zondag 8 mei 2011

Went over to Rox' place :D

soooorry I've been slacking D:

lately I've been ill and my exams are coming and I got a new job (not time consuming, but it kind of eats me on the inside you know?), so I guess I'm gonna be a bit busy for the next 3 weeks, I'm sorryyy.

But first!
I stayed over with Rox in her cute new house this weekend :D

outfit here :D
(not much space for posing in a charming way X_X)

And we tried out manba :D
Some of you might know I've done manba a couple times in a far past..I looked just the same as I did then *_* scary.
but I won't be posting that here now, I'd rather Rox post it on her blog first because it's part of her Gyaru Challenge
we might have to wait a while becase her laptop is in a coma XD

Sorry if there's not a lot of updates this month, I'm just really busy D: I try to keep it fun!

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