donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Outfit and some little news thingies :)

This weekend Rox and I went to Utrecht to start planning our gyaru lecture at Abunai and even more to meet friends that were going to the Dir en Grey concert.

My outfit for that day was:
Making good use of the GOLDEN PANTS ♥
I had a lot of fun that day, too bad we don't have a groupshot D:

I got another blogawaaaard ♥ From the lovely Christina~!! How can I get blog awards from girls as cute as she is ♥ Thank you so much!!

Now, in varied newsies:
I was asked to participate in this weekend's Japanese-subculture-fashionshow in the SIEBOLTHUIS in Leiden. So anyone going there, be sure to keep an eye open for me :D

And beside that, I'll be going to PARIS for the weekend NEXT WEEK.
This is because my mom really needed a couple days away from her family and she already sacrificed our vacation together to sailing with her siblings but she missed having some "time off" so we wanted to go somewhere for a little city trip.
Innitially the idea was London! I love London and since they're filming the new season of Sherlock right now and if you keep track of twitter and stuff..well XD
But sadly with all those outrageous riots D: it didn't seem like an option anymore and we decided to give Paris another shot~

And a little side note: Please don't worry about me worrying about my weight. I don't desire to be as thin as Kanako, I just think it's a bit essential to her style to be thin. I don't really care about losing weight. At my current weight I'm at my best, slim but still sexy~ I really do appreciate your care and I'm glad to know everyone loves my shape and my legs XD That's really sweet! Thank you so much!

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