dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Outfit and gets

Heyyy, first I wanna say sorry for being such a crappy blog holder recently ;~; I'm just insanely busy, but this was an outfit from the 24 hours that I thought I wasn't busy anymore.
very simple summer look. (including some of my most precious items..that I'm always scared to use, that's why you never see them XD)

And now some gifts my mom gave me :D
She's on a sailing holiday but it's not far so I always go see her a couple times cuz I miss her! And just like last year we went shopping and she bought me some things :)
Floppy hat (Zeeman. 1. didn't have it in Amsterdam but here they do! Thanx to Rox for the tip :D)(2.still not sure about floppy hats XD)
False rose(Zeeman)
Butterfly hairclips (Action)
Purple hairbow (Action)
Easy heels, between lilac and pink (Schoenenreus)
Black sheer tunic top (Action)
These are some of the cheapest chainstores we have here, but they're not always easy to find in the city, that's why I love nosing around when I come across one.

Personal note for those interested:
You might know I've been in my exam time lately and I've been having good news and bad news...
Good news is I passed text class (that's Japanese grammar and translating) with a 9(out of 10). Which is really excellent, I'm second of my class and I'm really really proud :)
Sadly I didn't do that well on any of the other courses, and this is the first time of my life that I failed something I put a lot of effort in :( I spent so much time this exam period, studying only modern Chinese history. So much that I didn't have any time left for other courses (that I also failed~).
I somehow can't fit the paradigm (if you want to call it that) of Chinese studies. No matter how much effort I put into it, my papers and exams are never good enough.. I guess I just can't grasp the right philosophy (and I mix up names and words a lot)
So I got upset and I was eating non stop today...and now I feel really sick *_*
I always gain a few kilos in exam time -.-;;
Anyway I won't give up! I wanna beat that instructor and I don't wanna do this course again next year XD

All in all this is why I've been such a bad blogger and untill the end of the month it's gonna be kind of like this :( I'm sorry...
but after that great fun shall commence >:D

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