maandag 8 augustus 2011

Gyaru Challenge 4: Kanako Style

Rox is the creator of the Gyaru Challenge, and anyone can give Gyaru Challenge a try, it's really..challenging XD

The styles attempted in the Gyaru Challenge aren't my (new) personal style. I'm not claiming to perfectly copy a style or to be an expert, I'm just having a taste of everything :)

This week's challenge was given to me by Victoria. It was the HARDEST challenge yet.
Even though Kanako's style is very typical and iconic and easy to read, it wasn't that easy to give it a try.
Kanako has moved from the tomboyish co&lu style to her own neon punky style.

The way I first encountered Kanako was when I bought egg for the first time in 2006:
(here in the middle)
Back then Kanako wasn't that different from other models, only her hairstye, that has been short for most of the time untill this very day.
Back then Kanako was my favourite model because she had a sexy shape and stood out with her short hairstyle.
Kanako nowadays is pretty thin, too thin for my taste but this is also what enables her to sport the look she does that makes her so sexy in her own alternative, tomboyish way.

What I did for this look is copy the Kanapunk code..
Problem is I just don't have anything as bright colored as Kanako has.
First thing I did was use the most obvious items I could find, which resulted in this:
But it was a bit too mellow and cold, not as bright as I wanted.

Can't say I went much brighter but I did try to get closer to Kanapunk code
if either the sweater or the petti would be brightly colored it would've been great, or if I'd at least have a cap *_* a real cap XD
I put a LOT of effort, even though the results don't show. That's because I tried lots of looks that just didn't work because I'm not skinny enough or because the colors of the items were too pastelly :( That's why I ended up with 2 big sweater fluffy outfits. Because the kind of shorts and tanktop look turned out very sexy and feminine on me, not as playfull and masculine as it does on Kanako even if I followed the code as close as I could.

Next week should be Mode gyaru :D I've already got some outfits worked out :)

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