vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Step by step eyemake and Blog Awards :D

For my eyemakeup, these are the things I use
Eyeshadow in a lighter, and darker earthy teint, shimmery.
Mascara, kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, all black
False lashes and eyelash glue
Circle lenses

First apply foundation and lenses.
Now line your upper eyelid with liquid liner like so:
H is the highest point in the line and make sure you wing it down a bit

color in the upper water-line with the pencil:

line the lower water-line under the iris or untill where your eye starts curving up.

continue the line over your skin to the end of the upper eyeline, be sure to keep a couple mm of skin white (the blue dots)
the guide to this line is really just to make it feel natural

Add dark eyeshadow across half your upper eyelid and a bit into the crease of your eye. And slightly along the droopy part of the under line, to make it blend.

Now add the lighter eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye, slightly below your eye and use it to dust over the beginning of your eyecrease.
you can trace your eyelid (under the crease) up to where the eyelid starts curving down.

Add Diamond lash Angel or another long and spikey upper eyelash on top.
make sure they end maybe 3 mm from the end of your eye. it also helps to paste them from the inner corner outwards, increasingly far from your natural lash line.

Now add Diamond lash Princess or another full and spikey underlash.
bend it a little and use the line you drew before as a guide for this lash.
I used to cut these in the middle, which also worked fine, like on my FB profilepic. but now I like to keep them in one piece and put the extra effort to bend them and paste them in a more organic looking curve

color in your own lashes with mascara and clean the outer halfs of your waterline. You left those untouched but they may have taken some color from the top lid when you blinked.
now fill in your eyebrows and powder when needed, you're done!

I am a happy blog award receiver :D I recently got a Lovely Blog Award from both this lovely hime Sharon, and the sexy Queenie :D I'm so grateful you ladies. And really proud to know you like to read my blog &heearts;

I've nominated people for blog awards before and I can really only do it once, because I don't follow that many blogs and I already awarded most of my favourites!

What I can do, is state 7 random facts about myself.
This took quite some thought because anything I come up with is personal, emotional or an unpopular opinion and needs explanation.
These are pretty random though..
Here's 7 innocent facts about me!

1. I'm an aunt to 2 little girls! My half brother has babies :)
2. I'm shy and embarassed easily but I can also be very very flirty.
3. The way to my heart is DEFINETLY through my stommach.
4. I love TV detectives, my favourites are Sherlock and Dexter. As for more orthodox ones I'd say Inspector Lynley and the old Dutch Baanter ♥
5. I'm a bit snobby and a brain elitist..but really it's all compensation for insecurities, depending on my company at the moment.
6. I like music from the 40's and 50's.
7. I'm looking to buy a house, I found a place in one of the best locations in Amsterdam, inside my budget even!. But it's 13m² all in :/ better keep looking ^^;;

You know, you can always ask me any question here as a comment or in the shoutbox. You can ask anonymously at my formspring or personally on Facebook. But I'm so sorry for those who tried to reach me through facebook chat. I pretty much never reply because my browser freaks when FB chat pops up D: (and if it doesn't freak, I just don't notice).

I also added a feedburner thingy in my sidebar for those who find it convenient, it lists a very honest 0 at the moment XD

Well guys, have a nice weekend :D

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