. After I got all wrapped up in the yukata and ready to go, at the station, with sandwiches for on the way... my mom decided to bring me by car because she didn't want me to travel alone in such uneasy attire (for I'd have go back home alone late at night. We picked up the navigation and got on the way.)

I did my makeup in the car. We were in 3 trafficjams and I think we were in the car for about 3/3.5 hours.

When we got in Düsseldorf it took me about 1.5 hour if not more untill I was finally where I wanted to be: with Rox and Juu!

Later Elize and Riyani found us too!

I noticed it was hard to stand in one place without getting your picture taken, but it wasn't untill I reached Rox and Juu that I quite experienced this kind of..paparazzi mechanism. Once one person starts taking pictures you're stuck in a pose for at least 5 more minutes. Especially when you meet other groups that attract attention like cute kids or other girls in yukata.

The sun went down and it was getting a little cold when we were actually interviewed for local tv :D I hope one of the others has mailed the tv station for a copy of the segment? it would be cool :)

After fooling around a little more we split up a bit, I went for a warm restaurant with my mom, my boyfriend, Riyani and Yudi. In the meantime the rest found a nice spot to watch the fireworks!

That's where Sasha found us! So at least we could meet even if it was only for half an hour :D (And this awesome picture was stolen from Elize btw)
The fireworks were really pretty and I was constantly amazed and felt really happy. I just wished the other people would be more excited so we could all be like OOH!!! AWWWW!!! together, and we could feel even more excitement! In that sense Germans are even more dry than the Dutch~

We had to leave after that, to drive home. We arrived home at about 3 in the night and we stayed up to watch a little surprise: Holland won some kind of baseball cup? it seems to be the world cup? noone here cares about baseball but apparently we won? I was confused~

Anyway I had a wonderful day, I tried my best to make a cute, agejo-ish, yet recognizably traditional yukata appearance. Like ageha model Yurika does.
Instead I felt somewhat like an enka singer, especially next to Rox and Juu, they were so cute and so much more gal! Nonetheless I really enjoyed being wrapped like this and I hope I'll get more chances to wear yukata or kimono :). I guess it's also because it's a new challenge and a new kind of aesthetic for me, yukata and kimono have kept me very busy in the past 48 hours! I might make 1 or 2 posts related to the subject, for I've been digging the resources for yukata, kimono and accesories, even in my own city, and I've made some cool finds I'd love to share it with you!

However, I'm sorry to tell you again U_U but I have seized making regular updates because college is more important for me right now. I've been having some messages about it and I really appreciate your attention and I'm sorry I can't repay your friendly viewings with regular posts but for at least another 6 weeks I just can't make any promisses. I, too, wish it was different. But don't worry, I'm not stopping gal and I'm not stopping the blog either! I'm just taking it slow for the moment and update when I can.

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