maandag 13 juni 2011

(old) outfit, new pants and link

Olllld outfit from before my hair got cut

New pants on sale in CoolCat (15 euros :D yaaay)
I love these pants, they also come in shorts version and they remind me of my ribbon shorts (like I can replace the lace on the back here with cute pink or purple ribbons)
I love the dark color of these with the gold seams (just like on my ribbon shorts), really sexy and mature too <3.

And! I know a lot of you asked me to do hairtutorials and I will, but it's totally worth to check out the tutorial Rox and Josephine made here
I'm busy for the moment being, and what Rox and I do for hairmake is virtually the same (which also means there's no use for me to do a tutorial of the same style). That's why it's only natural to check this out~
this is also a hairstyle I REALLY love and I love how it works out on Josephine who has one side of her hair trimmed short :) and Rox did a fabulous job.

I'll try to start making hairtutorials after my resits next week. Same goes for fruitfull blogging! Definetly will bring the blog back to life~ T^T

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