maandag 25 juli 2011

Gyaru Challenge 3:all black outfit

Rox is the creator of the Gyaru Challenge, and say anyone can give Gyaru Challenge a try, it's really..challenging XD

The styles attempted in the Gyaru Challenge aren't my (new) personal style. I'm not claiming to perfectly copy a style or to be an expert, I'm just having a taste of everything :)

For this week's challenge I was trying to wear outfits in all black. This is what OtherMix, faithfull follower who recently suggested some super cute facial masks on her blog :D, challenged me with.
Because this week's weather was SO BAD I really only have one outfit to show you ):, the rest of the week I was wearing comfortable stuff to wear out in the rain

I really needed some shiny accesories to make the all black outfit work for me


To me, colors are my favourite gyaru ingredient, an outfit without any color, shine or metalic accesories is almost unthinkable for me, in my preferred gyaru frame. It's possible~ but you really gotto work with different textures and stuff...

However, saturday my friend and HYPER member Debbie showed a beauuutiful himegyaru combo in all black.
And Rox, too, is one of those gals that are a lot more experienced with black than I am.

Next week's challenge is Kanako style :D
In the meantime please look forward to last weekend's meet report <3

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