maandag 11 juli 2011

Gyaru Challenge 1: Okarie style

Sooo this is the first time for me to post a challenge's results, it's actually a bit scary XD

Got a bit of disclaiming to do:

First I wanna refer to creator of the Gyaru Challenge: Rox and say anyone can give gyaru challenge a try, it's really..challenging XD

And secondly, the styles attempted in the Gyaru Challenge aren't my (new) personal style. I'm not claiming to perfectly copy a style or to be an expert, I'm just having a taste of everything :)

So the first Challenge is to try Okarie's style!
I was challenged with this style by the lovely Mia.

Okarie is a popteen model, modelling the cute style of the brand Ank Rouge.



For this style I tried twice. I did try to copy her makeup style but the result wasn't too successfull and I forgot to take a picture *_*

First outfit. For this look I kind of copied what looked like typical Ank Rouge to me
I was kind of pleased with this one :D it's not EXACTLY right, but the best I can do with my stuff.

Between the first and the second outfit is actually a difference of 5 kilos in bodyweight. I dieted for 2 days and got sick this week and lost all the weight I gained during my exams. (This is also why I didn't blog at all this week, I was too sick to walk *_*)

This look was a bit less typical but I'm not sure how much this still works..
I like the outfit but I'm not sure how this fits the Okarie/Ank Rouge style, both of my outfits tend to lean towards the more general Popteen look.

But I did have a lot of fun with this challenge. I liked trying this look :)

Next week Manba :D

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