vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Step by step eyemake and Blog Awards :D

For my eyemakeup, these are the things I use
Eyeshadow in a lighter, and darker earthy teint, shimmery.
Mascara, kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, all black
False lashes and eyelash glue
Circle lenses

First apply foundation and lenses.
Now line your upper eyelid with liquid liner like so:
H is the highest point in the line and make sure you wing it down a bit

color in the upper water-line with the pencil:

line the lower water-line under the iris or untill where your eye starts curving up.

continue the line over your skin to the end of the upper eyeline, be sure to keep a couple mm of skin white (the blue dots)
the guide to this line is really just to make it feel natural

Add dark eyeshadow across half your upper eyelid and a bit into the crease of your eye. And slightly along the droopy part of the under line, to make it blend.

Now add the lighter eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye, slightly below your eye and use it to dust over the beginning of your eyecrease.
you can trace your eyelid (under the crease) up to where the eyelid starts curving down.

Add Diamond lash Angel or another long and spikey upper eyelash on top.
make sure they end maybe 3 mm from the end of your eye. it also helps to paste them from the inner corner outwards, increasingly far from your natural lash line.

Now add Diamond lash Princess or another full and spikey underlash.
bend it a little and use the line you drew before as a guide for this lash.
I used to cut these in the middle, which also worked fine, like on my FB profilepic. but now I like to keep them in one piece and put the extra effort to bend them and paste them in a more organic looking curve

color in your own lashes with mascara and clean the outer halfs of your waterline. You left those untouched but they may have taken some color from the top lid when you blinked.
now fill in your eyebrows and powder when needed, you're done!

I am a happy blog award receiver :D I recently got a Lovely Blog Award from both this lovely hime Sharon, and the sexy Queenie :D I'm so grateful you ladies. And really proud to know you like to read my blog &heearts;

I've nominated people for blog awards before and I can really only do it once, because I don't follow that many blogs and I already awarded most of my favourites!

What I can do, is state 7 random facts about myself.
This took quite some thought because anything I come up with is personal, emotional or an unpopular opinion and needs explanation.
These are pretty random though..
Here's 7 innocent facts about me!

1. I'm an aunt to 2 little girls! My half brother has babies :)
2. I'm shy and embarassed easily but I can also be very very flirty.
3. The way to my heart is DEFINETLY through my stommach.
4. I love TV detectives, my favourites are Sherlock and Dexter. As for more orthodox ones I'd say Inspector Lynley and the old Dutch Baanter ♥
5. I'm a bit snobby and a brain elitist..but really it's all compensation for insecurities, depending on my company at the moment.
6. I like music from the 40's and 50's.
7. I'm looking to buy a house, I found a place in one of the best locations in Amsterdam, inside my budget even!. But it's 13m² all in :/ better keep looking ^^;;

You know, you can always ask me any question here as a comment or in the shoutbox. You can ask anonymously at my formspring or personally on Facebook. But I'm so sorry for those who tried to reach me through facebook chat. I pretty much never reply because my browser freaks when FB chat pops up D: (and if it doesn't freak, I just don't notice).

I also added a feedburner thingy in my sidebar for those who find it convenient, it lists a very honest 0 at the moment XD

Well guys, have a nice weekend :D

woensdag 27 juli 2011

International meet 7-23

Last weekend was the international meet here in Amsterdam :D
The weather was crap, like it has been for the past 2 months :/ kinda cruel.

first the group split up, some of us went shopping, the rest went to the sex museum.
In the end the groups merged again and split again, so it kind of went like that~

Last year Rox and I twinned, even though noone really noticed. But this year all of HYPER joined in on a shared theme
This is us, with beautifull HYPER fans and the flag Rox made :D

My theme was a little off, but if I go along with someone else's idea, I still wanna do it according to my own style and to my best efforts

After shopping and stuff we went for dinner at Wagamama

The group was so big this year, we needed 2 tables~
The HYPER gals were kind of split, but it's good because you get the chance to talk to other people~


We wanted to go party that night, but in the end we couldn't get a lot of people to tag along with us. Rox, Estherbel, Kari and me went to drag Juul (our newest member), Imke, Sasha and Max from their hotel and in the end we had a great night anyway :)
Cool partypics Rox made XD it looks so...festive~
I looked SO BAD that night *_* I really can't share that with you

And I don't have any pictures of the next day D: but maybe some other people do?

maandag 25 juli 2011

Gyaru Challenge 3:all black outfit

Rox is the creator of the Gyaru Challenge, and say anyone can give Gyaru Challenge a try, it's really..challenging XD

The styles attempted in the Gyaru Challenge aren't my (new) personal style. I'm not claiming to perfectly copy a style or to be an expert, I'm just having a taste of everything :)

For this week's challenge I was trying to wear outfits in all black. This is what OtherMix, faithfull follower who recently suggested some super cute facial masks on her blog :D, challenged me with.
Because this week's weather was SO BAD I really only have one outfit to show you ):, the rest of the week I was wearing comfortable stuff to wear out in the rain

I really needed some shiny accesories to make the all black outfit work for me


To me, colors are my favourite gyaru ingredient, an outfit without any color, shine or metalic accesories is almost unthinkable for me, in my preferred gyaru frame. It's possible~ but you really gotto work with different textures and stuff...

However, saturday my friend and HYPER member Debbie showed a beauuutiful himegyaru combo in all black.
And Rox, too, is one of those gals that are a lot more experienced with black than I am.

Next week's challenge is Kanako style :D
In the meantime please look forward to last weekend's meet report <3

vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Invitation video for gyaru lecture @ Abunaicon

title sais it all no?

I better proceed cleaning the house for tomorrow :)
I bought a new mattress yesterday but I'm not as happy as I thought I would be..
Somehow it felt softer in the store :( but maybe if I jump on it for a while?

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Outfit and getting excited about this weekend's international meet :D

Recently I got these ponytailclips from the local drugstore because they were on sale, it really enables me to wear more ott outfits, without needing an occasion to put effort into my hair.
Like Rox said the other day, you do feel a lot more childish with ponytails..

And wearing this I started to feel like I'd kind of passed pink..as an option

I think my style has become more mature, and though coordinating lilac can be frustrating at times, I seem to have grown accustomed to it..

I felt very cute, but the super sweetish ma*rs style isn't really suitable for me anymore, I think sexy and mature is better for me :/

Today I'm planning to work on my outfit for the meet this weekend :D I'm so excited!
For those attending: on saturday I'll be a bit late because I really really have to go to my brother's birthday..but I'll be there so wait for me, at latest untill 4 :(
I reeeaaally really hope to meet some of you girls there ♥

maandag 18 juli 2011

Gyaru Challenge 2: Manba

I'm a bad, bad girl making this post when it's technically not monday anymore :(

I had a great day over at Rox' place today! but now I'm here and I owe you some manba :D
In fact before I even started the challenge, I joined Rox in the challenge of doing manba style.

Rox is the creator of the Gyaru Challenge, and say anyone can give Gyaru Challenge a try, it's really..challenging XD

And secondly, the styles attempted in the Gyaru Challenge aren't my (new) personal style. I'm not claiming to perfectly copy a style or to be an expert, I'm just having a taste of everything :)

The Manba Challenge was given by Rivriv, who often gives sweet comments :)

You should check out Rox' blog because she's gonna post up some challenge results real soon too :D


When going for manba, I'd just go for the orthodox shape of makeup, because it suits my face and because it's just most obvious. Obvious is the way to go I think XD

Something that only gals that have known me from the beginning will know, is that in fact I started out gyaru as manba :) yep I did! Old gals from manba_room might recall, and I was on ricoche too :') good old times~
This was my second try ever at manba, from 2007:
not the worst but...people in the comms back then were really helpfull and kind actually, to me anyway~

This was the last time I tried manba before now XD
I'm not sure when it was, I think 2008? this is also subject to a lot more editing XD mainly the color of my eyes, I had no lenses back then, and the sharpness of my make, I simply used some brushes to clean that up but shhh, our secret right?
The problem was I could never see manba as a serious style, it couldn't be more than cosplay for me. I had to move on to more a more suitable style for me.

Typically my manba idol was Egg's Ka-tan, who has been reader model in Ageha as Kanae, and I think I saw her in either Egg or Popteen again recently. She's that truck driver...you know? I'm sure some of you know. It's so typical that just like Kanae, my next step was to find my way to hime style...
I think I might put together a little personal style history so you can know a bit more about where I'm coming from..

Well anyway, next week's challenge: gyaru in all black!

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

HYPER hairmake! Finally a hairtutorial from me

Lately people have been rather interested in my makeup somehow. But originally I was always asked for making hairtutorials.
After many failed attempts, I just decided to use the crap of the last attempt to make into a video anyway~
it's this hairstyle:
the one from the lens review.

Right side
Left side

Even though my top is falling off of my boobs and I had to speed it up so much that it's unclear...AND the bad webcam images...

and silly music...


BUT I did it, and I hope it's a little helpfull!!!

And while you're at it, you should (once again) give Rox and Josephine's hairtutorial for faux hawk a look!

donderdag 14 juli 2011

HYPER ft. Abunai: Gyaru fashion lecture and fashion show.


Thanx to Rox's great efforts, we can now present the first official HYPER event.

On Saturday August 27th we will be holding a gyaru fashion show and style panel in the anime convention Abunai.

Right now we don't know in which timeslot this will take place

Tickets to the saturday in Abunaicon are 25 euros. All weekend tickets are 39 euros. They're available in pre-sale on the abunai website stated below.
I'd really love to see some of you there :) Especially if you're already planning to go to Abunai, come pay us a visit :D

HYPER page
Facebook event page

maandag 11 juli 2011

Gyaru Challenge 1: Okarie style

Sooo this is the first time for me to post a challenge's results, it's actually a bit scary XD

Got a bit of disclaiming to do:

First I wanna refer to creator of the Gyaru Challenge: Rox and say anyone can give gyaru challenge a try, it's really..challenging XD

And secondly, the styles attempted in the Gyaru Challenge aren't my (new) personal style. I'm not claiming to perfectly copy a style or to be an expert, I'm just having a taste of everything :)

So the first Challenge is to try Okarie's style!
I was challenged with this style by the lovely Mia.

Okarie is a popteen model, modelling the cute style of the brand Ank Rouge.



For this style I tried twice. I did try to copy her makeup style but the result wasn't too successfull and I forgot to take a picture *_*

First outfit. For this look I kind of copied what looked like typical Ank Rouge to me
I was kind of pleased with this one :D it's not EXACTLY right, but the best I can do with my stuff.

Between the first and the second outfit is actually a difference of 5 kilos in bodyweight. I dieted for 2 days and got sick this week and lost all the weight I gained during my exams. (This is also why I didn't blog at all this week, I was too sick to walk *_*)

This look was a bit less typical but I'm not sure how much this still works..
I like the outfit but I'm not sure how this fits the Okarie/Ank Rouge style, both of my outfits tend to lean towards the more general Popteen look.

But I did have a lot of fun with this challenge. I liked trying this look :)

Next week Manba :D

maandag 4 juli 2011

The Gyaru Challenge

Finally the day has come, that I can happily dive into the


I mentioned this before, some months back, when I cought this idea from Rox's blog here (Rox also made the pretty banner ♥)
Sadly, nor Rox, nor my friend and HYPER member Jessica has found the time to really execute this plan because they were busy or internetless ^^;;

All in all, this is the idea:
in comment to this post you can make a suggestion for a style you're challenging me to try out. It can be a total style like manba, hime, etc., a style from a specific model or a detail like a hairstyle, makeup style, special accessory or a color you'd want to see me incorporate into an outfit.
It would help a lot if you could add a picture as reference so that I know exactly what you mean.
I will try my best to complete these challenges with the items that I already own. So, if I need to buy a whole new outfit or dye my hair in 7 colors to fit the image, I can't take up the challenge. Luckilly I have a BIG closet and it's very style varied, so I think I'll manage most challenges.
The point is for me to try it out once, I might succeed or fail but that's something everyone can make up for themselves. I'm NOT looking for a new style, I just wanna try out everything and broaden my horizon.

I'll post the challenges every monday, since I have time this summer anyway :D and it's a good way for me to stay motivated and busy :) and at the same time keep this blog alive.

So bring it on :D please challenge meee!!!

zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Sponsored review: Geo Xtra WT-A12 from Pinkyparadise

Wow my first real (sponsored) review :D exciting


I got these lenses from Pinkyparadise, I could choose a model I liked from the more than 350 models they offer, and they are in stock, so no long waiting for preorders!! items are shipped in 1 to 3 days.

They sent me a cute lens case and usefull gift to stick strands of hair away from my face :)

inside of these lenses

Beside many of the lenses I know and love, I found this cutie here, it's Geo Xtra WT-A12.

(one in one out
I absolutely love their effect, so much more than I expected. I'm always a bit hesistant to try out a new model of lenses, I'd prefer to keep buying the ones I know that work, such as Barbie King size Aqua.
But this one is quite similar and I was NOT disappointed, these lenses give me the dramatic effect I'm looking for as they're a little brighter than the Barbie Kings
no flash

Comfort level is all good, though I have only once experienced uncomfortable lenses. These are easy to put in and comfortable in wear. When you considder buying lenses KEEP IN MIND it's better to be safe than sorry. You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any contact lenses. It is your own responsibility to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Please read the wear & care guide (here) carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses. If you experience any discomfort wearing lenses, please take them out right away.

Shipping went REALLY fast, faster than I could realize, it was offered at my door in 5 days, when I hadn't even received notification of sending yet.

Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

The LASHES I used in this look can also be purchased at Pinkyparadise! They're upper lash Angel eye and lower lash Princess eye modeled here by one of my beautiful idols, Shizuka Mutou.
I was suprised to see they even had this limited edition Diamond lash yellow box.
Beside lashes from Diamond Lash, Pinkyparadise also has EVERYTHING ELSE for makeup, such as lashes from Meliesh and Dolly Wink, cute Candy Doll cosmetics, many other cosmetics and a variety of BB creams for bright and clear skin. This shop is making me so greedy XD!!

Pinkyparadise really has all your beauty needs.

Now I got my own little COUPON CODE which, when entered, will entitle you to a cute animal lens case and mystery gift FOR FREE with every pair of lenses you order. So if you order one pair, you get one cute lens case and one gift, with 2 pairs you get 2 cases and 2 gifts, 3 pairs = 3 cases and 3 gifts etc~
Yes, we love free ♥
The code is:


Like in my blogurl :) And a clever agejo likes coupons so if you happen to be planning to buy lenses, add coupon code "agejoperfect" for cute free items (I am told this does not expire, so whether you buy them now or in september, you can get stuff for free ♥).

(it's like I discovered flash today XD)