zondag 26 juni 2011

Blog awards and honours.


So! This week Rii gave me the Blogger Award 2011 :D
The rules are :
1. Say something about the person who gives you the award.
2. Write something about yourself and your aim with your blog.
3. Give the award to 9 bloggers you like! (don't forget to tell them!)

1. Rii is a gorgeous and sexy gal from Germany and I got the chance to meet her in Tokyo in January when she was still living there.
Her style is really cool, mature and sexy but never boring. I Enjoy reading her blog and I was so honoured to get this award from her ToT.

2. Well honestly I'm not sure what I aim for anymore. I want to share my personal style and lately I was busy and that was what I limited myself to. But formerly I was trying to share tips about what's in store here in the Netherlands (which in some cases works in Belgium, Germany, France, England and sometimes for global consumers too) and maybe small news posts from time to time. I do intend to make (more) tutorials, but it's tougher than I thought XD.
I want to make this blog a lot more fun, but I don't always have the tools (e.g. living in Japan or having all the sources).
Any questions you can ask me here or on my formspring.

Sara Mari
Don't feel obliged to do anything with it, especially because I'm sure some of you've already received this :)

I've received the Lovely Blog Award from Chinsa more than half a year ago. I'm so sorryyy
Yet, because I'm already having trouble picking no less than 9 people for the Blogger Award 2011, I'm gonna let this one slip, and just say big thanx to Chinsa. She's one of the gals I met in Finland last november, she was very very sweet and she's such a cute girl, as a gal but also naturally really really pretty!

In January I also received a cute Illustration from StudioTO. But I was messing with the layout back then so I didn't find the comment ;o; but recently I found it and I want to share it with you.

I hope this is alright, click the pic and it'll link you to the post about these on StudioTO's blog :)

More cute western gals got their image here

So! I'm so honoured with all these, they make me really happy :)

woensdag 22 juni 2011

outfit and what's in shops

But first I wanna thank you all for sending me such sweet comments to my last entry. I feel a lot more relaxed and hopeful now :) I'm not as scared as before because I know you girls support me and know how I feel, and that means a lot to me.

On top of that I got a blog award from the lovely Theresa! I will be posting about this and a blogaward I recieved from Chinsa in the past and shamelessly neglected to post about D:
These are two beautiful gals and I'm really honoured~~~ I'll be posting on this in the end of the week.

Now, a different side of my style here:
(my hair is pretty gross :( but if we call it beachhair can I get away with it? ♥)
This is the outfit I was wearing for a party in Rotterdam, but we never got there!
The lightning struck the powernet of the trains and we were stuck in the train for 3 and a half hours, after that we had to take the train back home right away and I went to bed at 5 when the sun was up~
When we were in the train we got thirsty and decided to open the wine we meant to give to the party's host as a present. (I hardly ever drink and drinking alcohol is NOT a good idea when thirsty and stuck because it dries you out more, DON'T use my foolish act as an example~!!)
on the way to finding an opener we met a Polish guy who opened it for us and drank probebly 3/4th of the bottle

Now some little cute notes~
I'm sure you all know these cute mini hats from h&m
mini hats steal my heart every time, but when they're lined up like this I WANNA BUY ALL OF THEMMMM

As you're reading this post I might be working on a resit exam...

maandag 13 juni 2011

(old) outfit, new pants and link

Olllld outfit from before my hair got cut

New pants on sale in CoolCat (15 euros :D yaaay)
I love these pants, they also come in shorts version and they remind me of my ribbon shorts (like I can replace the lace on the back here with cute pink or purple ribbons)
I love the dark color of these with the gold seams (just like on my ribbon shorts), really sexy and mature too <3.

And! I know a lot of you asked me to do hairtutorials and I will, but it's totally worth to check out the tutorial Rox and Josephine made here
I'm busy for the moment being, and what Rox and I do for hairmake is virtually the same (which also means there's no use for me to do a tutorial of the same style). That's why it's only natural to check this out~
this is also a hairstyle I REALLY love and I love how it works out on Josephine who has one side of her hair trimmed short :) and Rox did a fabulous job.

I'll try to start making hairtutorials after my resits next week. Same goes for fruitfull blogging! Definetly will bring the blog back to life~ T^T

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Outfit and gets

Heyyy, first I wanna say sorry for being such a crappy blog holder recently ;~; I'm just insanely busy, but this was an outfit from the 24 hours that I thought I wasn't busy anymore.
very simple summer look. (including some of my most precious items..that I'm always scared to use, that's why you never see them XD)

And now some gifts my mom gave me :D
She's on a sailing holiday but it's not far so I always go see her a couple times cuz I miss her! And just like last year we went shopping and she bought me some things :)
Floppy hat (Zeeman. 1. didn't have it in Amsterdam but here they do! Thanx to Rox for the tip :D)(2.still not sure about floppy hats XD)
False rose(Zeeman)
Butterfly hairclips (Action)
Purple hairbow (Action)
Easy heels, between lilac and pink (Schoenenreus)
Black sheer tunic top (Action)
These are some of the cheapest chainstores we have here, but they're not always easy to find in the city, that's why I love nosing around when I come across one.

Personal note for those interested:
You might know I've been in my exam time lately and I've been having good news and bad news...
Good news is I passed text class (that's Japanese grammar and translating) with a 9(out of 10). Which is really excellent, I'm second of my class and I'm really really proud :)
Sadly I didn't do that well on any of the other courses, and this is the first time of my life that I failed something I put a lot of effort in :( I spent so much time this exam period, studying only modern Chinese history. So much that I didn't have any time left for other courses (that I also failed~).
I somehow can't fit the paradigm (if you want to call it that) of Chinese studies. No matter how much effort I put into it, my papers and exams are never good enough.. I guess I just can't grasp the right philosophy (and I mix up names and words a lot)
So I got upset and I was eating non stop today...and now I feel really sick *_*
I always gain a few kilos in exam time -.-;;
Anyway I won't give up! I wanna beat that instructor and I don't wanna do this course again next year XD

All in all this is why I've been such a bad blogger and untill the end of the month it's gonna be kind of like this :( I'm sorry...
but after that great fun shall commence >:D

donderdag 2 juni 2011

Simple everyday hairstyle how-to in pictures.

When I posted pics of this hairstyle before, people asked me for tutorials, and this style happens to be very simple so I think this picture tutorial will do!

I don't use curlers or spray for this hairstyle, at most I might use the straightener but only for the hair that's hanging down.
But if your hair is smooth it might pay off to put a bit of spray in advance.

first part the top of your hair from begind your ears like this

use the top to make a ponytail pretty much on the middle of your head or a little to the side (but not to the back too much)

tease the ponytail (this is where spray comes in for people with very smooth hair, spray in ADVANCE)

this is how you end up looking

use one hand to unite all the hair gently (you don't need to do it tightly)

sweep it to the side but if some strands are short and don't want to go to the end with you: all the better, leave them there and pin them down later if they move about.

for me, this is the point where most strands of hair stay behind

I pin them down like this

the longer ends can be pinned down too, so if your hair is longer than mine you can still do this style, you just need to curl the hair down and use bigger pins

so curl it around

and fan it out

The back is a bit silly

So add some accesories

and done!

see! That only took a minute :D

*I did some quick editing to make my face look less tired, but I realize it shows kinda bad, however I prefer it like this, rather than sticking hearts on my face that might make the picture harder to understand